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Raising Hell in a Hotel

Castiel is a bad influence on Dean. Okay, they’re only six years old – but when they join forces, they’re Mary Winchester’s idea of a parenting nightmare. In theory, Dean and Cas live in hotel rooms opposite each other. But in actuality, Castiel lives with Dean. Shares his clothes, his food, his bed. That sort of thing. Dean might like the colour pink more than society says he should, and Cas has the same problem with petty crime, but there’s one attribute they have in common: neither take well to being apart.

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≡(*′▽`)っit’s been over a year since wear a necklace of hope by @setter-kun, and I still think about this fic sometimes; I guess hunger games aus and stellar writing skills will always be my weakness

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“You’re too good for this world.” A gerudo lady saying that to Link. X3

Decided to go with Urbosa from BotW for this one, because she’s best mom and also its so fitting that she would say something like this to Link. There’s not a whole lot of spoilery things in here, if you think about it, but then again, I might be biased in saying that after having just beatthe game. But oh well. So here goes.

Urbosa stood with her back to her divine beast, her arms crossed as she watched the princess and her appointed knight begin to take their leave back towards Gerudo Town via sand seals. There was a hint of discontent on her usually solid expression, one that deepened as she overheard Zelda clear frustration with her knight. 

“I do not need any assistance!” she snapped, sending a harsh glare Link’s way as she fastened the reigns to her sand seal. “I am perfectly capable of doing this myself, thank you.”

As always, Link muttered an apology and glanced away, apparently guilty. Urbosa raised an eyebrow at this. He had done the very same thing last night when she had used her fury to awaken Zelda from her rest. The princess had expressed alarm and disdain as his very unannounced presence, and while the Gerudo champion had laughed at the time, know she realized that the bitterness between the pair was more than just a mere point of amusement. Link was a swordsman of few words, yes, but Urbosa could tell just by his manner how much Zelda’s disapproval of him really affected him. Seeing as how he had such a heavy weight upon his shoulders, the last thing he needed was any kind of uncertainty on the part of his duty. 

Which was why Urbosa planned to fix this here and now. 

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Power Rangers review (I tried to keep it non-spoilery)

First, here are a few things I screamed out during the freaking movie (I actually tried to contain myself but….too excited):

  • *when Billy is shown arranging his colors and then he tells Jason to stop touching him* “Is he–no–wait–HE IS! Maybe…no….wait..yeah…I think he is…” *confirm Billy is on the spectrum* “He’s AUTISTIC!!!!!!”
  • “ALPHA!!!!!!”
  • “Spider-Man!”
  • “Krispy Kreme” 
  • “Oh, Zack my child”
  • “ugh this fucking gold poison ivy looking bitch”
  • ♫Go go Power Rangers♫
  • “What’s with all the car crashes”
  • “Run to your FATHA”
  • “Fucking finally….”
  • *after credits scene* “omg…it’s…him………..”

okay, so… was epic. I loved it. I, a 23 year old, went with my 6 year old sister and we both enjoyed it.

They do cuss! so go with the young’uns if you’re okay with that 

Anywho, oh man like I don’t even know where to start. Billy (who was my fave as a kid) was not only black….he was also autistic. Holy hell when he admitted it on the fucking movie I almost screamed! In addition, Trini is definitely not straight (I think they hinted at her being gay). I think there’s more to Trini than they revealed, though. She mentions that she doesn’t know how to talk to her parents because they believe in “labels” but she doesn’t necessarily say what it is that she won’t reveal to her parents. It could be about her sexuality or her gender identity or maybe even both. It was interesting.

The characters, btw, were all great. Jason had his whole “I was the best but that’s not the life I wanted” stint going on, and I loved it. Billy, being autistic, was an outcast in his societal circles (ie school) and the only person he had connected to (his father) had passed away. Trini was also an outcast but in her own family. Zack was dealing with his sick mother. I really felt for him but I’d rather you watch him in action than me telling you his story. And, finally, Kimberly I enjoyed. They did the whole “cyberbullying” thing but from the bully’s pov. I don’t want to reveal any more but it was well done and it shed a whole different light on it (not that it’s right to do stuff like that…but…ugggh you’ll see)

Now, the dialogue. Omg….it was beautiful. The whole theater was cracking up. Sometimes it’d be the adults laughing their asses off and sometimes it’d be the littler ones dying of laughter. The way they talked, btw, was extremely realistic. Especially Billy. Idk, maybe it’s cuz I related to him more than the others but I felt that he was the most real. Imma give an example. 

When they were told they were Power Rangers, Billy’s first thought was something like “so we’re superheroes? Like Iron Man or Spider-Man cuz I got bit by a spider and–” Truthfully, that would be my first question, too. LOL! I loved Billy. But they do a lot of jokes in there, too. Some more adult-like and others for the whole fam.

Another thing, it had the best montage ever lol!!! The fucking fighting montage. Just watch it. 

Oh, the suits! I liked them. The fabric looked cool. The design was nice. The only thing I didn’t really like was Alpha’s design. He was much cuter in the show.

Finally, the references. So many. Even to outside shit!!! I mentioned the Marvel one up there, but there was a Transformers one, too. And, of course, there were old-skool references. The song, the zords…it was fun.

But, through it all, I think the best thing was that it brought me back to my six year old self. In fact, I forgot I was an “adult.” It was nice. Highly recommend it…totes would watch it again

Long spoilery rant about the Cursed Child

Here’s the thing that really annoys me about the Cursed Child: Rose. And everyone like her.

In the original books, the “It does not matter what you are born as, but what you grow to be” concept is very central. It’s one of the major lessons of the series, and it applies to everyone.

