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staying afloat

For @rebelcaptainprompts prompt #8: “agony, fingers, and shiver” 

With a word like agony, do you really think this was going to be anything other than angst? I’ll do a part 2 if I feel nice

(also I unintentionally ended up using the words a lot oops) 

Word Count: 500 (no cut)

One. Two. 

Jyn sees stars, pain searing through her body. She collapses to the ground, groaning in agony, clutching at the blaster wounds. 

“Jyn!” Cassian’s voice breaks in anguish, as if he was physically sharing her pain. “Jyn!” His voice reaches her while he can’t, fending off the impending Imperials. 

Blood seeps through her clothing, a sickly warm feeling creeping up her side. She pulls her hand away and the tips of her fingers are stained a dark red. Her head spinning, she manages to drag herself out of the way of blasterfire. I have to hold on until he gets here

Steadying her breathing as best as she could, Jyn brings herself to peer at the wounds. She inhales sharply. It’s bad. She needed to be in a medbay in an hour at the latest. She tries not to think about what would happen if she wasn’t, attempting to shake Cassian’s agonized face out of her mind. They had fought so hard to stay afloat together, and she wouldn’t drown alone. I promise. 

Where’s Cassian? She tries to see the firefight, but she can’t lift her head. Swearing to herself, she leans against the closest wall and waits, undoing her scarf and pressing it against the injury, counting minutes in her head as the warmth of life leaks out between her fingers.

She’s cold, so unbearably cold, icy water lapping against her side. It was if the death that eluded her at Scarif was now breathing down her neck. The thought sends a shiver down her spine. 

When Cassian finally reaches her side, face streaked with dirt and eyes wide with concern, she can barely make out his face in the blurry haze of her mind.  

“Cass…” she gasps, unable to form his full name, trying to grasp at his face swimming in and out of her vision. Help

“I’m here, I’m here, don’t worry,” he murmurs, pulling out his medkit and working quickly to temporarily patch up the injury, his face a mask of neutral concentration. His fingers feel warm against her skin and her throat tightens, because wasn’t Cassian usually the cold one? 

Cass,” she tries again. He looks up at her from under his eyelashes, and Jyn catches a glimpse of the pure fear in his eyes. She feels like she’s being dragged underwater, and reaches out to Cassian to pull her up, desperate to keep afloat. Don’t let me go. 

He takes his hand in hers, their fingers intertwining together, both stained with blood - her blood. She’s shaking, shivering from cold, shock, and the sheer effort of hanging on to the remaining scraps of life. “I’ve got you,” he says, ready to hoist her up in his arms. “Hold on.” 

Jyn tries to nod and give him a reassuring smile - I’m trying - but it’s getting harder to keep her head up. She gives his hand one tight squeeze - I’m sorry -  before the waves pull her under. 

She never lets go of his hand. 

Signs As NCT#127 LIMITLESS Songs

Aries: Good Thing

Taurus: Limitless

Gemini: Back 2 U

Cancer: Baby Don’t Like It

Leo: Good Thing

Virgo: Angel

Libra: Heartbreaker

Scorpio: Limitless

Sagittarius: Baby Don’t Like It

Capricorn: Heartbreaker

Pisces: Angel

Aquarius: Back 2 U

Ok but does Gustave go with Raoul to Paris? Or stay in New York with Erik? Do they raise him together and have a domestic life?

G: “Dad, Can You come here?”
R: “One second!”
G: “*panics* not YOU the other one”

R: “Meg agreed to babysit Gustave for tonight.”
E: “No, no way. I refuse to let her near my child.”
R: “Erik, it’s literally for one hour. What’s the worst that could happen?”
E: “She could try to push him into the ocean. She could shoot him. She could kidnap him.”
R: “that was one time!”
E: “and look what happened! God, letting her babysit is a mistake!”
R: “Our whole relationship is a mistake!”
E: “*gasps* damn you! Take that back.”

R: “*hums ‘Bathing Beauty’”
E: “Raoul, my sworn enemy, step father of my only son, I’ve set aside our differences and learned to get along with you. But if you hum that damn song once more you’ll wish you’d have been shot instead of christine.

I just really love domestic Erik and Raoul


Source:【Oh!バーロード】ものまね by まつもと
Full resolution:

There’s a lot that gets me about the love story in FFXV and how it relates to the characters, or rather, what gets me about the characterization and how it relates to the love story, but it’s going to be a long read.

TL;DR the characterization tried to lift tropes from previous Final Fantasies ( particularly VII and X ) but XV’s version just seems like a hollow echo that takes the tropes on the surface without actually figuring out why they worked for the characters and their plot, instead banking on telling us that everything is supposed to work out and be coherent and letting nostalgia pull some weight. It also didn’t help that any use of those tropes was completely shot to pieces by the story being a forced tragedy requiring ( in my opinion, unnecessary ) character deaths to be “touching” ( read: edgy ) and playing that tragedy straight instead of subverting it, exposing the writing as having a juvenile lack of vision.

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reader x jeno

A/N: yo anon im sorry this took so long i suck i know and this isn’t even that good okay im sorry please forgive me but i hope u like it, it took me a while 

The air was cluttered with the distinct sounds of yelps and barks erupting from dogs. You had been volunteering at the shelter for some time now. You had always loved animals and it made you so happy to be able and be able to help them in any way possible. You looked around, examining the cute faces of all the animals, thinking about how you would adopt all of them at once if it was possible.

You were broken out of your thought by the call of your name, “Y/N! Can you come here for a second?”

You looked towards the door to find one of the lead animal caretakers beckoning you to meet them in the hallway. You quickly waved a goodbye to the animals, and followed the nice lady out into the quieter hallway.

“So, we have a volunteer joining us today.” She began.

You smiled, the prospect of a new volunteer warming your heart, “That’s really great!”

“Yes, but I am so busy with the event being held here at the shelter today I don’t think that I can find the time to train them and show them around, so…” she began to fidget with her fingers, “I was wondering if you could possibly be the one to show them around. You’ve been here as a volunteer for so long that I feel like I can trust you with this, if you’re up to it.”

“Oh my god, yeah! Of course!” you were excited by the prospect of being entrusted with the task.

“Really? Okay, that’s great, thank you.” She began to walk away, and then turned around with a stern look on her face, “Just one thing though, do not let him near the cats, he’s allergic.”

