here comes messiah

Messiah 30 days Challenge

From the previous Tenimyu 30 days challenge, here comes Messiah 30 days challenge!

  1. Your favorite character
  2. Your least favorite character
  3. Your favorite scene
  4. A scene that makes you laugh
  5. A scene that makes you cry most
  6. Your favorite plot thread
  7. The character you resemble most
  8. Your favorite quote from the series
  9. Something you hate about Messiah Project
  10. A character you wish hadn’t died
  11. A character you wish had died
  12. A song that reminds you of Messiah Project
  13. Your favorite pairing
  14. Your least favorite pairing
  15. Your dream pairing
  16. Butai, Movie or Episodic Drama?
  17. Your favorite series (Dou no Shou, Shikkoku no Shou etc)
  18. Your least favorite series
  19. Your favorite fanfiction
  20. Your favorite fanart
  21. How did you first get into Messiah Project?
  22. What makes you attracted to Messiah Project?
  23. An actor you’d like to see in Messiah Project
  24. One thing you want to change/add to the series
  25. Your Messiah Project OC
  26. If you have to choose one character as your messiah, who would it be?
  27. Conversely, the one character you absolutely refuse to be messiah with
  28. A unique experience you have with the series
  29. How you think Messiah Project will end
  30. Messiah Project in one word

Since I can literally write an essay for each question, this time, if you’d like me to answer any question, just send me the number and I’ll deliver you the ‘essay’ fresh from the oven lol

And feel free to take on the challenge yourself :D