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race to the edge week - day i - favorite dragon

This elusive creature is highly secretive, it is known to ride lightning bolts. Found only during electrical storms that can shoot bursts of white fire.

excerpt from the journals of Dr. Manda, 2 months post-incident:

At this point, I am not quite certain that we are dealing with dragons here. Our opinions are biased by our upbringing, and it is very easy to call any large, scaly, winged creature a dragon. Many don’t fit that mold, we’re aware, and perhaps it’s time we reclassified them.  But, to re-iterate, we only settled on ‘dragons’ because of our patient zero - a Greater Sailback - happened to be undoubtedly draconic. A large, blue fellow with paler underparts and membranous wings - what else could we call him? We did not know at the time that there were other Sailbacks, we thought we were dealing with a unique creature. The dragon, not just a dragon. 

If only that had been the case. 

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Being a man who's been through a very long, mentally and physically abusive relationship with a woman before, the whole Jennifer sex scene just drives me insane in the worst way possible because of his past with Kate. Having this woman, who barely knows him, trying to have sex with him while he's practically on his death bed makes me cringe through every fiber of my being and if they're trying to make us distrust/hate Jennifer, then they're doing a good job at it.

First of all, I’m really sorry for what you’ve been through. That’s truly awful and I hope you’re getting better. I’m also sorry that this scene dragged up such bad memories for you. I’ve had people asking about other triggering material in the show and if it’s something people would want, I would be happy to make a list of possibly triggering material after each episode.

Further, I agree completely with you that what happened in that scene was wrong. This is someone taking advantage of another human being when they are in a state of extreme physical and emotional distress, even anguish. Derek was so, so vulnerable and hurt in that scene. He was literally and figuratively broken. To take advantage of that is just beyond anything I can express. I think this whole scene might have to do with Jeff once more being unable to fully comprehend the consequences of his creative choices.

Again, I am truly sorry for what you’ve been through and that you had to relive that last night, to whatever extent.

Andromeda is about as good as the original Mass Effect and that’s not good enough.

Been thinking about Mass Effect and Bioware games in general. Ultimately, I think Andromeda is comparable to the original. It’s hard to gauge because of familiarity, time, weight of expectation, yadda yadda yadda, but I think Andromeda is about as good.

And that’s fucking awful. Where’s the progress? Sure the shooting is better, but if I was playing for the shooting, I’d play something else. BW should make dating simulators, because character stuff is the only thing they’re good at.

RPGs are so damn stagnant right now. Fallout 4 had some nice mechanical bits and bobs, good environmental storytelling,  but in terms of RPG stuff, it was a huge step backwards from New Vegas.

The old “look to the indies for innovation” chestnut just turns up a bunch of attempts to recreate old Bioware/Black Isle games. Torment took pretty much everything innovative from the Numenera mechanics and tossed it out the window to squish it into generic CRPG shape.

The last couple of Shadowruns at least managed to step away from the template a little in terms of structure. Having a neighbourhood as your base and keeping the stories grounded there is refreshing after so many jet-setting adventures. The fixed locale was one of the things that made Dragon Age 2 the most interesting entry in the series. It’s a shame the game was so rushed, because more resources in that area could have made it something special. 

Ultimately, I think the major issue is that they’re all laser-focused on murdering everything. Sure, there may be stealth or talky options, but they’re an aside, a temporary relief from the violence. All of the best RPGs I’ve played recently have been ones that shifted that focus, however slightly. The Witcher 3, for example, has a huge amount of filler fisticuffs, but the bulk of the actual missions are investigation and hunting. It’s subtle, but it feels fundamentally different from being dumped in a location with a bunch of things to kill and some objective at the end of the clearly-marked murder maze.

Heck, the Souls series, which is about as fighty as you can get while still being vaguely RPG-adjacent, feels more like a dungeon-crawling RPG experience than any isometric RPG of late because the exploration of the dungeon, player awareness and so on is so vital. But folks don’t recognise it as “gameplay” because there are no buttons to push.

Shadowruns Dragonfall and Hong Kong, despite really simple, stripped down mechanics, actually feel like tabletop Shadowrun because the missions are about your team going after set objectives in heist-like scenarios and the shooting is the result of everything going hilariously wrong.Years ago, one of the RPS crew called Mass Effect “Guns and conversation” and they nailed not only ME, but so many RPGs. Some dialogue and a moral quandary at the end of a bunch of pre-ordained murder doesn’t make an RPG. Yes, it is about player choice, but it’s about player choice in how they deal with situations, not about whether they’re gonna be an angel or an arsehole at the end of the killing.

That’s what I want to see RPG devs doing. Using the latest shiny tech to give players a bunch of interesting options in how to deal with situations in interesting environments. Where are the games that do what Vampire: Bloodlines, or Fallout: New Vegas did, but better?

I was gonna write a toot on Mastodon, but it turned into seven, so I compiled them here.

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🔥 your unpopular opinions are SUPER respected here, friendo.

Here’s one about RP’ing. Why do people always seem to get uppity if you run a multimuse? Like I get it, you think that just because someone runs multiple muses that they’re lazy, here’s something you could do though…Uhm…MAYBE FUCKING SEND SOMETHING IN DIRECTED AT A MUSE YOU LIKE IN PARTICULAR?