You made a mental note of that before sending yourself off to finish up your work.

You anxiously stood in the lobby, waiting for the new volunteer to show up. You tried to hold back your excitement, so happy that you were being entrusted with this task. You bounced up and down on the heels of your feet, scanning the room for anyone who looked like a prospective volunteer.

Suddenly, there was a light tap on your shoulder. You turned around swiftly, only to come face to face with what might’ve been the prettiest boy you had ever seen. He had the widest smile plastered on his face, but it wasn’t an ordinary smile, it was one of those smiles that spread across to your eyes, his eyes were smiling at you, shaped like crescents. For a second, you felt your heart flutter at the sight of the pretty boy, almost forgetting that you had a job to do.

He spoke first, “Are you y/n? I was told I should be looking for you.”

You opened your mouth to speak, though nothing came out. You were still stunned by the looks of the boy in front of you, so you resorted to a small nod, a light blush creeping up on your face.

“That’s great, I’m Jeno!”

Finally, words, “I’m y/n,” you said realizing that he already knew that. He laughed. “But you already knew that,” you mumbled, looking down at the floor. “Uh, I guess I’ll show you around.”

After giving him the tour, you instructed him to his first task. You were about to leave when he piped up, “Y/N!”

You turned around and gave him a nod.

“I have a question,” raising a finger he spoke, “where are the kitties?”

You giggled at his reference to cats as kitties and shook your head. He smiled that precious smile of his again, sending your heart into a flurry. “I, uh, I can just show you if you want.” You felt like you were forgetting something, yet proceeded to show him the way to the room with all the cats.

He followed you in and let out some sort of squeal of excitement. “They’re all so precious,” he whispered, stepping ahead of you and kneeling down near the cages that held them in.

His smile lit up the whole room as he began to admire the cats and all you could do was sit and watch as he attempted to pet them and cooed at them. This moment of bliss though, was interrupted by a loud sneeze that not only frightened you, but the cats as well.

Do not let him near the cats, he’s allergic.

You had completely forgotten. You shook your head and wondered why he would come and see the cats when he knew he was allergic to them.

“Jeno! You need to get out.” You began to tug at his arm.

“Y/N,” He whined, turning to face you, eyes beginning to water from the allergies.

“Oh my god, Jeno! Come on, you need to get out.”

“Y/N, but I love them.” He pleaded with you.

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” you huffed, trying to tug the boy to no avail.

He frowned and suddenly you wanted to let him stay there if it meant seeing his face light up with that beautiful smile he had.

“Fine,” he huffed. “Only because I like you and I don’t want you getting in trouble he said as he followed you out.”

As you walked out, he waved goodbye to all the cats, promising to return when you weren’t watching.

“Jeno! I heard that!” You playfully hit his arm as you exited the room.

He laughed and your hear fluttered once again, seeing his face light up like that.

“Get back to work,” you said in a fake serious tone.

“Fine, but promise me you’ll take me to see the cats again.” His eyes pleaded.

“Maybe,” you smiled as you walked away, happy to be spending more time with Jeno, the boy with the beautiful appearance and bright smile.


