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the title gives it away and I really don’t want to go too deep into detail and make this post all cheesy. Just let me tell you how much I LOVE my time here with Chirrut and how much I adore te support you give me guys. How ya’ll square up when rude anons strike back and I just?? I love this character so much and I enjoy to flesh him out as much as I can and to see that you guys APPROVE of it is the best feeling in the world. So THANK YOU for being here with me and for making my Time here just hella great  ♥ xoxo Antonia ♥

under the cut I will tag ALL of my wonderful mutuals to let u know that I love you and how much it means to see you on my dash because yes, you all are wonderful and perfect. I might not talk to ALL of you but let it be known that I probably stalk your blog and adore you from afar. ( btw, this is in no real order I just scrolled down my following page lmao )

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Ok so since a lot of people started to post their “theories” about Triple H’s music video, here’s mine (thank you Antonia @miniminsu who more or less told me to do this):

I think the trio is a three-way relationship. Hyuna and E’Dawn (well, their characters) are involved sexually, and Hui is only involved romantically/platonically in the relationship, but is a part of it none-the-less. For me, I just see that Hui’s character is asexual (and maybe aromantic also). He isn’t up for funky time with Hyuna and E’Dawn but he enjoys cuddles with them in bed (while being dressed), holding hands and skinship. All the hand holding at the end killed me.

I don’t think he’s “jealous” of Hyuna and E’Dawn sexual relationship, or else he wouldn’t stay there, he would be mad at Hyuna/E’Dawn, heck he has the car he could just take that and leave them: but he doesn’t. He stays with them because he loves them and they love him. 

I don’t know and that’s just the way I see the things and the way I like to see them. It’s still really interpretable, and what I see might not just be what others see, but that’s the point? Just extract whatever you want from the video. 

I repeat that this is just what I think, not what the producers had in mind when they scripted the music video, because I have no idea.


Okay, listen.

Scrotal Recall’ is a terrible name for a TV show. It’s like the worst possible option on a list of really awful working titles, the one you’re supposed to discard before the first table reads.


Channel 4’s Scrotal Recall is a fuckin’ delight. Written down, the premise is a bit ‘jazz hands wacky’: Dylan discovers he has STI (chlamydia) and has to call all his previous sexual planners to tell them. So far, so grim. But naturally, cos this is a sitcom, hijinks and lulz ensue, not just tears and recriminations. Along the way we meet Dylan’s friends - Luke, Angus and Evie (played by the ever-radiant Antonia Thomas), who assist and support him on his icky quest.

It is funny and warm and charming, even if everyone involved is kinda frightfully posh. I am especially here for Antonia Thomas, who I have been rooting for since Misfits (SIMON AND ALISHA 4EVA!!11!), and who, here, turns in a really lovely and nuanced performance. I am always (militantly) here for carefree black girls in all pop culture things, and she’s killing it here.

I watched all six episodes in a single evening (they’re only half an hour long each) and by the end, found myself rooting for every single one of the main characters, and itching for a second season. So, well done, writer and creator Tom Edge.

But bruv. You should think about changing the name. It’s really shit as is.

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