Unpopular opinion here. I’m probably the only Dragon Age fan in the world who genuinely loved the Fade sequence in Origins. It was actually probably my favorite sequence in the game. The shapeshifting, the puzzles, the symbolism, the companion nightmares…loved it so. Damn. Much. And I’m SEVERELY disappointed they didn’t bring back similar sequences for DA2 and DA:I…although the “enthralled companions” in DA2 were an interesting touch and the DA:I Fade is visually my favorite, I wish they’d bring back something similar to the Fade puzzles in Origins.

Might be an unpopular opinion here, but despite loving the anime Dragon Ball Super, I actually prefer the manga adaptation of it; it feels more believable, the fights and power levels and transformations (the way both vegeta and goku fought during goku black arc in the manga was great at showing how fights are actually supposed to be, in my opinion). only thing lacking in manga, in which the anime is superior to me, is that it doesn’t show more characters, like Gohan, Krillin, 18, Videl, Chichi, etc (we barely see them in the manga, but we get a lot of things for them in the anime). I’m just really glad we have these two similar stories with different outcomes, bc I can never get enough of new DB content.

There was apparently some kinda throwdown taking place yesterday of a Scott vs Derek variety, where people were saying Derek is a power mongering dickhead and Scott is the only one who’s gotten his alpha powers in a non-murderous way.

Now claiming that Scott’s the only werewolf who’s become alpha through non-asshole means for a hundred years defies canon in a big way. The other main way of becoming alpha besides taking the position is very evidently inheriting it and this is why, quite obviously, a true alpha hasn’t been around for so long. Because it has been unnecessary within packs, within families. Claiming that Derek is power-mongering when he was uh, rather evidently protecting Beacon Hill’s human population from a massmudering psychopath and at the same time avenging his sister is not a very fair evaluation of what was happening in the S1 finale.

I love Scott, I want him to attain alpha status through his own merit but I also want some actual realistic portrayal of his choices and their consequences. I also love Derek, and know he’s a perpetual fuckup, but I’ll fight you if you continue to completely butcher his character in favour of this Scott the Werewolf Jesus narrative.

In short, perspective guys. Perspective.   

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Not sure if I'm ready to start this but here goes. Why do you have a problem with Cole being in a heterosexual romance if he becomes more human? It's not like homosexuals/bisexuals/pansexuals/etc. are more human than heterosexuals.

I have very mixed feelings about it! For personal reasons, Cole being in a relationship with maryden is really wonderful, for me, specifically, Because…well, I’m a songwriter! and I empathize with Cole and I feel like it’s really lovely that cole would fall for an artist of all people, because artists DO move people and help people in very profound ways. I thought the romance was very cute and most of all, Cole seemed happy which, I just wanted him to be happy, you know? Also, I am a romantic/allosexual person myself so I am just in general compelled by romantic subplots, I can’t help it. (id just like to point out Cole never said he was straight, just that he fell for Maryden because she’s kind and she helps people and she smells good).

BUT (and its a big but)

I am also very conscious of the fact that cole had been, up to that point, coded as asexual/aromantic, and even said he had no interest in romance! So, it seems like the dev team really are equating romance with humanity which is HUGELY messed up, especially when I know so many asexual fans who really related to Cole, and who I know are extremely hurt by the implications of the new dlc. :\ So yeah, It bothers me politically, even though I’m happy with it personally. I understand the really HUGE problem about it and I definitely support anyone who’s upset about it because yeah, not wanting sex or romance does not make you less of a human being, and ace/aro fans of cole have absolutely EVERY RIGHT to be pissed off about this. :(

EDIT: I misread your question. But yeah, honestly i would have been just as bothered if he’d been paired with a boy. The issue here is really with romance being analogous with humanity and vice versa.

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Does it seem a little strange to you that suddenly Boyd and Isaac are showing up at Derek's place like none of the whole "omg derek is dead" shit happened? Or, I don't know, the fact that Derek threw that glass at Isaac and he seems totally 100% okay with it now?

Don’t even get me started Nonny. I love reunion scenes. I’m the captain of reunion scenes. I’m waving the tricolore at the top of the Bastille of reunion scenes. I wanted this massive, emotionally draining, heartwrenching reunion between Derek and Cora. Between Boyd and Isaac and Derek after Fireflies. I wanted so badly to see Peter’s reaction to his niece being alive. And I pined, I burned, I perished for a Scott/Derek scene where Derek sees how much thinking he was dead affected Scott. Do I get any of these? No. Jeff is a cruel (and sometimes downright incompetent) mistress.

I hate that we didn’t get to see any of the aftermath of Motel California. That experience was clearly emotionally exhausting for all of the characters and I wished we’d gotten a breather episode. athenadark and I have talked a lot about pacing and we could have used a change in the current pace, that’s for damn sure. A continuous, heightened state of tension is going to wear us (the viewers) out and make any new spikes in that tension lose their edge. If Jeff would just give us some time with the characters together, some time where they deal with their conflicts and differences and a bit less of the slowmo fighting, then I’d be happy as Larry. So yes, it did seem strange to me (alien is the word I’m using in my head). It seemed fucking weird. We didn’t get to see any of the interaction leading up to them supposedly being okay with each other again, we were just supposed to take that as read. Which I hate. This is a TV show, show me the interaction.