Happy to present you my Wakfu fan-characters (I finally made those refs, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY)
And here comes their story!
Everything starts with Ethan d`Otberg, the xelor (yup, no bandages. I can`t make the poor guy wear them, do you know how uncomfortable bandages are? So I decided that I`ld rather give him some more casual Frigost clothing. And of course he has a mask, but for the refs, I wanted to show his face). He is a pretty untypical for a xelor, as he is a very kind and pacifistic person. He deeply believes in god Xelor and he isssss kinda a self-proclaimed monk, vowed to live his life in peace and righteousness. He is also very politically correct and does not tolerate offencive racistic expressions (such as “dumb like an iop” and etc). But he will never let himself just to say “you are wrong, you must change your mind”, he will explain what is wrong with your words firstly, then will leave you to think on them.
So, Ethan was meditating when he got a vision. this is where their story touches the canon. But don`t worry, they will do nothing important, I am not going to make them meet canonical characters and etc. So. He got the vision with Sadida kingdom, attacked by the unknown mechanism. Ethan takes it serious as he believes that this was the god Xelor his own, who gave him that seeing. He decides that this is his mission to prevent the king of sadida. But he knows that nobody will believe him if he`ll say that he is going to leave Frigost and make a long journey to Sadida kingdom just because he had a dream. So he says, that he is leaving to Bonta to find a master who will help him to learn his magic better instead. But his guardian won`t let hom go all alone, so he hires a bodyguard for him. And this is the other character from the first pic.
Surya Nayrin, the huppermage, is fearless and strong, rational and serious, she is known as a true heroine. However by those who have monies to pay for her help… Surya is used to work in one way: she gets the task, she does her work and she earns. And she likes to controll the situation - she`s inventing the plan how to complete her mission in the fastest way, she follows it and she succeeds. That what her live is like - always in a hurry, always busy, newer distracting to help those why can`t pay. Or at least it WAS so, before she was hired to lead Ethan to Bonta. The problem was that she was always in a hurry, while Ethan, even knowing the importance of this journey, couldn`t resist to stop for helping other people and just to enjoy the beauty of the world around. That was annoying Surya at the beginning, but then they started speaking to each other and soon she started understanding his position. they both learned something from their journey - Surya understood that the life is much more excitong if you can let yourself to stop for a while and look around, whiile Ethan got it that sometimes you need to concentrate on what is the most important now, as you can`t help everyone around. These two later fall in love but never tell that to each other untill the end of their adventure. they were just wandering in the perfect harmony, learning from each other. However, before they`ve met another team of the adventurers…
This is the time from another line. When Surya and Ethan are from the higher society, the other two are village teens trying to write their own history.
The first one is an iop called Eyrikh Raud. You know what an iop should be like? A dumb but unbelievably strong hot-head always in the first line in the battle. Well, that`s Eyrikh! …. …. …. Deep inside his dreams. In real life, Eyrikh is a disaster. He is pretty weak (this is visible that he is too skinny for a string person) and unconfident. He lives in a village that often has fights with the neighbor one. His mother Frida (last pic) is a member of the village`s guard, and Eyrikh always wants to engage into fights like she does. But unlucky for him, he has no physical strength, nor any good weapon, so he`s just breaks into the battlefield and instead of helping, he`s causing troubles as the guard has to distract from the battle to protect him. After that, he always gets teachings from the chief of the guard, who makes menaces that if that will repeat, he will just banish Eyrikh from the village. His mother protects him and takes home, then explains gently that he shouldn`t try to prove his strength this way. He then says that he wants to leave the village to go into the journey and become a hero like his father Gunnard (last pic), and he didn`t succeed in fight only because he had no appropriate weapon/these enemies were too weak so he couldn`t fight in whole power. What is interesting about him - he UNDERSTANDS that this is not true. He KNOWS his limits, he KNOWS that he is too weak for an iop and he will not succeed even with the cool weapons. But he makes himself to believe in him. Because if he would just admit that he is useless, he would have no moral strength to do anything in his life. So even knowing he is a failure, Eyrikh is making himself to believe in his powers and tries over and over.
So, this repeated over and over… Untill one day, to give him a lesson, his mother told him that his father died because he was used to get into any fight like Eyrikh does. She said that the last time he was seen protesting an ancient Osamodas temple. That had to convince Eyrikh to stop his attempts to “help“ the guard. But instead, gave him an idea what to do. He ran away from home to find the temple, because there was chance that his father`s shushu called Veggard would still remain there.
In the morning, his mom found a childish painting with his son on it, holding his father`s sword. She got the message and left the village too, to find her son before he got in any trouble. She will follow him thoughout his whole journey with his drawing, asking “Have you seen my son? He`s like this, with red hair and in black-white clothing with red crosses”. Which fits half of all the iops…
So, Eyrikh reached the ruins, but they were protected by the guardian animals. Running away from them, Eyrikh hid inside the cleavage between the big rocks and was sitting there, speaking to himself about what a total failure he is. And then, he heard a voice, which belonged to Veggard. He was still here, waiting for someone to find him, and as Veggard is a pretty sly shushu, more concerned on ruining people`s lives, instead of their planet, he decided to help Eyrikh for the long time, earn his trust and pretend to be his friend, to later betray him in the most responsible moment. So, he convinced Eyrikh that they must unite so using Veggard`s forces, Eyrikh could fight those guard animals and get out of this place. Of course even an iop would feel something wrong about a shushu asking you to use his powers. But he told that he respected Gunnard SO much, that he will never betray is son. And well, foolish young Eyrikh agreed. Veggard didn`t lie this time - he helped an iop to fight his enemies, then gave him his body back, as promissed. Annnd here comes the other character from pic.2 and the second one from the pic.4
Dinem and Vestre Ylan were the owners of those animals, and the protectors of the ruins. So, when they`ve found Eyrikh staying near their unconscious pets, they attacked immediately. the sisters defeated him, tied and brought to their home to decide what to do with this stranger. He explained that he was only looking for his father`s sword and never meant to hurt the animals, but they`ve attacked him so he had to protect himself. He also lied about being the knight of the order of the guardians of shushu, but the sisters were no fools, so they got it that he`s not a hero he tells he is. Vestre, as the strict, serious and disciplined sister proposed to take the sword from him and tell him to go away. But Dinem was charmed with his inspiring words about willing to leave his village to wander around the planet and become the true hero. Because she felt the same. She wanted to see the world and be more than her father told her to be. So in the night, they both escaped and headed to Binta, as Dinem is a great Gobbawl fan, but she never had a chance to leave the ruins to see the game before. And on their way, they`ve met Ethan and Surya. Eyrikh presented himself as a knight of the order of the guardians of shushu and Dinem confirmed this, as she wanted to help him on his way of becoming whi he wants to be. Ethan knew that Surya only has to lead him to Bonta, then her job will be done, but he really should better have another bodyguards after taht. So he asked the knight and the summoner to join him.
So, about Dinem. She`s a good and reliable friend, never giving a shit about any problems, always relaxed and confident. She has a sense of humor and may be REALLY LOUD when it comes to gobbawl games, but she also has not the best side. She has a big lack of manners - she may put her legs on the table, or eat with hands or barf loudly. She`s pretty gross i mean. And she also always says what is on her mind. Sometimes it`s good, but most of times her words may be really offencive as she often tells racist jokes. and she don`t even understands that. However Ethan is trying to explain her why is it bad to behave like that. 
All together they reached Bonta where Surya had to say Ethan goodbye. But instead, she decided to follow him to the end.
Now about the characters from the pic.3
Mirelle de Lis is a very shy eniripsa, living in the forests around Sadida kingdom along with her girlfriend Koda Kei the feca. Mirelle is a doctor not by her race, but by her morals: she dedicates her life to saving whoever she will find injured in the forest. No matter who you are - a hero or i villain, she will take care of you. You must be pretty brave to take an unknown person to your house and let her stay there till she will fully recover, but Mirelle thinks that she is a coward just because she would never get into a fight. She is also a soft person, she can`t stay on her`s own, and she speaks a little with anyone except Koda.
Koda on the contrary is a very confident person, who can defend herself and Mirelle to. She is rational and smart, never underestimates her enemies and always thinking on the strategy before engaging into the fight. As a true feca, she`s a protector, and she always tries to help Mirelle in whatever she does. She is also a well-educated alchemist and knows mechanics.
And there are also side characters left. The one I hadn`t told about yet is an iopette Astrid Sjorgen from pic.4 and her shushu Ax (taht was predictable). there`s no much info on her - Astrid is not a real knight same as Eyrikh. She just stole a shushu she fell in love with, and trying to find him a body so they can be together. Even Ax himself isn`t so concerned on getting him a new body…
Astrid is a canonical iop - she`s strong but not too clever. But at least she is a bit sly.
Ax is… well, a very untypical shushu. A weak and cowardly one, so he feels better living as Astrids axe, than as a normal shushu. 
And well, will finish retelling their story quickly?
Right before the team approached to the Sadida kingdom, they were attacked by the rogues. Everething was going well untill Veggard proposed Eyrikh to use his powers again, and he agreed with no doubts. But this time Veggard posessed him and attacked his friends. Ethan used all his powers to stop him. So the whole team left unconscious in the forest. They were later found by Koda and Mirelle and brought to their home, where mirelle healed them. After they woke up, Surya told that she had suspicions that Eyrikh is not a real knight and he shouldn`t be trusted with such a powerful weapon. Before this situation, Surya almost accepted him and Dinem as the part of the team, but after the incident, she strictly prohibited Eyrikh to follow her and Ethan any further, even if Ethan himself wanted to give him a second chance. But they had no time - they ahd to prevent the king, so they left Eyrikh and Dinem at Mirelle and Koda`s home.
Should I say how frustrated Eyrikh was? He always knew that he is a failure, and now he ruined all his friends` expectations, as he trusted a shushu, who he believed to be his best friend, injured his teammates, and now there`s only Dinem left on his side. He gave Veggard to her and asked to bring him back where he lied, when she`ll return home, and told that he is heading back home. But she didn`t want to go back, she loved the adventure so much, so she inspired him telling how exciting that was and that if she fulfilled her dream, he should do it to. So they decided to head to the kingdom and to help with whatever they can. They also asked Mirelle and Koda to come woth them, and after a conversation, they agreed. And well… No coolstories about my characters doing anything epic. Ethan and Surya couldn`t prevent the king as they were not allowed to meet him. So when the attack begun, they just joined the sadida warriors in the fight for their kingdom, and also met the other part of the team. Eyrikh`s mother also came in time, and used Veggard instead of her son, as she has a stronger will, so she won`t let him possess her body. And well, that`s it. Just a bunch of characters helping to protect the Sadida kingdom with whatever they can. Hope this is an OK way to tie their story with the canon and none will be against it?

