here comes the ship

things i am living for in the drunk history episode:

  • “hi. i’m stage’s lin-manuel miranda” because it is Good™ from that moment on
  • how eloquent lin is while still being shitfaced
  • “history spoiler” aka the phrase i will be using always from here on out
  • how he clearly could literally be the most boring person to tell any story on drunk history ever based on the fact that he is completely coherent when quoting the letter but he knows why you’re here and he knows how to be funny thank god
  • giggles
  • i cannot believe lin-manuel miranda just quoted half baked in the context of a founding father truly he is the voice of a generation
  • randomly throwing in quotes from his musical like we won’t notice
  • black george washington #nice
  • long-suffering father washington aka the most accurate portrayal of washington
  • maria reynolds not being genderbent
  • seriously y’all i am here for lesbian alexander hamilton give me approximately 500 fanfics
  • “Reeeeeelly”
  • “Hamilton is Not a Great Dude” is going to be a paper i write one day mark my words
  • the sexy jazz music playing when he quotes the reynolds pamphlet as a history major with a specialty in us history i’m angry that i will never be able to think of the reynolds pamphlet without it but as a history lover i am alive
  • “the reynolds pamphlet is like dick 101″ stop stealing all of my future paper titles
  • i have been saying for years that the founding fathers were children and no one believed me so i’m happy to have this episode of drunk history to show them to prove my point next time
  • questlove calling in the middle and fangirling about drunk history
  • “you’remybestfriend”
  • “aslongasihaveajobyouhaveajob bye”
  • also just all of the chris jackson bit wow
  • “i want to order dominoes”
  • “they’re friends until they’re not” [black and white flashing images] [mental kill bill siren]
  • aubrey plaza’s eyebrows
  • also aubrey plaza in general obvi
  • and alia shawkat do i even need to say that
  • “i have slaves that do that for me” lin you absolute savage
  • the letter sequence #perf
  • how is lin able to play the piano at all while drunk i wish i had that kind of talent
  • singing “i know who i want to take me home” while staring lovingly into burr’s eyes
  • “this motherfucker right here”
  • dat wink
  • “burr was never a monster” just fuck me up
  • fries

this episode was 20 minutes long but i think it changed me

  • Episode 1: Princess Star is given a magic wand and sent to Earth where she makes a new best friend to fight monsters with.
  • Episode 28: Star sets out to find her kidnapped mentor, who is being held hostage by her second greatest enemy under the control of her first greatest enemy, and possible relative, which she inherited from her mother. Still trying to keep her inner demons at bay, arising from her jelousy at her soulmate dating another.

carry on, darling, we were built to last 

“Were you serious?” Yuuri asked, glancing at Victor’s profile as the elevator climbed up towards their floor.

“What do you mean?”

Yuuri shifted nervously, conscious of the sudden weight of the golden band on his finger.

“About what you said, marrying me after I win gold?”

Too scared it was just a joke, he couldn’t look straight at Victor. It would be cruel to play with his heart in that way and Yuuri doubted Victor would do something like that, but… He sneaked a peek at the mirror wall in front of them.

And maybe it was worse than directly watching Victor smile, in that soft, caring way Yuuri was still not used to even after months of seeing it; maybe it was worse, because now he felt like a secret pervert and it just burned so right to spy all those changes of tender, wordless affection go through Victor’s face when his smile turned into an expression of gentle sincerity.

Yuuri’s cheeks dusted pink and he snapped his eyes away awkwardly, only to jump when Victor took his hand.

The hand with the ring gleaming in the bright elevator lights.

“I would never joke about it,” Victor said solemnly, lifting Yuuri’s hand and kissing the gold band.

Relief and embarrassment washed over Yuuri simultaneously and his body didn’t know for a moment what to do: to breathe or to fidget. So he stood frozen, watching their joined hands and the matching rings, so beautiful, so precious, so gold.

“But,” Victor continued talking. “I’ll marry you even if you don’t win.”

“Wha– But you said–” Yuuri started confused.

“I did,” Victor’s smile turned playful when he cocked his head to the side and his eyes squinted in that cheerful way that always made Yuuri smile as well. “If you don’t win gold I’ll be the one planning the whole thing, though.”

Somehow Yuuri couldn’t really bring himself to care about that. He was about to voice it, when Victor said:

“I’ll rent the whole cathedral and we’ll have white roses and baldachins of white silk draped all around it and then a coach pulled by six white horses and–”

“Stop, stop!” Yuuri cut him off, nervous laughter getting stuck in his chest. “That’s way too much!”

“Eh? I don’t think so. We should get the best of the best of the best to­–”

“Victor,” Yuuri stepped closer, catching Victor’s hand in both of his and holding it as if it was the most precious thing in the world. And it was. “If I win, we’ll do it my way, okay?”

Victor’s smile brightened, “Okay.”

When the elevator door ringed open and Victor sauntered out, humming the wedding march under his breath, Yuuri couldn’t help a fond smile at the sudden feeling of having played right into Victor’s hands.

But, well, he didn’t necessarily mind that.


ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!



Here comes the most popular mlm ship, ya’ll. Just guys bein’ dudes. Thanks for the request! Hope you like em! 

Ship Sprays №6: Hanzo/McCree “Remember this moment.”

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Listen if you can cheer for the Rebels in Rogue One, but can’t fathom why people would use violent resistance to real life fascists and their sympathizers I sincerely hope you suffocate under the weight of your own tasteless hypocrisy.

I found an audio file of tonight’s cake scene at the TATINOF Stockholm show. Here is the transcript.

(it was kinda hard to hear through the screaming but this is everything that I could hear. I hope this will satiate people’s curiosity until a video is uploaded)

Dan and Phil sat on their picnic blanket and started eating their well-deserved cake.

Phil: Yarrr you deserve a rest First Mate Danny, let me help you out.

Dan: What do you mean ‘let me help you out?’

Phil went over and sensually fed Dan a Slice of cake.

Dan: No, no, no.

Phil: It’s in the script, Dan.

Dan: OK, sure whatever.

Phil: That’s right. Open wide for Captain Lester.

Dan: I am extremely uncomfortable right now.

Phil fed Dan another slice of cake

Phil: Here comes the pirate ship!

Dan: No no no* laughing and unable to speak because he is eating cake *

Phil lovingly brushed a stray crumb from Dans mouth.

Phil: Have another mouthful for Philly!

Dan: (inaudible) I cannot do this anymore. That went from 0 to 100 really quick, OK! I am not bothered to care about solving the mystery or whose behind this I just don’t want to do this anymore!

Met a really protective Marth player while playing as Robin.

Thank you for protecting me , Marmar. This is the first time I got to charge thunder in peace.


a series of unlikely crossovers