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(kiss me

down into your memory and

a memory and memory

i(kiss me), will go)

— e.e. cummings from ‘up into the silence the green’

Gabriella Frye—rough bust sketch of Oreana and Jacob’s 18 year-old-daughter.

I had to remodel her from when I last drew her; otherwise, Jacob’s genetics would have looked like they took a holiday from creating his own children, so her hair and eye-color will be similar to Jacob’s.

Gabriella wears half of a ballroom mask to conceal horrible burn scars over part of her face and eye area. She was tortured by Templars when her father was healing after the Jack the Ripper incident and Gabriella began to masquerade as him to throw the enemies off from the idea that Jacob was somewhere in critical condition.

She wears a locket around her neck that has a picture of her father and brother inside as she assumed her mother to be dead for years till Emmett uncovered the truth.

Had to doodle her to get a general idea of her character.

Thanks for the interest on the OC post, dears. I’ll certainly consider the thought. ♥

As for my RPers, I will fill those of you in that were absent because of circumstances out of your control. I am relieved things are, for the most part, alright. =(

for @mnemmy​: aos mckirk. bones refuses to go on a date with jim until he promises there will be no space involved.

   They’ve been roommates for a solid year, and if anyone were to look too closely at exactly how that happened it might spell trouble for one James T. Kirk, but no one could deny that it was working out for the best for both of them. Well, Bones could try to deny it, but it was always in that way that meant he really meant the opposite; he’d grouse and mutter and stomp his feet, but at the end of the day, Jim knew he was a happier man for having to pick up his dirty socks and toss them in the laundry hamper.

   Bones might not want to admit it, but he misses domesticity. Jim is perfectly capable of being a tidy, respectful roommate, and for the most part he is, but there’s something about watching that eyebrow go nuts and listening to a ten-minute rant on personal hygiene that can always brighten Jim’s day. 

   About the time he realizes that, he knows he’s screwed. Bones is the best friend he’s ever had - his only true friend, when it comes down to it - and just because he’s never been here before with anybody else doesn’t mean he can’t recognize what it is. He’s a genius, after all. 

   Naturally, he hits the ground running in the opposite direction, because he’s a genius but he’s a dumbass, too.

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This week’s episode in a nutshell 

Witchy Things To Do on A Rainy Day

Originally posted by capistrania

  • collect rainwater, of course
  • do some self-reflection and introspection
  • make some magical tea or other warm drinks
  • any spells for washing things away, banishing, forgetting, or moving on
  • thank the sky for its gift
  • let the rain nourish you as it does the plants
  • cleaning and cleansing of the home