[Subtle Jikook]


**long post**

1)Jealous Jimin

It started with Jimin’s failed attempt to piggyback Jin.

When Jimin was having fun with Jin, Tae was on the right-hand side of the screen, bouncing his way towards Kook.

Tae then jumped onto Kook’s back. Obviously, the crowd cheered. Jimin, realizing what the hype was all about, turned towards their direction, and, well, he witnessed the moment.

It looked like he threw a glance at Tae and Kook, twice. I wasn’t sure about the first one(above) Maybe he looked at Yoongi, or maybe at the duo. The second one (below) was more legit.

Here comes the fun part. Jimin was still at the same spot when Kook waddled his way to the centre of the stage. Yoongi then rapped, Jimin made a dramatic effect and lay down on the stage. Kook then stopped right beside Jimin, and actually tried to interact with him.

Based on these pics, I thought Jimin was laughing at them, because Kook was looking at him, and like I said, trying to engage in some sort of interaction with Jimin.

But upon further look at the vid and some pics of Jimin (not included here), he was actually laughing at Hoseok. Then he got up, turned and walked past Kook and Tae.

The next part’s full of awkwardness. When Jimin tried to walk past the duo, he nearly stumbled into them. He slowed down his movement, stared at them, then just blatantly made his way to the other side of the stage. He…ignored them? The near-collision was so awkward? Take note of Jimin’s body language.

They say opposites attract, right? Like magnets drawn to each other, Kook turned his body, and kinda followed Jimin for a split sec, before turning around and headed to the other side.

The piggyback lasted for quite sometime. During this time, Jimin went to Yoongi and danced with him. Then he did the funny dance with Namjoon. Tae and Kook were directly beside Namjoon. Jimin had enough, stopped whatever he was doing, walked behind them and actually patted Tae’s butt, as if to say “that’s enough boy”. Whether he’s jealous of them,or worried about Kook, I have no idea. I’d like to think he’s lowkey jealous haha.

Jimin even stared at them when Tae jumped onto Kook the second time. Now, you’re keeping an eye on your boy, weren’t you, Jimin?

The near-collision was hilarious. That’s my fav part tbh. Jimin was like, nope, don’t touch me, don’t talk to me and immediately ran away hahaha.


I know this moment is known by many, because it’s such a beautiful moment, but let me just spill my thought on it hee~

1,2,3 members knelt down before Kook when he sang. Jimin, on the other hand, was calling for Yoongi and Hoseok to join.

Kook spotted Jimin, turned around 360 degrees…

held out his hand, and so did Jimin…

Pointed a finger to himself, as if to say Jimin’s mine, then turned around and pointed at Armys.

Now, his eyes were focused solely on Jimin. Despite other members trying to capture his attention,he literally ignored them and went back to face the crowd. My fav was when he retracted his hand,extended his thumb and pointed to himself. It was like his subconscious mind telling him to do it. It was as if his mind was focusing on Park Jimin, and Park Jimin alone.

Very subtle, and I live for subtle moments, so this is it. My lengthy analysis haha. Thank you to my comrade @jikookruinsmylife for helping me with Snowpeach’s gifs. <3

Pics: credits on screen. II Vids:Cr. SNOWPEACH II Cr.  pitapita白 via GoldenJk0901  II  pikapika白  via GoldenJk0901 II  V_tamin_

Special mention:Twitter Jikook Squad @kookminhaeyo_, @she-twt, @xminas3 <3 <3 <3

Engraved pt. 11

<– Engraved 10 | Crowned 2 –> | Sheltered 1 –> | Engraved 12 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 6819 (sorrynotsorry)
Warnings: Threatening, blood, guns, weapons, drugs, explosive, death
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: Ahhhhh 3.5 hours traffic delay gives something. Enjoy guys, ask me all the questions, let me know!

AFF link

Your pov

The call from Gio had given you enough information to find the people you were looking for. You searched through some databases, found aliases, car registrations and locations on their names. While most of the locations were hotels, and there was one rental house, the information had given you enough to go on.
Right now you were in the office room at their place, which has a huge map of the city. Since Suho wasn’t here you took it as your job to do all the planning. There were little red bulletins and lines distributed across the map, connecting places to names. Yellow was for location to location, green was for use of credit and debit cards. There were blue lines covering the car their gps tracks, which were a bitch to locate, but you’d managed. It might seem like they’d been sloppy, but the contrary is true. They actually hid their things pretty well. You were one of the best, along with Baekhyun it’d been easy to locate these things.
“Okay, so, what is this work of art?” Chanyeol asked, obviously stunned by your different approach from Suho’s. Which was what they were all used to.
Jongdae’s eyes held amusement, Jongin’s held wonder. Kyungsoo wasn’t with you, you’d told him sternly to stay home, take painkillers and rest his body. Whatever it was that had happened to him. You still had to ask Minseok about that, but this came first. 

