here carol

  • Me: I'm actually emotionally stable for the first time in my life. Well, time for The Walking Dead.
  • *Carol scene*
  • *knock on door.*
  • Daryl: hey.
  • Me: *screaming*
  • Carol: is everyone at camp... did the saviors... is everybody... (tears) is everybody at home ok?
  • Me *through the tears*: I have never been less ok than I am right now.

Carole Lombard is considered by many today to have been a “proto-feminist.” A strong advocate for progressive social, economic, and human rights causes, she was staunchly vocal about her views of what she considered “modern womanhood” in press interviews. At the time, the concept of feminism in society was primarily linked with what is generally considered to be its first wave in the 1910s, suffrage - and therefore, many often relegated its significance to an older generation.

Yet, Carole sought many occasions to bring the discourse back into the public conscious in the 1930s, particularly encouraging her female fans to to empower themselves. An ardent liberal who supported Roosevelt’s New Deal, she reconciled her political views with her societal perspective, calling for a “different social order brought about by a women’s economic independence.”  Additionally, she argued that women must “make marriage serve us. We cannot be enslaved by it.” She once commented in Movie Mirror, a fan magazine, that: “Look about you and you will see for the first time since the ancient rule of the Amazons, a colony of economically independent women. Here they are rulers of a fantastic kingdom where the wealth is a product of the women. Contrast such a state with other times. Women in kitchens, subservient, mental and physical slaves…with all that went with the so-called double standard contrived by the lordly male.” 


So basically every scene Daryl has in episode 10 virtually revolves around Carol - even when Carol is not actually in the scene. 

He’s talking about Carol to Morgan, he’s threatening and beating Richard for wanting to kill Carol, he’s talking to Morgan about Carol again. 

Daryl is so in love that he’s become one of those guys who can’t shut up about his wife and how in love he is. ❤


Carol & Daryl || Why

Once Caryl goes canon, Daryl’s gonna be unstoppable. He touches her a lot now, so can you imagine what he’ll be like once they’re actually together, together? After they’ve started kissing, when they’re in the honeymoon phase of their relationship…

Daryl is not a touchy-feely guy – except that he is when it comes to Carol. He touches her more than he touches anyone else, he talks to her in his soft voice almost all the time, he hugs her no matter who’s watching.

So just imagine what a big, fluffy dork he’s going to be when they become more than friends. Once he starts kissing Carol, he’s never gonna want to stop. He’s going to become that guy; kissing her every chance he gets and being a complete puppy in her presence because that’s already who Daryl is when he’s with Carol.

Daryl to Morgan: If Carol were here she’d kick everyone’s ass and you know it!

Morgan: Maybe she doesn’t want to fight.

Daryl: I call BS on your logic.

Carol: I don’t want to fight


Daryl: I don’t trust that Ezekiel guy. He’s a coward and a rat!

Carol: He’s actually pretty nice.

Daryl: Ezekiel is a great man. He’s like a brother to me.