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Have a bunch of random doodles I’ve done in the past while. Which has mostly been consisting of Danganronpa stuff mainly relating to @gngm-kmkm’s AUs, my own AUs (even though only one is featured here), @drawkill (even though only one is featured here too), and the occasional self art or OC doodle. I dunno.
Fun fact: I really enjoy drawing Eldritch Horrors.

Surprisingly Pleasant Part 3

Josh Dun x reader

Read the rest: Part 1, Part 2

Summary: Typically, accepting an offer to hang out with a bunch of strangers is a bit risky, but sometimes, you can’t say no.

Words: 1,514

Tags: @adrift-in-a-sea, @merlecorgi, @that-clique-life

A/N: Here is the last part!

Honestly, you were tired of being at the amusement park everyday for work. But hanging out with Josh and his friends was different.

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15 Things the Muse Found Around their Home

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Rule: Based on this youtube video, let your muse metaphorically speaking walk through their house, gather 15 random things and comment on what they found. Basically make this as random and stupid as you want!

“Here are 15 things I found while cleaning up my house.”

“A suit with fitting gloves for my Gabriel persona.”

“A bottle with a deadly potion, that is shaped like a human skeletton, which looks really fake.”

“A bunch of dead animals, Tantabus keeps bringing me as a present.” *sniffs at a dead mouse* “Baaahh, it reaks!”

*comes in with a bunch of books and a rope* “My old school books and Durmstrang rope, which bum around in a box.”

*pulls out several, shimmering knives and gazes at them* “Waayyy toooo many pen knifes.”

*takes out a large, oddly shaped knife and unfolds it* “My horse lancet. Excellent for maiming people.”

“My old Complete Stories of Robert Louis Stevenson book.” *flipps through the book to reveal it is full of notes*

“My Tales of Beedle the Bard book, which is also full of notes.” *flips through pages again*

“A small, golden dragon stature.” *opens the stature’s mouth and a small flame shoots out* “which is a lighter. What the hell?”

“A bag full of coins.” *pulls out coins and lets them run through his fingers* “From Pragg. Which means they are useless in Great Britain!”

*goes into the cellar and comes back* “A pot with stone hard, black stuff* *pokes at it* “What potion did I mess up this time?”

“A picture of me and Albus.”

“An embarassing picture of me as a baby, trying to strangle my teddy bear.”

“Graves’ blue scarf.” *throws scarf around his neck and poses* “I am looking good.”

“Wands from the Wand Room.” *waves the bloodied and broken wands* “Well, that was it.”

I have been tagged by the lovely @n0ctiluca to tell my followers 11 things about me, so here they are (mostly random, with a prevalence of language-related ones):

  1. Deciding what to do this summer is giving me anxiety
  2. Favourite philosophers include Nietzsche, Hegel, Feuerbach and Simone de Beauvoir
  3. I don’t know the feeling of being “bored at home” or “bored by myself”. I like being alone.
  4. Lately I have been quite stressed, but as I read yesterday “stress is the achievers’ word for fear”
  5. I still have to take exams but I have finished my first year at university
  6. I have been re-watching House of Cards season 4 in French lately
  7. (Weird?) turn ons in men: deep voices, knowing that they are turned on by me, when they speak a foreign language
  8. If there is a topic I can say I am an expert (or almost) is language learning
  9. I am fluent in English and often is my prefer it to my mothertongue. Yet I sound smarter and wittier in Italian (when writing an essay or when being sarcastic for example).
  10. When in a library, I gravitate towards the anthropology section
  11. I have a goodreads account, fyi

I’d love to read the answers of @theredbaroness, @cview, @silverinthenorth, @hcsperrhodos and @logicandgrace 

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Unpopular opinion: I can't stand hearing anybody talk about evak anymore, like they're ok in the show but the peeps who like them here on tumblr can't manage to shut the fuck up about them and make everything revolving skam about those two. It was cool until this random bunch of, I presume, girls started putting them on a pedestal by filling the tag and ao3 of gifs/fics/badly written posts about them. Should I add that they stalk way too aggressively the actors? Absolutely crazy

I disagree

send me your unpopular skam opinions and the only thing i can reply is if i agree or not

Guess who's back lovelies...?