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@jisungbaby​ said : Nct Dream reaction their gf/crush being 165cm-170cm tall^^ 

A/N: I decided to go with gf because I’ve been really soft for nct dream lately. Also, for all of my U.S. followers,165-170cm is about 5′4″-5′6″. 

Mark: He’d love that you were slightly shorter than him. He’d love to hug you from behind and rest his chin on your shoulder before placing a soft kiss against your neck or cheek.

“Have I ever told you how cute you are Y/N?”

Originally posted by yukmark

Renjun: He’d be one to not take notice of how tall you were. He wouldn’t mind if there was a height difference, whether you were taller than him or shorter than him. At the end of the day, as long as he could cuddle with you, everything was perfect.

“Have I mentioned you look cute today Y/N?”

Originally posted by pink-ramen-hair

Jeno: Ah yes… if you were about 170cm, he’d take every opportunity possible to tease you about being one centimeter shorter than him. He’d laugh at you for not being able to reach things he himself couldn’t reach and he’d make sure to remind you every single day that he was taller than you.

“Do you need some help reaching that because you’re so tiny? Hey Mark! Can you come here for a second?”

Originally posted by nctinfo

Haechan: The other one who’s 171cm…. He’d love to tease you about being shorter than him and go to great lengths to annoy you about it. His favorite thing to do would be rest his arm on your shoulder, even if he looked ridiculous while doing so. 

“You’re so short Y/N. It’s adorable~”

Originally posted by haenyan

Jaemin: He wouldn’t mind if there was a height difference. He was still able to comfortably hug you and rest his chin on your shoulder when he was tired, so it didn’t matter to him whether or not you were shorter than him. He may tease you occasionally because he thought you were so cute, but if anyone else teased you he’d be ready to throw some hands.

“You’re the perfect height for hugging, did you know that?”

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Chenle: He would love the height difference. He’s pretty small in stature so his favorite thing to do would be cuddle with you… even if he blushed like crazy every time you initiated it. 

“Aayy Y/N. I’m supposed to be the one holding you.”

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Jisung: Listen… he’s really tall.  He’d love to tease you about being shorter than him all the time. He’d purposely hold things above your head just to tease you and he’d insist you give him a kiss before he gave you your stuff back. Even though it was just a kiss on the cheek, he’d be blushing like crazy as he lowered your stuff down low enough for you grab it.

“How are you so cute???”

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The Little Game of Hearts (Part 2/2)

Requested by anon:  Hey can I request an Isaac/Theo story where the FemaleC is part of the pack and she had this friends with benefits thing going on with Theo during season5 but obviously there were also feelings involved. And after everything went down with Theo and the Dread Doctors, Isaac showed up with Chris to finish his senior year. Theo comes back season 6,FC and Isaac are only friends but at this party she kisses him in front of Theo so he gets the clue that she’s done with him-that as the background

A/N: Finally, here is the second part! This one is about Isaac coming back, the friendship developing and the confrontation with Theo after he came back. You can find Part 1 here: x. I hope you all enjoy, I had a lot of fun writing this!

Yes, Isaac Lahey came back to Beacon Hills. But with the two of you, it wasn’t necessarily friendship at first sight. To you, he was just another new guy and you decided that you would never trust those again. Never let them close to you or believe a word that came out of their mouths. You definitely were bitter but you couldn’t leave that part of you behind at that point. So you didn’t welcome Isaac in any nice way and you really didn’t make it easy for him to like you.

It was a constant bickering between you that drove the rest of the pack crazy. Whenever he expressed an idea at pack meetings, you argued against it and tried to find something fishy about it. You avoided him, reacted annoyed whenever he was around and fighting him was your favourite way to blow off steam. You couldn’t help but afflict him with the mistrust that Theo would’ve deserved. You saw Theo in him although Isaac wasn’t really like him. There were just a few similarities that sufficed, like the smug attitude, the confident demeanour (although it wasn’t as natural with Isaac), and the acting like he didn’t care what everybody else thought about him. In the first few weeks that was all that you noticed about him.

And then stuff happened. Even with Theo gone everything turned chaotic once again and you needed each other like never before. That was when something clicked inside of you. When you realized the most important fact about Isaac Lahey: he was loyal. He looked up at Scott, he trusted Scott, he did whatever was needed to protect him and his pack. Even you, although you had been a total asshole to him, simply because you were Scott’s friend. He would never betray him, which meant that he would never betray you.

That was the moment you realized that you had judged him wrong and that not everybody deserved to be treated like Theo. You had to admit to yourself that you projected the pain Theo had caused you onto him and it wasn’t right. And that you would only keep Theo’s betrayal alive by doing so and not pulling yourself together. You really had to try to live your life like he had never been a part of it.

It wasn’t easy but you made yourself apologize to Isaac. After that it turned out that the two of you were actually a pretty good team. He was a lot better at forgiving than you were and although he never stopped teasing you about your mean side, you became friends. Once you let him see the real you and opened up to him, you grew close. It was the weirdest thing ever but it made you love it even more.

All of that brings you to the angsty situation you are in now. Liam freed him. Theo was back. How are you supposed to act like he never existed when he’s back, roaming around in Beacon Hills? The others never learned about the little thing you had going on with him and therefore will never understand why you are reacting so stressed about this. That’s why you literally fled from any pack action, anything that could bring you close to him, and are now sitting in your living room with Isaac, going through some papers to do research that isn’t making any sense at all. You can’t even concentrate long enough to read a single line. It’s boiling inside of you and you are so agitated that you must reek to a werewolf.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”, Isaac asks after a while and as you look up, you realize that he has been observing you the whole time. Damn those werewolf senses! You really need to find some human friends. While you look into his blue eyes, you feel yourself getting defensive quite automatically.

“Well, everything obviously”, you grumble, lowering your head so you don’t have to face him. “This town is going to hell and now Theo Raeken is back. I just hate that guy.”

“Because he made Liam kill Scott”, Isaac mused, still staring at you attentively. A little too attentively for your taste.

“Exactly”, you mumble and you feel bad because that really should be the reason but your true one is so much more egoistic and self-centred.

Isaac clears his throat awkwardly, then keeps silent again and it’s so obvious to you that he wants to say something but isn’t sure if he should. Finally he pulls himself together and blurts out: “Okay, that was a lie. Why do you really hate him?”

