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All Female Iron Man - Iron Woman

One of my friends challenged me that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my favourite superhero movie if it was all-women. Sorry, dude, I think I will. Here’s my AU where they’re all women.

Antonia Stark was a genius, billionaire, paparazzi-darling, and philanthropist.Her life was a machine that ran on constant booze, brilliance, and bitterness of the past. When Toni and her best friend and military liaison Jamie Rhodes travel to the Kunar region for a weapons presentation, Toni is abducted by a terrorist ring. Her eyes are opened to the other side of her brilliance, the horrors of her creations in the wrong hands. After a blazing break-out from captivity, Toni builds herself the ultimate weapon, one that she plans to use to protect and not destroy - the Iron Woman suit. The constant anxiety of watching Toni endanger herself takes a toll on her secretary Pepper Potts and affects her friendship with Rhodes, but there is one person who takes advantage of it. Obdulia Stane, Toni’s godmother and guardian, locks her out of the company citing trauma and Toni enlists Pepper’s help to uncover Obie’s truth. Things get intense when Obie tries to kill Toni and reveals that she was the one who arranged for the abduction. In a final showdown, will Iron Woman be able to be her own hero? What new world is Tony Stark entering and how will this change her life? Watch a hero climb to her potential in the beginning of a saga that will define the future. Iron Woman - the golden-hearted guardian is here. 

Antonia ‘Toni’ Stark - Rachel Weisz

Virginia ‘Pepper’ Potts - Jessica Chastain (I had her in mind for a long time, just because)

Jamie ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes - Viola Davis

Obdulia Stane - Jane Fonda

Nicola Fury - CCH Pounder

I plan on making an All-WOC AU series later. Let me know if you’re interested?

perfectlightlover  asked:

For the OC thing: 1, 3, 4, 9, and 19 :3

Assuming you wanted Antonia, here we go!

1. What was the first element of your OC that you remember considering (name, appearance, backstory, etc.)?

The fact that I wanted a character in Chaotic to do my “team of awesome Underworld ladies” that wasn’t just a self-insert

3. How did you choose their name?

I decided that she was latina semi-early in her creation, so I wanted a name of Spanish origins to match it, and then I picked out a Roman name instead, also it’s the name of a song I like

4. In developing their backstory, what elements of the world they live in played the most influential parts?

Not sure I understand this question completely to be honest, so I’m gonna skip this one, oops ;;

9. Are they based off of you, in some way?

I’m gonna say not really, besides what I mentioned in question 1! I just can’t give up on Underworlders being my favorite, even when making an OC, at least, not for my main one. Besides that, we’re pretty different. Like, I’m sitting here thinking and I can’t think of anything we really do have in common hmmm

19. What is your favorite fact about your OC?

Oh gosh UMMM
I probably sound like a broken record but the fact that I gave her a username the day I posted her bio (which I don’t even remember now) and then made a joke about “M’lady of Malady” and then I think Max (biriddler) was like p l e a s e so I changed it to LadyofMalady

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Okay, listen.

Scrotal Recall’ is a terrible name for a TV show. It’s like the worst possible option on a list of really awful working titles, the one you’re supposed to discard before the first table reads.


Channel 4’s Scrotal Recall is a fuckin’ delight. Written down, the premise is a bit ‘jazz hands wacky’: Dylan discovers he has STI (chlamydia) and has to call all his previous sexual planners to tell them. So far, so grim. But naturally, cos this is a sitcom, hijinks and lulz ensue, not just tears and recriminations. Along the way we meet Dylan’s friends - Luke, Angus and Evie (played by the ever-radiant Antonia Thomas), who assist and support him on his icky quest.

It is funny and warm and charming, even if everyone involved is kinda frightfully posh. I am especially here for Antonia Thomas, who I have been rooting for since Misfits (SIMON AND ALISHA 4EVA!!11!), and who, here, turns in a really lovely and nuanced performance. I am always (militantly) here for carefree black girls in all pop culture things, and she’s killing it here.

I watched all six episodes in a single evening (they’re only half an hour long each) and by the end, found myself rooting for every single one of the main characters, and itching for a second season. So, well done, writer and creator Tom Edge.

But bruv. You should think about changing the name. It’s really shit as is.

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