here comes jackal

He also presents to camera a contemporary photograph of himself in which he is possibly drunk and proud owner of a very large moustache. Surely that had been grown for an acting role?

“No,” grimaces the amiable thesp. “Oh dear,” he adds with a chuckle. “I had a big moustache for a long time, from the hippie days. I looked like every ‘Wanted’ poster. If I went abroad, I always got stopped – ‘oh look, here comes Carlos The Jackal,’” he laughs.


Song Ji-Hyo is a JYJ fangirl~

Question: Among all JYJ members, who are you a fan of?

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Song Ji-Hyo: I’m a fan of JYJ.

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Song Ji-Hyo: To me they are handsome little brothers, nobody is more handsome than the others.

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Song Ji-Hyo: These kids… *gasp*

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Song Ji-Hyo: Since they’re my little brothers, I think they’re all handsome…

Kim Jae-Joong: *nod* *nod*

Song Ji-Hyo: Jaejoong is a little more [handsome], though?

Kim Jae-Joong: (talk bubble) It’s too late, noona.