Of course he heard it. You sigh heavily, put the paper away and lean back in the sofa. Since Liam decided to resurrect your ex-whatever, you’re awfully tired. You take your time with the answer, rub your temples and try to get your emotions under control. Lying to him is not an option, therefore you decide to give him part of the truth. Not the whole story, though, you’re still too ashamed of that.

“It’s complicated, okay? It was just…we were a little closer than the rest of the pack…friends and stuff…so his betrayal hit me pretty hard and I honestly never want to see him again.”

“You had sex with him”, Isaac states drily.

You whirl around and stare at him in shock. He tries to stay serious but a little smirk tugs on his lips already.

“What?! No I hadn’t!”

“Yes you had. It’s written all over your face.”

When did he become such a mind reader? You could keep up the play but by now the heat is creeping into your cheeks and you know you lost. He really got to know you too well. The weird thing is: while you’re still feeling embarrassed about your mistake, it is actually a little freeing that you told someone about it. That it’s out there at last.

“Aright, yes. We had this thing without liabilities going on and I really thought I could trust him. And I was stupid enough to kinda fall for him, so after he turned out to be a total asshole, I was crushed. I got bitter, I hated everything and I tortured you for something somebody else did.”

“Ah, so that’s why you were such a bitch to me!”, Isaac realizes matter of factly.

You shoot him a glare. “Yes. You first-hand experienced the monster he created. I can’t have that again. I can’t deal with him. Since he came back, I constantly remember our last conversation and how he made me feel like the dumbest, most naïve girl on earth. And like I wasn’t good enough.”

You feel the weight of the truth of your words overcome you once again and you swallow hard, looking down at your hands because watching Isaac’s playful expression turning more sympathetic by the second makes it even harder. You can see Theo’s stern face in front of you just as the day he dumbed you in that forest. And you remember the heartache.

“Honestly, Isaac, I don’t know what to do”, you admit weakly, feeling horribly vulnerable. Something you wanted to prevent under any circumstances.

Isaac observes you for a second, then doesn’t hesitate to get up from his spot and sit down next to you, putting an arm around your shoulder and pulling you closer. You rest your head against his chest, breathe in his scent and sense yourself relax almost momentarily while you listen to his steady heartbeat. It’s the first time someone comforts you about this and it feels good.

“Okay, Y/N, first of all: I already know that Theo guy is an idiot but if he dumbed you, he really is the biggest I ever met and that is saying something”, Isaac claims as he strokes your hair softly.

You snort. “You have to say that.”

“Well, yeah, but I also mean it. Come on, you won’t let him destroy your confidence, will you? I have some experience with people who knock you down and they’ll always stay with you in some way, but you can still grow out of it stronger than before.”

You turn your head and blink at him a little astonished. “Man that was really sensitive Dr. Phil.”

“I have my moments”, he retorts with a grin on his lips that somehow makes everything seem less terrible.

“So what’s the plan?”

“Well, I’m just gonna keep you away from him until he eventually screws up and will be sent back.”

You like the plan. You like it a lot.

It works for a while. There is only one error: Theo doesn’t screw up. It’s not like everybody suddenly likes him but they also can’t ignore what he did, especially for Liam, and don’t think that he deserves to go back to hell. Still, you manage to avoid him with Isaac’s help. At least before Lydia’s “Goodbye Highschool” party, which is obviously something you have to go to.

But you don’t know that Theo would come too until you get there, go to the bar for your third drink and run right into him. Literally. You dumb into a body and already start to awkwardly apologize as he turns around and you stare right into that face you connect so many horrible emotions to.

“Oh my”, you push out, taking a step back while his eyes widen after they recognized you. Your instinct to flee sets in but you are aware of how stupid and weak that would look, so you stay right where you are. Quite frozen, actually.

“Y/N!”, he exclaims a little bit too late. “It’s so good to see you. I…I wanted to talk to you since…since I came back.”

Great, there you go. Thankfully enough, the old anger finally builds up inside of you and that makes it much easier because it overlaps the disappointment. You cross your arms in front of your chest and glare at him.

“Yeah, I know. You informed the others about that a thousand times, but I though my non-reaction made quite clear that I don’t return that wish.”

“I know”, he retorts, quickly and gravely serious. He steps closer and puts his arms on your shoulders but you immediately pull away. His touch feels poisonous. “I get that you don’t want to see me, okay? But I need to…”

“Oh, don’t you dare say apologize!”, you interrupt him decisively. “You could’ve done that the night in the forest but back then, you didn’t give a damn.”

Theo observes you for a moment, inhales deeply and lowers his head for a second before he looks back up at you through his eyelashes with an awfully sad expression in his eyes. It probably would’ve gotten to you but you don’t know if you can buy it or if he’s just acting again.

“You’re right, although it’s not true that I didn’t give a damn. I was an idiot. But the things that happened to me down there…they changed me!”, he claims, only earning a snort from you. “No, really! I just…I need you to know that when we had that thing going on, I wasn’t using you. I wasn’t dishonest with you or something and you were not an idiot to develop feelings because it was the same for me. You were…are…amazing and I realized that, I was just too stupid to put you first.”

His words could’ve been like honey to your soul if they didn’t come so very late. The desperation he displays doesn’t change that you’re only turning even colder inside and not one bit softer. You don’t even think that he’s lying. You just don’t care.

“Fascinating, Theo. But I am not the kind of girl that comes rushing back to an asshole just because he noticed that he is one”, you clarify cooly. “You really aren’t that good.”

Just as you assumed, pride flickers in his eyes. He obviously hasn’t lost that little character trait. A second later, though, he’s back being his begging self. You are really hoping for some guest to interrupt this conversation but they’re all joyful, drunk and minding their own business. None of them pays attention to your discussion.

“Course you’re not. If you were, you would’ve seemed rather boring to me”, Theo now claims, seemingly not understanding what an awful compliment that is. “I’m not asking you to forgive me right here, I’m only asking you to give me a chance.”

“To do what?”, you laugh indignantly. “Get me back?”

“Yes”, he simply states.

You feel a stupid sting in your heart and turn your head so you don’t have to look into those brown eyes anymore. You wished so badly for him to say that about a year ago. You would’ve thrown yourself in his arms, kissed him, never let go of him. Now it only hurts and you’re so tired of him hurting you.

