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a very late HAPPY BIRTHDAY @pussycat-scribbles   <3 I hope this new year of your life treats you well so that you achieve all the goals you set for yourself.


The final 3 in my Mermay Met Gala Mashup! Serving up some fishy fabulousness here are Fei Fei Sun in Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition, Nicki Minaj in H&M, and Stella Maxwell in custom H&M! Check out the full set here as well as a few progress vids.

okay but. something that bothers me in season six is this scene when the meta gets delta. 

from left to right we have (i’m guessing) eta, theta, sigma, gamma, delta, beta, and omega.

number one:  eta is. not looking so great wtf happened there?? is that just how eta appears or what

number two: where the fuck is iota


like how can you look at hook and be like “awww too pure for this world, what an adorable dork”. like the moment he’s away from emma he enters full on rage mode, is angry and demanding at everyone especially towards regina (and like get the hell out of here you fishy smelly asshole how dare you). he expect everyone to do every damn things while he sits around and moans about being separated from his one true love and how his precious ass doesn’t deserve it. his voice turns into  disturbing sound that would fit death-metal band and his eyes are literally trying to murder you soul at every glimpse. he is like this spoiled capricious child that simply can’t be pacified.


A short “Imperial Problem Child” moment, part of a series

1. Twenty-three
They’d picked him up on Lothal, where he’d been involved in relief efforts. No arrest this time, surprisingly. An officer had simply come to stand at his elbow, cough nervously, and murmur that his presence was required on the Executor.

“Take over for me, will you?” Luke had asked, clapping the man on the shoulder. “We’re setting up emergency clinics in the districts most effected by the fire, and I need some more hands to move the food to the refugee camp.”
The officer had looked utterly bewildered, but had begun directing stormtroopers to do as he’d said.

He was a little nervous on the shuttle. Vader hadn’t come to get him personally this time, and he couldn’t decide if that was good or bad. His father had been…distant, lately. Focused on the tenuous alliance between the Executor and the Rebellion, moving pieces into place for their coup – it felt dangerous to be even thinking about it. As such he’d been impatient lately, almost curt with Luke. 
Hopefully he wasn’t about to be scolded for wasting time.

When he arrived on the bridge of the super star destroyer, he found Vader staring out into the stars, contemplatively. He felt surprisingly peaceful, which was encouraging. Luke passed the Admiral and Ciena Ree, getting a sense of an oddly furtive attitude about them. He paused to glance at them oddly, then resumed walking, coming to stand just to Vader’s right.

“Luke,” the rumbling baritone made it sound almost like a question.

“Father,” Luke nodded and tried not to fidget as Vader turned to glance down at him.

“Son, come with me.” 
He gestured, and then left the bridge, with Luke trailing behind.

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