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Sometimes hard decisions are made harder because your stupid bandit has bad timing.

I WAS…planning on doing a lyricstuck of this whole song but I had a hard time making the rest of it work as well as this part, so…there you have it.  You’re saved from a 30-pic long monstrosity, you are welcome (though I’m also sorry it’s as long as it is ohgod).  …But you should listen to that song while you read this anyway?  Or just listen in general.  It’s a really nice song.

Maybe I’ll draw the rest of this scene for real someday!  I drew it like 4 times trying to finish the rest of the song anyway.  For now, enjoy some sadtimes with bonus explanation in the tags.

I actually wrote something it’s a miracle

Yep, I was finally motivated enough to start writing one of my FFXV AUs ;) 

It unsurprisingly stars Prompto, because my love for him continues to grow the more I over-analyze him, and also unsurprisingly starts out really angsty. More details + a preview under the cut. Huge late game spoilers ahead so beware!

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The thing is that Matt is a really passionate and sentimental person. He really carries his emotions, and his emotions are absolutely genuine. Such a nice man. But I think it was a much bigger deal for him to play the part of the Doctor, and I think it sort of changed his life. And I came in, and I was working with him on his very first episode, and was sort of effectively there holding his hand.
—  Alex on Matt Smith [x]

I’ve honestly been wanting to do this for a long time, so here goes! Type the word into your tags and click on the last one you used!

  • Sorachi
  • Gorilla
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Did a bunch of doodles to celebrate the start of a new year
Well actually I just didn’t want to work