(such a suspens)

Okay so… well, my life is still a mess, my exams are not over, I’m still crumbling down with the work, my internship and a bunch of personal problems, etc. But eyh, the very bad moment seems to be gone. It’s not finished, I still have bad days, anxiety, I still cry but damn. It’s getting better, lil step by lil step.

So yeah, I gathered the pieces of my life a little back together. I’m feeling better. And I still need Narnia in my life so yup. Here I am again, to spam you with my silly tags and random crappy edits *^*/


hey! say! jump + text posts (6/??)

sort-of pairings edition??? I dunno I have a bunch of random ones like these so here!
sorry that the only one with yuto is a pic of his butt, I’ll do better next time

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may i ask what the foxhole court is??


Neil Josten knows signing with the Palmetto State Foxes is a fatal mistake. After eight years on the run he ought to have better survival instincts, but one of his new teammates is a friend from his old life. Neil left him once; he can’t walk away a second time. The longer he stays the faster his past catches up with him, but maybe Neil’s finally found someone and something worth fighting for. - Smashwords synopsis + download link

omg omg okay so The Foxhole Court is the first book in the absolutely glorious trilogy called All For The Game self published by Nora Sakavic (who is here on tumblr @korakos ​ and you will see me reblogging her asks a lot) and only in ebook format atm (you don’t need a kindle tho!!)

THIS IS THE POST THAT GOT ME INTERESTED IN IT <<–check it it’ll tell you a lot xD

basic premise and plot:
its sports lit. but like no sport lit you’re thinking of!
In the most basic explanation its about a Neil; a boy who’s spent half his life on the run from his crazy ass murderous dad and just his past in general.
Who then gets recruited by a college Exy team by a guy who’s made it his job in life to pick up kids at the end of their rope and sort them out again. THROUGH A SUPER VIOLENT CRAZY ASS GAME CALLED EXY! THAT NORA FRIGGIN’ CREATED!!! 

The books follow Neil navigating his new teammates, allowing himself to actually think abt pursuing his dream/passion for the game, not letting his past catch up with him.. hold up which bit of his past!? ‘cause ‘OH SHIT’ that guys an old friend and whats this the ‘big bad’ knows who he really is!

So its about sport and danger and conflict BUT its about so much more than that to!! ‘It’s about finding a family and a home when you have none. it’s about a group of kids who desperately need second chances, it’s about getting those second chances, learning to lean on each other, learning to trust, protecting each other, trading secrets and opening up to someone when you never thought you could. and helping each other to move forward from the demons in their pasts.’ -@ ronanremebers 

Its about trust and fighting for a future worth chasing and about finding people who become more than any family could be.

It’s got one of (if not the) best (at least my favouite) slow burn relationship, but that’s not the main plot and never becomes the justification for something that doesn’t fit just to make it happen.. (it might just be me but I much rather when relationships are there but are not the driving force of a plot.. it never feels like the right motivations for events..)

IT WILL LITERALLY DESTROY YOU! . like holly fuk you are not prepared for the shit that goes down in these books or to these characters okay! like you think you’ve read some bad stuff.. think you’re ready for the level of pain. But you’re just not. okay. you’re not. it’ll be worth it tho!

It makes you love this ragtag group of teenagers who have all dealt with so much shit and are all SO FREAKIN AWESOME!! they’ve been disregarded by everyone else but wont quit fighting. they are all so determined to not let the world stamp them out without giving it a fight and you will care so so much about every single one of them by the end! (it helps that we have Nora supplying bucket loads of extra material; side stories/backgrounds/other perspectives/face casts/FUTURES!!! and so so so much more! Nora’s just the best okay!)  

these books are not for the faint of heart however and the warnings and triggers in the post i linked at the start should be taken seriously okay! ALL DEALT WITH INCREDIBLY WELL IN MY OPINION but there are mentions of child abuse, sexual abuse, violence (knives/guns/fire), extreme manipulation, torture, drug/alcohol use/abuse, death, and probably others.. BUT non of them go into too much detail unless its important to the plot/narrative and THESE THINGS ARE NEVER ROMANTICIZED OR TREATED US UNIMPORTANT ISSUES! 

