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Malfoy Howler [Part 2]

I got about four requests for a Part 2 so here it is cherubs

It’s been two brilliant years at Hogwarts so far. Fred’s parents and siblings all accepted me into their family with open arms, taking me in each year during Christmas and end of year breaks, which really means the world to me, because I’d be nowhere without their love and generosity. I haven’t heard from my Father — or should I say Lucius — since my first morning at Hogwarts… but each month my Gringott’s vault gains about 50 Galleons, which I think might be from Mum.

Now that I’m in my third year with my boyfriend and his brother, George, I know that there’ll soon be another Malfoy around the school: Draco. I knew this day would come, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been dreading it any less. With Fa— Lucius being a member of the Board of Trustees for Hogwarts, Draco is sure to have received his letter.

“Y/n, let’s go! Mum wants to get to the station early for Ron’s first day,” your boyfriend calls out to you.

“Be down in a minute!” You call back as you pack the last of your items into your trunk.


Percy ran through the door, followed by Fred, George and myself. Ron was the last to go through with another dark haired boy he had met moments ago.

“Come on now, e’rybody hop on!” Hagrid called out just as he had done for the past two years,

I was gripping the trolley handle so tight that my knuckles were white and my hands shaking. I knew Draco would be here today.

“Y/n calm down” Fred said gently as he rested his hand on top of mine, “I’m with you, alright?”

“Come on you two, we’re not going to get a carriage at this rate!” George called out, already on the train standing in the doorway.

—At Hogwarts—

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you would all settle down please,” Professor McGonagall said as she stood behind the podium in the Great Hall, “The Sorting Ceremony will begin in a few moments”.

Your nerves cam back immediately hearing these words, and Fred was quick to realise, once again taking your hand in his. Thankfully you hadn’t seen Draco on the train, but now there was no way to avoid him.

As if knowing how you were feeling, Professor McGonagall rested her hand on your shoulder as she walked past, bringing you some sense of relief.

After a few minutes, the doors of the Great Hall opened once again and about 150 students followed behind McGonagall.

“Y/n, look over here” Fred said gently. You turned to look at him, “you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You’ve made every day brilliant since you came to live with us and i’ve never been happier. You’re hilarious, smart, almost as good at pranking as me (you laugh), and you’re the brightest thing in my world, and I don’t know where I’d be without you, Y/n, I love you”.

You smiled bigger than you had all day, and as Fred turned back to look at the front of the room at McGonagall, you realised that he had distracted you in the best way possible from potentially seeing your little brother on the way up to the stage. What a perfect boyfriend.

Professor McGonagall was now up to M on the class list, meaning that your last name would be called out in no time,




Your body stiffened at the sound of your last name. It was the only thing you shared with your parents and brother, and now you were about to see him again after two years.

You see the white haired boy walk up the steps towards McGonagall. As he sat on the stool, he made dead eye contact with you, an evil smile on his face.

“So, that’s the little menace is it?” George whispered to you. Fred looked at you with a concern look, but you couldn’t divert your attention away from your little brother.

Professor McGonagall lifted up the Sorting Hat, and before it even touched his head, it roared “SLYTHERIN!

As the Slytherin table cheered, Draco looked right at you and smiled again. It wasn’t a gentle and caring smile like the ones commonly worn by the Weasley’s, but a menacing smile, Draco knowing that he had done his father proud, the man who disowned you would be thrilled you thought.

You watched him as he walked to his new house table, you still not being able to look away.

“Polar opposite of you I’d say” Fred says next to you, not looking away from Draco, “I’m glad you didn’t turn out like that”.

— Next Morning —

“Post is here!” George yelled out, as a group of owls flew in from the window. It was a Gryffindor game each morning of who would be the first one to announce the arrival of the post. Whoever won got an extra rasher of bacon.

Fred and George’s owl, Errol, dropped off an edition of ‘The Daily Prophet, as well as a letter congratulating Ron on making it into Gryffindor.

You feel something hit the back of your head, and you see a shape as dark as night fly past.

Not even ten minutes later, you hear someone talking to you from behind,

“So, here sits the disappointment” your brother says in a smart-ass tone,

“So, here comes the little prat. How’s it going Goldilocks” Fred spat at Draco,

“Fred, please,” you say as you put a hand on his shoulder, “he’s eleven,”

“Is this your new boyfriend is it?” Vincent Crabbe and Gred Goyle were now standing next to Draco, laughing as if he had just told the greatest joke,

“Yeah, it is Draco,” you say firmly,

Draco’s face showed a sign of shock for a split second before bursting out laughing,

“I wasn’t being serious Y/n, I didn’t think even you’d be stupid enough to date a Weasley!”

Fred and George, as well as a number of other annoyed students began an uproar of shouting and swearing at Draco in defense of the four Weasley’s at the table, as Draco stood there laughing, as though he was the more superior out of everyone,

“Oh, you’ll pay for that one Malfoy!” Ron yelled,

“Which one? Me or my sister!” Draco sniggered. The yelling and shouting continued,

ENOUGH!” You stood up and screamed, causing everyone in the room to fall silent, now even the teachers were watching,

“Draco, that is enough!,” you say again in a fierce voice, “You can insult me all you like, you can call me a disappointment, you can even tell me all about how proud the Malfoy family is of you. But you do not insult my new family, you do not insult my boyfriend, and you will do no such thing as to ever refer to me as your sister again, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” you bellow at Draco, trying his hardest to look non-intimidated,

“You are no longer a part of my family, Draco. ‘Malfoy’ is just a last name to me now. Any other use of that name repulses me and is an embarrassment to me,” you say, seeing Draco visibly offended,

“Our father will hear about this!”

Your father” you correct in a vicious tone, “But by all means, go ahead and write back to your parents! Tell them how happy I am! Tell them that I’ve finally found a family who loves me twice as damn much as they ever did! Tell them how my boyfriend of two years has made me the happiest I’ve ever been! I’M SURE THEY’LL BE FURIOUS!” you scream at the now visibly frightened boy,

“I want this to be our last conversation, Draco. Don’t talk to me ever again, or my family, because if I hear that you’ve been tormenting Ron throughout your time at Hogwarts, you’ll have me to answer to” you say threateningly.

You grab your boyfriend by the hand and you both stand up, Fred looking incredibly proud of his girl. Before the two of you walk out of the Great Hall, you turn back to Draco,

“You’re just like your father, you know that?” you said, and the two of you continued towards the exit of the Great Hall.

As you and Fred walk out hand-in-hand, the entire Gryffindor table cheers and applauds you, as well as some from Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw joining in.

“Sweetheart that was incredible” Fred says as you walk through the secret passage to the seventh floor, “I’m so proud of you,” he says as he wraps you in a tight hug and spins you around, causing you to giggle,

“Thanks Freddie, and I hope that little snot ball didn’t offend you or your brothers,” you say sadly, remembering how embarrassed and angry they all looked. Surprisingly, Fred chuckles,

“Oh Y/n, just as thoughtful and apologetic as Day 1” he smiles down at you, “Nothing like a Malfoy if you ask me”