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Habitually Terrible (Part 2)

Quicksilver x Reader 
Part 1 is available here

Words: 814
Plot: The gang head to the beach, and it’s the perfect opportunity for Peter to get his flirt on.
Prompt:  Could you write a one shot of peter maximoff x reader at a beach, and the reader gets all flustered when she sees him shirtless and he getd all cocky and flirty?😇😇😇😘😘😘😘thx
A/N: Flirty Peter is best Peter, so this is flirty Peter to the max. If you’ll enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it, I’m sure you’ll love it. Listened to this while writing it for inspiration.

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In the summer breeze, seagulls screeched overhead, thin lines against the stretch of horizon that rose up to meet the sky. The beach was relatively busy; people with towels and picnic rugs playing volleyball and building castles in the golden sand. 
Jean felt the sand between her toes as the group made their way across the beach, towels and baskets in hand. Scott’s arm was slung over her shoulder protectively; the sunlight bouncing off of his red glasses. In his other arm was a cruddy old football they’d found in the storage closet at the school; it wasn’t much, but it would provide some quality entertainment to see Kurt and Peter facing off.

They found a good spot at a less crowded area of the beach; Jean threw her possessions down and lay back on the picnic rug. No doubt beach goers would be curious about the group of young mutants sharing their beach; but today, that didn’t matter. Today, it was just them.
Peter pulled up his sunglasses to take in the view of the shore.
“Shit, it’s so bright” he cursed, shielding his face from the sunlight “who knew it would be sunny at the beach?”
Kurt laughed, taking a deep breath “it is…it is so beautiful here”.
“Sure is” Scott added, his eyes on Jean’s face. Jean blushed, giving Scott a quick peck on the cheek.
“Eugh. Gross. Happy people” Peter shook his head, sticking out his tongue “dude, be in love away from me”.
(y/n) put her hands into her shorts pockets, pulling out a few dollar bills and handing them to Kurt “it’s time you get involved in a favourite American summer pastime, Kurt: buying a round of ice creams”.
Kurt rolled his eyes, taking the money in his hands.
“Take Peter with you; he’s dying over here” Scott added, watching Peter squint at the glittering ocean.
(y/n) sat down on the sand next to Jean, scrunching up a ball of it in her fist and throwing it across where Peter stood. It landed in a shower of dust on his head, scattering dust and rock all over his silver locks.
Peter slowly turned around, a half-smile playing at the corner of his mouth, as he blew a lock of hair away from his face.
“You know what Kurt? I’ll tag. When I come back, someone here is getting serious payback” he smirked, strolling off towards the cafe with Kurt.


When Peter and Kurt returned, they came back with six ice creams - Jean quickly realised Peter had gotten two for himself, and she had expected nothing less.
Scott stood up, taking a bite out of his ice cream, his hair ruffled by the light breeze.
“Alright, we finish these and then we go for a dunk” Scott added, cracking his neck “it’s boiling out here”.
Peter had already taken a massive bite out of his ice cream, crushing the cone with his teeth and causing a real mess. Kurt watched on in horror, his ice cream almost untouched.
(y/n) kicked off her shoes, pulling her shirt over her head to reveal her bikini underneath; pulling her hair back from her shoulders as she put the shirt down.
Peter had stopped eating his ice cream altogether, and was staring intensely at the floor, concentrating hard on whatever piece of sand was interesting at the time. Jean didn’t have to be a telepathy to know what was going through his mind; and she snickered when she caught flashes of Peter replaying his brief glance at (y/n) his mind.
Peter furrowed his brow, scowling over at Jean while she had a good chuckle to herself. Peter was no good at suppressing his emotions; at this moment in time, even moreso.

Peter instantaneously removed his outfit, stripping down to his swimming shorts and sunglasses, nestled softly in his hair. He looked awkward, and Jean could see self-consciousness in his mind as clear as water. He was all sharpness and angles, as pale as you’d expect, but beautiful in his own right.
(y/n) bit her lip, her face flushing a bright, deep red as she took a breath in. Peter and (y/n) were so, so obvious about their infatuation with one another; even if they didn’t realise it. (y/n) smiled, shaking her head, taking off her shorts and looking up at the sky.
Jean watched as Peter cocked his cheekiest, most devious smile, before diving towards (y/n), grabbing her in his arms. She let out a surprised laugh, shouting in protest.
“Don’t you dare, Maximoff!” she belted, while Peter sprinted towards the shoreline, and in a brief moment both of them were eclipsed by the crashing waves, laughter echoing around the beach.
Scott leaned over to Jean, whispering in her ear:
“$20 says they’re together by tomorrow”.
Jean grinned “I’m not betting against those odds”.


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