here comes success

MBTI Encouragements


Never lose heart, your circumstances may be tough but you’re tougher!


Gonna reach that goal, write that book, graduate, be completely surrounded by genuine loved ones, and it will be glorious. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but someday. Just you wait.


Give it your all, and you’ll change the world!


You can do great things! So long as you continue to develop your ability to discern what you can/cannot and should/should not do.


Up. The direction you are headed!


Never quit! Your goals are within reach! Don’t be afraid to give yourself some flex room though!


Gonna be alright. Just take a breather and persevere!


Let it be. Sometimes leaving things alone may be better than constantly trying to fix it.


You are capable. Your intelligence and ambition are far greater than you give yourself credit for!


Down to make this life your best life? Good. With your wit, charm, and innate intelligence nothing could stop you!


Never lose sight of your goals, but don’t overexert yourself in the process.


Gonna be blunt here. Success comes from within, thankfully you have the potential to be successful at whatever you set your mind to. And beyond!


Run forward with caution. Charging headfirst may be effective for the short term, but you can achieve so much more if you persevere with a steadfast mindset!


Around here you’re known for unconventional but practical methods of getting the job done. I can’t think of anyone better suited for the job to help your common man!


And don’t forget to take it easy. Hard work is commendable, but exhaustion will rob you of getting your goals accomplished.


Desert the notion that you’re needlessly soft! It takes courage to be kind, that being said there is a fine line between courage and stupidity.

You all are worthwhile and capable in your own individual ways!


Beware the women, Mr. Featherstone. They bite.

anonymous asked:

Hi I just wanted to say I hi and that I kinda have a crush on you. You are beautiful and so kind


Halla! Thank you, you’re very sweet.)

Honestly i know its kind of silly but the more i watch game grumps the more of an inspiration Arin Hanson becomes to me. Like as someone who grew up piss poor in Florida with a shitty family who barely graduated highschool this man is just a huge motivator in my life. Not to mention how open he is with the fact that hes not 100% straight and how much he prefers colorful girly things to bland boring things that are normally marketed to men. Like ive struggled for a long time about how much i love pastels and hate sports and have felt awful about my body and here comes this successful dude with an amazing wife in an absolutely loving healthy relationship with heaps of amazing friends and he literally just wants everyone to have a good day. Like. I love this man with everything in my soul and i only hope that one day i too can be as big an inspiration to someone as he is to me and countless other people.

And now for the Gray and Lyon BroTP Week!

This week will be dedicated to the platonic friendship between Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia.

To participate, you can submit your work to fairytailbrotps or post it! You can create anything you’d like, graphics, fanart, fanfiction, etc. It’s all really up to you~

Please be sure to tag anything for the Gray and Lyon BroTP Week with #graylyonbrotpweek so that I reblog all of the lovely work you create! All works will be reblogged to fairytailbrotps.

A few reminders before we get to the prompts…

  • Please remember to try and focus on Gray and Lyon's platonic relationship versus their romantic one. I’d really love for platonic relationships to get more recognition!
  • You can interpret the prompts any way you’d like. You also do not need to follow the prompts, they are simply there to help inspire you if you need it
  • Anything submitted or posted should be your own work. Please don’t take credit for something someone else has done!

Now for the prompts and dates!

~February 15-21~

  1. Ice
  2. Strip
  3. Fight
  4. Ur
  5. Brothers
  6. Boy’s Love
  7. Laughter

I hope you all enjoy this week and I hope it will be a success! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. My askbox is always open!

The director replied to a Kris Stan. She said “I won’t let you guys wait for nothing.”

Dude if this doesn’t confirm him starting in the movie I don’t know what does.

I love you director-nim.

Oh this means Luhan and Kris are filming at the same time. Yay!