here comes the cavalry

The cavalry. Hamilsquad x smol! Reader

It was happening again.

“You doormat!”

“ oh shut up! You’re acting like a child….nothing new.”

“ Exuze me? I’m sorry I’m confident in my views unlike you, Aaron!”

This happened very often. Aaron burr and Alex Hamilton had an….interesting relationship. They were very close and civial to eachother, but got into arguments just about everyday.

So eventually, they had developed a schedule .

“Should we do something?” Hercules asked, and  the two other boys were watching the argument slowly get more heated.

“Nah, besides.” John began with a grin.“ Chances are y/n will be here to break up the fight.”

“And that’s always fun to watch.” Lafayette said with a chuckle as he saw a flash of s/c skin sprint by.“ ah, and here comes the cavalry.”

Just as the small Alexander Hamilton raised his fist to hit Aaron, he was slammed to the ground by a h/c haired girl who looked very upset.

“Y/n?” Alex asked , trying to shake Hus friend off of him.“get off, I’m trying to kick Aarons ass!”

Y/n rolled her eyes, this is the third time this week.“ No you’re not idiot, you’ll get beaten up and kicked off of campus.” She told him sternly. “ now do you want that to happen?”

“God I love watching this happen.” John said as he recorded it and Hercules nodded.

“ yeah, if it weren’t for y/n , alex would be dead right now.”

Another student, Thomas Jefferson scoffed.“yeah, it may be funny but when it happens to you? It sucks.” He admitted.“ I mean that chick is small but it feels like getting hit with a freight train.”

“ thanks you tommy!” Y/n called put and stood up, holding alex by his shoulder.

“ alright dumbass, you will NOT be fighting Aaron bur any time soon, so you AND the three stooges get back to your dorm.” You ordered and alex scoffed.

“You aren’t the boss of-”


“ Okay okay were going!”

“Yo chill y/n damn.”

“ thank you Mon cheire!”

As they all left Aaron bur grumbled under his breath .

“I could have taken him you know.”

“ no you couldn’t.”


YAY! First Hamilton fic done! I’m sorry its so short but I hope you like it! If you have any requests please send them in! Because its sosososo great and I ESPECIALLY love the COLLEGE AU OH MY GOD SEND ME THOUSANDS OF REQUESTS FOR THE COLLEGE OR HIGHSCHOOL AU CAUSE I LOVE IT SOSOOS MUCH! sorry, I was excited 😣 but anyways, I hoped you guys like it, requests, and have a great day!


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You know, upon rewatching, I really LOVE the theme/soundtrack to this scene!

The trumpet cadence + marching drums.

Brings back memories of “HERE COMES THE CAVALRY!”

The drums’ march themselves reminds me of Great War Movies.


After years of being just another cog in the Empire’s machine, FINALLY they were back to what they were born for: Serving gloriously under the lead of a Jedi.

This is the moment where the Grunkle Clones accepted Kanan as a worthy leader, and committed themselves to the cause.

(Yes, Kanan’s a problematic leader; and that’s what Rex is out to fix. And BY JOVE will Rex fix the Broken Jedi!)

… I really shouldn’t treat myself to this much feels at the office …

I;m not crying. There’s just some twigs in my eyes. Clone-shaped and Jedi-shaped twigs.