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psa: don’t make fun of a person’s art everyone’s still learning and working and improving at their own speed and are so brave for putting their stuff out publicly the fact that people would repost art just to belittle someone on the internet is so fucking cruel and disgusting

I’ve been looking at a lot of kid fortress art (esp from @kidsfortress <3) and I wanted to draw some little seeker! She was a bubbly ray of sunshine.

I’m disappointed in the number of people who think it’s okay to bully people over how they voted.

Especially with people who voted third party, since they could easily turn the argument back on you and point out that the 2 party fuckfest we get stuck with every election cycle is partially the responsibility of people perpetuating that mentality through bullying exactly like this.

The only vote you control is your own. You can disagree with other people’s choices, but you don’t get to tell them to fuck themselves because they stuck to their beliefs and voted accordingly.

└ Cos this episode is such a WIN for all Arashians.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 14.01.2017


“You can’t shy away from it, (Y/N).” He said putting a hand on your knee. The pair of you were sat in the car and from the view in the mirror you could see the people who made your life miserable before S.H.I.E.L.D. You’d been so determined to stand up to them but now that you had eyes on them, you started to wonder if you really were all the names they called you. 

“C’mon, you can’t exactly say no to ‘Captain America’!” Quickly, he did a little salute which made you smile. You stepped out the car and intertwined your hand with Steve’s. Not out of love but out of thankfulness; today you would stop your bullies.

But Can We Talk About Phil “amazingphil” Lester?
  • Phil “My best friend is more successful than I am and all I do is encourage and support him” Lester
  • Phil “No-one ever gives me credit for my ideas in videos and I’ve never said anything about it” Lester
  • Phil “I’m 28 years old and I won’t swear” Lester
  • Phil “I get really nervous in front of crowds but I’ll still do conferences and workshops for you guys” Lester
  • Phil “I’ve had a youtube account almost from day one and I’m still here” Lester
  • Phil “I was bullied at school but all I’m ever going to be is nice” Lester
  • Phil “I’m writing a book and planning a tour and running a radio show but I’ll still do a liveshow with you every week” Lester
  • Phil “someone sent me a drawing of me naked and instead of mocking it I made it a feature to encourage young artists” Lester
  • Phil “I’m an award winning radio presenter who’s met hundreds of celebrities but I’ll still reply to your tweets with emoji’s” Lester
  • Phil “I’m not good at anything really” Lester

do you know how many young trans people avoid coming out and living as the gender they truly are to avoid bullying? yet here we have truscum afraid that being trans is becoming too “trendy” and people are lying about it. so what to they do? bully trans people back into the closet. in the name of fighting transphobia. 

After searching for about 3 hours, getting 3 different viruses, probably getting my identity stolen by 3 different Nigerian scammers, I found 3 different videos of some little puppies eating out her fucking pussy hole.