“Well, you can forget about that because I’m over you”, you finally say.

“Really?”, he retorts, not even trying to hide his scepticism. His mistake.

“Yes, really! I’m with someone else. A good guy this time because I learn from my stupidities.”

“Sorry, Y/N, but I don’t believe it.”

Smug. Confident. It drives you crazy and not in the good way. You shoot him a deathly look and you’re so fed up with him.

“Okay. See how taken I am for yourself”, you grumble and whirl around, throwing your hair over your shoulder demonstratively.

You haven’t really thought this through but there’s no way you won’t pull this. You won’t give him that joy. You let your eyes wander over the crowd, desperately searching for help. There you find him. Isaac. Leaning against the wall, holding a red cup in his hands and watching the crazy dancing people with an amused grin on his lips. He will understand. He will get it. And he’s definitely the best choice.

You walk over to him with as much confidence as you can muster. Your heart is pounding fast in nervous anticipation, which he’ll probably be able to hear. As you’re almost there, Isaac looks up, locking eyes with you as worry flashes up in his face.

“Y/N, is everything alri…”

“Please just go with it”, you whisper before you throw your arms around his neck, stand on your toes and press your lips onto his.

He is shocked for about one second, then he puts his arms around your waist, pulls you closer and returns the kiss affectionately. You forget that this is only pretend, only to show Theo how done you’re with him, in the blink of an eye. Suddenly you sink into it, blend out everything around you and the only important things left are you and Isaac and this amazing connection you’re feeling between the two of you. It’s like a spark deep inside of you turns into a flame and burns through your whole body. You press yourself against him, hungry for more of him and the sweet taste of his lips. You almost feel drunk although you know that alcohol doesn’t have any effect on you.

This isn’t like a shy, first kiss but one that is based on all the trust and familiarity you share. As you finally pull apart to catch your breaths, you are looking at each other, kind of surprised but also pleased. A huge smile appears on his lips and his blue eyes seem brighter than usually.

“Wanna go somewhere more quiet?”, he asks you cheekily and you feel your heart flutter at his suggestion.

“Absolutely”, you retort, taking his hand before he leads you through the crowd.

You totally forgot Theo and how this developed. It doesn’t matter anymore.

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Mind of steel

WWE imagine
Pairing: Tye Dillinger x Reader
Requested by CertifiedLoserNixon on Wattpad
Word count: 1,700

A/N: I’ve wanted to write about Sanity for quite some time, so needless to say I was super happy when this was requested. Hope you’ll enjoy!!
All my WWE imagines are on Wattpad as well!

You took a look in the mirror as the hair stylist was finishing straightening your hair.

“Nervous?” she asked.
“A little,” you confessed.
“I’d be too, if I were in your shoes. But hey, at least you get to watch and support him from ringside!”
“Except I’m not allowed to openly cheer for him – or anyone, for that matter.”

You were working in NXT as a ring announcer, and the staff had insisted on having you announce tonight. But tonight, your boyfriend, the Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger, had a match – a steel cage match nonetheless – against the leader of Sanity Eric Young. You were totally looking forward to that. You knew it was going to be exciting, the whole feud had been a blast to watch after all. But of course, you were also incredibly nervous. While you trusted Tye completely on this, Sanity was not to be underestimated. Those guys were dangerous, especially Nikki Cross.

“And you’re all set, (Y/N)!” the hair stylist smiled.
“Thank you. Oh, wow! Someday, you’ll have to teach me how to make my hair look so good!”
“That’d be my pleasure!”

You smiled at her and exited the room, only to see Tye standing there, leaning against the wall – obviously waiting for you.

“There’s my favorite girl!”
“Hello to you too,” you chuckled.

He pulled you into his arms and leant forward to kiss your forehead and the tip of your nose.

“You look beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful,” he smiled.
“Thank you,” you said, intertwining your fingers with his. “How are you feeling?”
“About tonight, you mean? Pretty good. Of course, you never know what to expect from Sanity, but hey! My girl is – technically – at ringside, and Roderick and Kassius have my back, in case Young decides to bring his little guard dogs. It should be fine.”

You nodded, a bit relieved – just a bit. At least, Sanity couldn’t play the number’s game.

“(Y/N), please report to gorilla position! (Y/N) to gorilla!”

You rolled your eyes.

“I gotta go. Be careful, OK?”
“I will. And (Y/N) …”
“I love you too!” you said, anticipating his next sentence.

He laughed and pressed a kiss on your lips before letting you go

* * * *

There it was. The match you dreaded and looked forward to at the same time. The cage had been set up, the ref was already inside waiting for the contestants, and you were at ringside, microphone in hand, concentrating on keeping your game face on. Tye’s music hit, and you felt a warm feeling bubble in your stomach as the crowd erupted into the usual Ten! chants.

“The following contest is a steel cage match!” you started announcing. “The only ways to win are by pinfall, submission, escaping through the door or over the steel cage with both feet hitting the floor.”

You had to take a deep breath to keep a calm voice.

“Making his way to the ring, from Niagara Falls, Canada; weighing in at 225 pounds; he is the Perfect Ten: Tye Dillinger!”

There was a hint of pride as you said those last few words. No one else – except Tye himself perhaps – would notice, but it was there. Tye briefly tested the cage before getting inside and starting his usual interaction with the crowd, throwing Ten’s around. Then, his eyes found yours, and he nodded slightly as if saying I got this. Your lips stretched into a small coin smirk, and you were thankful the camera wasn’t on you, as you found yourself blushing slightly. He still had that effect on you, even after months of dating him. Sanity’s music started to play and the whole stable came out on stage. As the first guttural laugh resounded throughout the arena, Eric Young turned around and gestured for his stablemates to leave. He seemed to play it fair – seemed being the keyword here, you did not buy it one second.

“Come on!” Tye yelled at Eric, urging him to get into the ring.

Once Young got into the ring, the two men started exchanging blows. At that point, your eyes started darting around the arena – you expected the rest of Sanity to come out any moment now. They were going to, you could feel it in your guts. Your eyes went back to the action in the ring just in time to see Eric Young gained the upper hand and throw Tye over the top rope and into the steel cage. You gritted your teeth, fighting the urge to shout encouragements to your boyfriend.