But, suddenly, in the Cursed Child, with Scorpius, that just completely flies out the window. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter because Scorpius is a Malfoy, because based on rumor he might be the son of Voldemort, of course he’s instantly bad.

The moment Rose sees Scorpius on the train, it’s the first thing she brings up. That he might be Voldemort’s child. When Albus tries to talk to him, Rose hits Albus, actually hits him and tries to shove him away because Of Course They Cannot Talk To Him, no, no, he’s a ______. He could be _______, for heaven’s sake! That’s stupid. Just, of course not. There’s that one specific detail about him, of course we can’t associate with him.

Yes, Scorpius is a Malfoy. But if you go back a read through Draco’s first scene and Scorpius’s first scene, the differences are… striking?

In Draco’s first scene, he’s proud, haughty, cold. He gives off an air of superiority. He makes Harry feel stupid, and gives the impression that he’s not altogether nice. And later, on the train, he comes with basically two thugs to intimidate them, insults Ron, and tries to steal their candy. He goes away sulky when Harry turns him down.

Scorpius, on the other hand, is friendly and approachable. He acts nice, and explains his family history and the rumors around him grudgingly after Rose brings it up. More importantly: in this situation, it’s flipped. A Weasley and a Potter meet in a carriage with a Malfoy, but the Malfoy is the one with the candy. And he freely offers it to them.

Rose leaves anyway. She makes her disgust for Scorpius clear, then walks away, telling Albus, a boy she’s known for years, she won’t wait for him. One person leaves, leaving behind a pair of soon-to-be friends.

See? Flipped.

After that, Albus is sorted into Slytherin, and she is shocked and confused, saying, “Albus? But this is wrong, Albus. This is not how it’s supposed to be.” Numerous other people express shock as well and begin to say things like, “Oh, he didn’t look that much like his father anyway”

A year later, Rose has been true to her word in saying she won’t wait for him. As the train leaves for Hogwarts again, Albus says to Rose, “As soon as the train leaves you don’t have to talk to me.”

Rose replies, “I know. We just have to keep up the pretense in front of the grown-ups.”

There’s no explicit scene anywhere detailing a confrontation or fight in their first year would understandably lead to this. But they’re acting like that anyway.

Okay, you could say that hey! You can’t just assume that’s all just Rose being mean! Rose is good at Quidditch, was sorted into Gryffindor, is the perfect poster child for the children of the trio that saved the world- Albus could be jealous!

And that’s true. That’s pretty viable. But it’s Albus who says that Rose won’t have to talk to him once the train leaves, and it’s Rose that says that they have to keep up the pretense for the adults. And later, when Rose is announced as the new Chaser for the Gryffindor team, both Scorpius and Albus clap for her.

So Albus is alright with Rose. He doesn’t hate her, he’s not jealous. Rose is the one who is refusing to associate with him.

In the second year (when Rose wasn’t speaking to him anymore), Albus refers to himself as Harry Potter’s disappointing Slytherin son. In the third year, Albus tells Harry he hates Hogsmeade even though he’s never been there before because he knows it’ll be full of other Hogwarts students. In the third year, Albus’s eyes are described as becoming darker, his face growing more sallow.

And this is when I really hate Rose (even if Albus doesn’t), and everyone like her. Because this is where it starts. It starts with a girl with eyes getting colder by the second, telling the boy who’s practically family she won’t wait up for him. It starts with exclusion and not talking. This is where it starts.

I hate what Rose stands for, what she represents. People who judge others without bothering to know them, who buy into stereotypes and rumors, who are complete and utter jerks without seeing anything wrong with it.

(Other students) “Albus Potter. An irrelevance. Even portraits turn the other way when he comes up the stairs.”

“Leave him and Voldemort’s child to it, I say.”

I hate what this book is saying right now, what half the characters are saying, what Harry is saying when he tells Albus he can’t be friends with Scorpius later on.

That “what matters is what you grow to be” doesn’t apply when you’re a Slytherin, when you’re a Malfoy, when your heritage is controversial or when you don’t match up with your parents. That- hey! Dumbledore was talking about a guy from a good family going bad when he said that. Guess it couldn’t possibly apply the other way around.

I just hate that this book is telling me, that it only matters who you are when you fall into a specific type.

Basically, I hate Rose and what her entire character stands for. And it physically pains me that none of this ever got addressed.

(Also- the Cursed Child? Who does that represent? Albus, because he was sorted into Slytherin? Scorpius, because of rumors about his father? Someone needs to talk about that)

I wanna talk about tatinof DC but spoilers are a thing so here are some non spoilery things that happened

- the collective screaming when everyone got the notification about Dan tweeting about us singing the black parade
- the girls in front of me crying when the art one of them made was shown off in the tumblr tag thing
- a thing was in the wrong place so Phil casually picked it up and moved it while Dan was talking
- don’t tighten the wristbands they don’t come off I learned this the hard way
- they’re not even wristbands they’re a piece of fabric with a plastic tightener
- I still can’t get it off
- help
- D&P are very bad at laughter pause. Well, it was more like scream pause but still.
- the theater staff went around giving out earbuds to parents
- one of the theater staff looked like Tony Stark
- the eclipse shirt
- I smiled and laughed and screamed so much that my cheeks, sides and throat hurt
- the shout of “NOOOOOO” when we were told it was near the end
- a thing was said that made me cry and I’m honestly still emotional over it
- “domestic”
- I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year on the way out
- their fucking scripted reactions vs actual ones during different parts of the show were ridiculously obvious it was so cute tho like omg
- Phil joking about Obama being in the audience and Dan actually freaking out a little
- Dan asking Phil if it was ok to go on a tangent before doing so