other things to note are the fandom! we are tiny but fierce much like the team (and speaking of teams WE CREATED OUR OWN!! (you’ll see @coldsaturn has come up a couple times in links here and that is because Etra is QUEEN IN THE FANDOM! if you have any other questions she is always a good person to ask) We’re a creative bunch and while there’s only a small number of us we have a decent amount of fan content and this just keep growing xD
we use the first book as our tag ‘The Foxhole Court’ as it was free of other random junk so if you want to see more go check that but warning for spoilers (we’re not very good at giving warnings so maybe avoid it till you’ve read it (if you read it) (if you care abt spoilers)) c:

Honestly I just can’t recommended these books enough! they are almost certainly the best thing i have read all year (I read a LOT) and I’ve read them a total of 3 and a half times since July! 

If you want a new series to read/obsess over I CAN’T RECOMMEND THIS ONE ENOUGH! out of the three books the first book (The Foxhole Court) is free to download from the ibooks store/amazon kindle/smashwords, and the other two (The Raven King and The Kings Men) are ONLY $0.99/50p each.
Nora has taken YEARS constructing this story, the characters, their relationships, the sport, ALL OF IT AND YOU CAN TELL! Everything is so well thought out, constructed, paced and played out it will get you hooked and keep you absolutely immersed in the Foxes/Neils world and you will be left feeling like you NEED these characters to live and do well and be happy in order for your own life to continue AND THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT NORA GIVES US! BUT BY GODS DO THEY HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT!


p.s. I’m so sorry this got so long.. its 4:20am and I don’t know what I’m doing anymore…

Going through the files on my computer because apparently it’s almost full even though this is really new and shouldn’t be anywhere near full and found a bunch of gifs and photos that I remember reblogging on here but I know I didn’t save so how the hell are they in my files and how do I stop that from happening??? I also have like random icons that I think are my followers icons?? Which doesn’t make sense but I recognize some of them and am 100% positive that I have never saved or reblogged those images 

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Here’s a bunch of random Megaman drawings I’ve yet to post on here. Caskett and Ciel are official art redraw challenges I guess. I also tried to draw Lumine and Roll.exe as humans. The next two are two of my Reploid OCs, Rivet and Pixel, and the last two draws are @officialforteexe‘s designs of Tempo.exe and Crystalman.exe!

So I was tagged by my best frienddddddddddddddd @ungiis to do this randomizer thing so I’ll add a bunch of biases and you in the list ;)

Pick 15 people and list them in the randomizer and match it with the number on here

Link to the randomizer:

1. Mom/Dad:  Joy (this is not good because I have a serious crush on her 👀)
2. Sibling: Hyolyn
3. Grandpa/Grandma: Jackson 
4. Haunts You: Yugyeom (him in those wayyyyyy too tight pants haunt me tbh)
5. Boyfriend/girlfriend:  Jinyoung (YES)
6. Your Ex: Shay @ungiis (lmao our relationship didn’t last very long I’m sorry baby)
7. Your best friend: Jaebum (yeah I can see this)
8. Proposed to you: Youngjae (EVEN MORE YESSSSSSS)
9. Your boss: Mark
10. Random person you met at a bar: Wonho (accurate lmao)
11. Your rival: Jihyo (do we have to be rivals? can we just be girlfriends instead?
12. Gave you your first kiss: Jooyoung (imagining “wet” playing in the background 😏)
13. Drunk and Singing karaoke with: Jooheon (I would LOVE to hear his incredible singing voice in person tbh)
14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Mad Clown (he’s a married man though 👀 👀)
15. Gave you your favorite dessert: BamBam (can also see this because he’s such a sweetiepie💚)

I’ll tag @poeticyoungjae @mark2young2jae @sidepartmark @youngjai and @milk-tuan if any of you want to do this 💚

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Doing this on my phone so I hope it turns out alright-

Rules: Answer the questions, and tag some blogs you’d like to know.

