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“Sparkling like the stars you love so much”

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“Something went really wrong.”

Rosamund’s retelling of this story is a little… off.

Try playing this scene at one-quarter speed:

Ajay is a statute; he doesn’t move. He doesn’t shift position, he doesn’t blink. Not even when the flash-grenade goes off in his face: 


Further on in this scene, a shot of Rosamund’s gun going off in the foreground:


The gun in the background? Does not move.

Something’s fishy here, Rosamund.

Can someone please explain to me how you can jump of a two story building while its exploding and not have a scratch? 

 How did they land? On there feet and just walk away? Obviously not. The explosion would produce a lot of force, therefore would push you away so they would should have most likely landed with quite force. There is only pavement, cars and tar roads under them, so they was nothing soft to land on anyway? Yet they did not look like they were harmed at all, It doesn’t make sense? Then In the next scene, they all look fine?

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RINNNNNN ( T ~ T ) I cannot take it!!!! The taekook moment on the waterslide..... like taehyung leant back and rested his head on Jungkook's shoulder for that ONE split second and my heart burst into 98123 colours of confetti IM SO EMOoooOOOOoooOOOOOO they are so in love and i am so delusional LOL


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Hey rin! I was wondering if u cud give some taekook fic recs? I've been running low on them

i have listed my fav ones here, here, here and here (look for the one with lots of 🍋)

some newer favorite fics:

1. here fishy fishy by Kavbj

au: merman, fluff, light angst, hurt tae

2. error by mypinkdimension

au: sci-fi, scientist kook, android (kind of?) tae, fluff, angst, hurt tae, hurt kook

3. hiraeth by haruguk

au: college, fluff, heavy angst (just remember to read all the tags before reading…)

4. with rainy eyes by mystline

au: goblin (YASSSSSSS), child abuse, physical abuse, angst, humor? kind of

5. the good, the bad, and the somewhere in between by joyous 1369

au: assassins & hitmen, violence, angst, hurt tae (there’s been only 1 chapter so far but i have read it 30 times can u believe it)

6. refrigerator humming, chewing gum and instant karma by locks

au: gangsters, crack, fluff, angst, violence, aged-up characters (2 reasons to read this: 1) because kook’s son is freaking adorable and tae loves him too, and 2) because i love it) (just fyk: i’m a picky reader lol)

7. nine lives by peaceminusme (i forgot to rec this in previous recs)

ch. 1: england 1600s setting, light angst?
ch. 2: japan 1500s setting, fluff, angst, violence
ch. 3: seoul 2100s setting, fluff, light angst, major character death

8. holy poseidon (i’m hooked on you) by ohdizzy

au: merman, au: royalty, modern setting, crack, fluff, light angst (i love yoongi in here even though he’s not the star of the story)

Somethings fishy here - Yami/Yugi SLASH



Yugi was fishing on a boat one day in the ocean. He was really bored because he hadn’t caught anything but then all of a sudden, he heard a splash. 

“Huh?!” he said as he turned to see a guy who looked exactly like him except he was wet.

“Whats a guy like you doing in a place like this” said the not-yugi flirtily.

Yugi didn’t reply, because he was too busy staring at his bueatiful face, which was really pretty. What was a guy doing here?! He was soaked with water from the ocean because he was in it, making him look a bit watery. 

“Are you Aquaman?!” Blurted Yugi

“No” said Yami, “I’m Yami.”

“Rats” replied Yugi “He is my favourite superhero. Why are you in the ocean if you aren’t Aquaman?”

“I live here, duh” replied Yami.

“Aquamam lives in the ocean” said yugi back, not convinced.

“I’m not Aquaman ok, I don’t know who that is because I don’t get comics in the ocean. They just get Soggy.”

“If you live here what do you eat.”

“Fish but” Yami leaned closer and winked, “I also eat a lot of man meat,” he said and then winked again.

‘Oh my goodness’, thought Yugi. ‘I think there is a chance this man is flirting with me. He is super hot so I’d better not screw this up.’

“GROSS” screamed Yugi at the top of his lungs and swung his oar at him.

“Not like that!!” said Yami embarrassed. “I mean i want to consume your flesh for sustinense.”

“Ohhhh,” replied Yugi. “Sorry I thought you were coming onto me.”

Yami laughed like a dolphin. “No I’m a mermaid I eat humans.” He showed his fish tail to Yugi.

“Wowww,” said Yugi like Owen Wilson. “So youre aquaman’s sidekick?”

Yami sweatdropped.  

[[ Really quick doodle of ‘Zora’ Nami based on the few Zora’s I’ve seen from the new Breath of the Wild game. Little priest/healer Zora Nams ;v;. The hip veil’s are transparent, and all her spots that arent’ solid are luminescent. Her necklace is probably some family-passed-down-gem that holds immense power. Or something.

@ask-human-nami here’s your thicc fishy girl. ]]