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Fanon Homestuck characters i experienced in fics over the years because i Love being in Pain: Beta kid Edition

JOHN: blank slate?? John “Can Be Whoever U Want” Egbert. sleeps with a nic cage bodypillow…..  uses :B a lot? Hello Naughty Children Its Nonstop Mean Pranks Time i hope u like ur hair dyed pink and half shaved

JADE: infomercial voice: Ever Needed an unnecessary antagonist to ur Dave x (character/reader insert) ship but didnt want to create a whole new character? Try Jade Harley for the low low price of $stop

ROSE: summons the power of every lovecraftian monstrosity to empower her ability to be ur wing-man in the up and coming ship of the fic. at exactly 12 midnight EST on a blue moon, during the Lost 29th Day of February, she may mention the tales of a wandering cryptid by the name of Kanaya then u will unlock her quest chain to later unlock this vampire to be a new playable character and gain an achievement

DAVE: 2 ¾ cups of all purpose Personality. 1 teaspoon of irony. ½ cup of apple juice. 2 eggs. 2 cups of white sugar. 1 ¼ cups of All I Do Is DJ. Then pour into a blender and sprinkle in 4 pounds of Popular Highschool Boy Tropes, force the lid closed, turn it on and pray


         It appears we have a traitor in our midst


4CC 2017

Tessa & Scott (top right corner) doing The Lean™ during the gala [x]

Dedicated to @cuteiceprincesslove <3

Okay, so I’ve taken the initiative to delete a large amount of unplotted threads that were stewing in my drafts. The only one’s left are those that are either recent, or with people I’m relatively close to. 

Which means - 

     L I K E   F O R   A    S T A R T E R

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└ When we know who’s our real ‘fraidy-baby~ Oh Jun… (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 25.02.2017

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Laura, Laura/Desert Island Top 5 Break-Ups (High Fidelity) - Aaron Tveit @ The Paramount (Huntington, NY) 2/25/17


2x22 “All Hell Breaks Loose II” // 11x23 “Alpha and Omega” // 12x13 “Family Feud”

Reunions & Goodbyes

So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if the season ended with Mary making a similar decision as Gavin in  this week’s episode. Her being back also kind of “upset the scale”. Who knows all the things that may happen still in this season, how many people may die in the crossfire. I could definitely imagine the show to tie all the arcs up with explaining it all - maybe even Lucifer having a child - with Mary dying again could undo this timeline (you know the whole thing of “never being born is different to being killed” approach). And we’d get some sort of goodbye scene like these above in which Mary reunites with John like Gavin and Fiona did.