Nicknames: It kinda depends on where you know me from? My irl friends call me a bunch of random shit while my friends from deviantart primarily call my Fox. Here it’s mostly Xios or Black but I honestly don’t care what you call me-
Zodiac sign: Libra/Scorpio cusp (Oct 23)
Height: 5'3-5'4ish
Last thing you googled: Best authentic Mexican restaurant Frederick MD
Favorite musical artists: So many. I could talk about my favorite bands for days. But I guess my top ones are: SayWeCanFly, Get Scared, In Flames, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, and Palaye Royale
Last movie I watched: I think it was called Why Him?
What you’re currently wearing: Pajamas. Black sweat pants and a random t-shirt
Why did you choose your URL?: it’s a reference to the intro “song” from SayWeCanFly’s album Blessed Are Those
Do you have any other blogs: one but I’m not gonna go back to it for awhile because of personal reasons ;;
What did your last relationship teach you?: I’ve never been in a relationship so ^^“
Religious or spiritual: Not at all religions, I don’t really know about spiritual..
Favorite color: Black, reds, and blues
Lucky number: 4
How many blankets do you sleep with: one cause it’s a heating blanket so it feels like 5

Tagging whoever wants to do this


Here is my Valentine’s Day giveaway I was talking about!! There is still a Opalite heart necklace I am waiting to receive. It got lost in the mail so my vendor is sending me another one. In the meantime I wanted to start the giveaway! I will add a photo of the necklace once it’ arrives.

Please read and follow rules carefully to enter!


- Must be following me. This giveaway is for my lovely followers only!❤

- Reblogs and likes both count. Try not to reblog it a bunch of times in one day because they won’t appear! DO NOT TAG AS ‘GIVEAWAY’

- Visit my Etsy shop and favorite my shop if you have an account. (not required to enter)

- Must be 18 years or older to enter. (If under 18 must have parent / guardian permission.)

- Giveaway will end February 23, 2016.

- No giveaway blogs qualify. Side blogs are okay.

- Winner will be chosen via online random generator

- Giveaway is open internationally..


- One Rose Quartz heart crystal.

- One Green Fluorite heart crystal.

- One Blue Goldstone heart crystal.

- One Opalite heart necklace. (not shown here.)

Good luck guys! Have fun! Please follow the rules and don’t alter anything on the text or you will be disqualified immediately. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!♥♥♥

So, I hit 1000 a few days ago and I just wanna thank the crazy bunch of you who follow me, especially with my constant bashing of half your teams, I honestly appreciate all of you so much. I’m so glad I get to experience the shitty playoffs and the pretty shitty 2016 regular season, and literally just hockey with all of you!! I hope my random spams of multiple prospects and players make you guys happy, and i hope you’re all excited for jays season cause that’s whats coming after the habs are done (i promise i’ll tag)!! Everyone I’ve ever talked to on here is so nice and I love you all!! I’m sorry if I forget anyone, I follow 200+ people so it’s hard to get everyone on here. 


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I think I forgot to post these! I got to draw on a bunch of sketch cards for Upper Deck some months ago, and here they are.

The deck was themed for MCU Age of Ultron, but there were explicit rules against drawing movie likenesses, hence the Earth 616 costumes. Also, drawing on tiny cards is difficult ^^;

I think sometimes women were depicted as catty, and we all secretly hate each other. I think I’d change that. I think sometimes the storyline is as simple as we’re just going to be the best, and we’re going for the championships, and we all don’t secretly hate each other consistently.

I think that’s one thing – I’d like more time. I’d like there to be consistently more women’s storylines going on at the same time. In NXT it wasn’t this big freaking ‘Divas Revolution’ if you want to call it that. It was guerrilla warfare. That was how we got to where we are now. It’s not throwing us in there in a bunch of random tag team matches and being like, ‘here, there’s girls, we’re doing things with them.’ It’s just that we need equal opportunities.

We can wrestle like the lads. We can do the things that the lads do, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Just let us go do our thing. Don’t make a big deal of it. Have storylines going on, like they have a bunch of lads storylines going on. That’s what I’d like to see different.

—  Becky Lynch, confirming her place in my heart at SDCC.