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Red@Mabel: So what do you think of that Talonflame, Flynn, I think his name was. He looks pretty intimidating for someone who takes care of kids.

(Mabel scurries inside the daycare, flustered and embarrassed)

(The shiny Bunnelby was confused)

Flynn: Just happen to see Mabel run inside the daycare. Her face looked as red as a Tamato Berry. Did you see her anywhere, shiny Bunnelby? I thought talking to her would help.

WHttFoTA: Chapter 5 - Love Shock

In this chapter; Some exploration of Miss Thorne’s past (and I DO LOVE HER), Miss Frye’s Turmoil and Mr. Green’s feelings, but above all else, we finally get to know, at least WHO is the fairest of them all!

If you’re new here and wants to give it a try from the begining; come here

You can follow the tag WHttFoTA, and get updates every time I post something new or make any progress.

You can read it Here, on AO3

Or here, on FF.Net

Or right here, just bellow the cut. I hope you all enjoy and PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK!!

Hope you all enjoy…

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EXO on tumblr
  • Kai:doesn't understand how tumblr works and quits after accidentally reblogging something very nsfw
  • Chen:anything that is either funny or sassy is good to go
  • Sehun:aesthetic af with several thousand followers
  • Chanyeol:adds his own caption to he reblogs
  • Suho:social justice blog
  • Baekhyun:runs a super secret High School Musical fan blog
  • Tao:reblogs high end fashion. every third post is a selfie
  • Lay:cute fluff blog, very adorable. cried that one time he got anon hate out of the blue
  • D.O:food porn. gets himself hella rich by selling his own recipes
  • Xiumin:25k reblogs of coffee art and still going strong
help a young writer out!

my very first book, bridges, looks like it’ll have a publishing date of march 16th!!! it’s about a boy named ari and his boyfriend teddy!!! they live in nyc, and when teddy is injured in a car accident, ari makes a deal with a shady person to heal him. 

it’ll be for sale as an e-book on amazon, ibooks, barnes and noble, kobo, and google play for $4! it’ll also be available outside the us!!! it has p diverse characters and takes on issues like gender identity, abuse, and mental illness!!! all of the main characters are lgbt+, too

please reblog this if you can, obviously i’m an unknown writer because this is my first book and i’m also trans + bi and a minor!!! seriously i will love you forever if you help get the news out!!!

How to colour the background

I use quick selection tool  and select whatever I want

like for example, here I’ve selected Karim without the background

and copied the selected area

and then I pasted it so I’d have two layers. One with the entire picture and the other with the selected object/area…

then I just add another layer in the middle, it should look like this

fill the middle layer with whatever colour you want, I chose purple

then I use whatever PSD I like and it looks like this (I use my own so yeah)

I set the middle layer (the colour one) to screen

Then, I merge everything together and sharpen the picture and this is the final results