* * * *

Nearly ten minutes into the match, Tye had returned the favor and thrown Eric into the cage. Three times. Following with a series of kicks into the chest and a high kick to the head that left his opponent stunned. Damn, Tye was being serious about this, you thought as you saw blood trickle down from Young’s forehead. Your boyfriend proceeded to climb the cage, and you had to bit your lip to stop yourself from cheering out loud. But Eric Young stood back up and pulled him back down.

That’s when you felt it – the tip of a finger poking into your arm, while your name was whispered with each poke. You turned your head to see who was childish enough to be behind that, only to get pushed from your chair, landing stomach first on the floor. You looked back up to see a small figure will brown eyes and long brown hair and to hear a mad laugh. Of course, the one and only Nikki Cross.

“Wait a minute, is Nikki Cross targeting our ring announcer?” you heard Tom Phillips from the announce table.
“Get up (Y/N)! Come on!” Nikki shouted, her Glaswegian accent thicker than usual.

Before you could even get to your knees, she kicked you in the ribs. Twice.

“Hey Tye! Over here!” she called in a sing-song voice.

Tye looked towards her, and his eyes went wide at the sight before him – Nikki had grabbed a fistful of your hair to lift your face from the floor, while you struggled to get back up.

“No!” he yelled.
“Look at Tye’s face,” Percy Watson commented, “he takes the attack very personally!”

The Perfect Ten turned around to kick Eric in the midsection before rushing to the side of the cage.

“(Y/N)! Love, are you okay?”
“Don’t stop on my account, I can handle it!”

Cross dropped your hair, your face falling back into the floor, and she went to sit on the small of your back, straddling you.

“Get off her, Nikki!”
“Or what?” she taunted.

Meanwhile, Young had got back to his feet, and he grabbed Tye’s manbun to shove his face into the steel repeatedly before dragging him to the middle of the ring. Tye punched him to make him let go of the hair.

“I’d act wisely if I were you Dillinger,” the leader of Sanity warned.

Nikki laughed madly, and she went for the hair again – except you finally managed to roll to your side, knocking her off balance and sending her off your back. Hardly leaving you any break, she got back up, kicked you in the stomach and started throwing punches. But this time, you retaliated, sending her into the barricade. You finally got back to your feet, only to see Tye lying on the mat and Eric getting up.

“Tye, focus!” you shouted.

His eyes snapped open, and he grabbed Young’s ankle, preventing him for going any further, before finally standing up and hitting him with the Tye Breaker.

Next thing you knew, you laid flat on your back again, and a fist connected with your jaw. Nikki was back in action. You blinked a few time to shake out the daze and recompose yourself, when you heard the sounds of a huge fight next to you – Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe had come out to assist their stablemate, and Roderick, Kassius and Ruby Riot were busy trying to keep Sanity from interfering. You shot the three of them a thankful look. The massive Dain managed to put both men down and started climbing the cage, but Tye ran straight into him from inside, making him lose his grip on the steel structure.

“That’s it! Head in the game!”

It was too late to be professional now, Nikki had made it very personal the second she thought using you to get to your boyfriend was a good plan. Speak of the devil, Cross was struggling to get back on her feet, but you hit her right into the midsection, knocking the air out of her.

“That’s for using me against my man!”

You heard the crowd pop into a huge TEN!, bringing your attention back to the ring. Dain and Young were both lying on the mat, and Tye was sitting, his back leant against the rope, shaking. Your mind quickly put two and two together – a crossbody from the top of the cage, and he was riding off the adrenaline rush.

“Now Tye! Come one, baby, you got this!”

The Perfect Ten crawled out of the ring through the door, both feet hitting the ground, and locked the door once the ref had got out. The crowd erupted in cheers and you leaped in joy, looking around for your microphone and trying to keep a calm voice.

“Here is your winner,” you finally announced, “Tye Dillinger!”

Both the ref and Roderick were lifting Tye’s hands. Roderick went to hug his best friend briefly, while you laid your microphone on the table. You then rushed to your boyfriend, jumping onto his chest, as he closed his arms around your small frame.

“Are you alright, love?” he whispered.
“I’m good. And I’m super proud of you!”

He kissed your lips briefly before setting you down, and went on to jump around the ring to cheer with the crowd.

Soon, the Ten! Chants turned into a general Thank you, Tye! that reminded you this was his last appearance on NXT. A new wave of pride hit you. After what he had just accomplished tonight, he was going to be just fine on Smackdown Live. You could feel it.

One of the crewmen counted seconds in his head. When he hit forty-three, nothing happened. He didn’t know that he had been counting too quickly. For an instant, he thought the mission had failed.
Exactly as the thought crossed his mind, the sky over the city ripped open in a firestorm of color and sound and felling wind. A white light, ten times the intensity of the sun, enveloped the plane as the flash and sound and jolt of it skidded out in all directions. The tail gunner, looking out the back of the plane through his goggles, thought that the light had blinded him.
Tibbets’s teeth began tingling, and his mouth filled with a taste of lead. He would later be told that it was the metal in his fillings resonating with the radioactivity of the bomb.
He looked ahead and saw the entire sky swirling in pink and blue.
Next to him, the copilot scribbled two words in his diary: MY GOD!
Behind him, the tail gunner’s vision cleared and he saw an eerie shimmering warp in the air over the city, ripping toward them at one thousand feet per second. “Here it comes!” he said. The shock wave slammed into the plane, pitching the men into the air and back down again. In confusion, someone yelled, “Flak!” Then a second wave, a consequence of the force of the explosion hitting the ground and then ricocheting upward, smacked them, and the plane heaved again.
At POW Camp 10-D, on the far side of the mountains by Hiroshima, prisoner Ferron Cummins felt a concussion roll down from the hills, and the air warmed strangely. He looked up.
A fantastically huge, roiling cloud, glowing bluish gray, swaggered over the city. It was more than three miles tall.
Below it, Hiroshima was boiling.
—  Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand
Hidden Camera

Originally posted by choijaes

Thank you @pastuser for requesting this! I hope you like it! :)

Warning: Contains excessive dabbing, sneaky butt slapping, and 7 hotties in baseball pants 

Summary: You are recruited to pull a hidden camera prank on Got7

Category: Comedy, fluff

Length: 3.1K

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