here comes the here comes

No one has said this yet, and this doesn’t mean message Jack but we’re all actually doing what’s demanded of us from this Cult Father Mark and who do we always say is in control? Pulling the strings? Getting what he wants?

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It’s interesting parallels and goes to show, Glitch Bitch and Twitch Bitch ain’t nothing against the Original Bitch

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20 Questions

20 Questions

I was tagged by @darth-ins0mnia and told to tag 20 others I want to know better. Please be open.

1. Name: Aaron

2. Nickname(s): A-a-ron (like the Key and Peele skit)

3. Height: 5'10″

4. Orientation: Straight

5. Nationality: American

6. Favorite Fruit: Strawberry

7. Favorite Season: Spring

8. Favorite Flower: Rose

9. Favorite scent: Ginger

10. Favorite Color: Black

11. Favorite Animal: Dogs

12. Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: Tea

13. Average hours of sleep: 5-7

14. Cat or Dog person: Dog

15. Favorite Fictional Character: Wes Gibbins or Whitley Gilbert 

16. Number of blankets you sleep with: 2

17. Dream Trip: Nowhere, not really into vacationing  

18. Blog created: Can’t remember when I made the blog, but my first post was March 2017

19. Number of followers: 206

20. Random Fact: I’m an only child

I want to tag: @underratedtim @dicapito @dayslostson @lickeyrogerswong @vanessacries @destanee-ninja @chazim @bigbrotherbs @bigunknownkingdom @teatoppy @blackgiornogiovanna @goldplatedfro @meatball-slut @omgnowhey @frostbite883 @sirdippinghotsauce @brimlies @dumbeatrees @ninjaninj @gunzonyatmblr

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Wow had a horrible night, guess the only thing to do is sleep it off and hope the despair goes away lol!