//Style:Herds of The Fathers

Our vision was birthed from the need to enhance ourselves in such a way that makes statements. When we started Herds of the Fathers, our goal was to provide timeless leather goods for the ever changing gentlemen. Living in today’s world requires you to be a part of a herd, be it school, work, or your everyday community. Here at Herds of the Fathers, we want everyone to give birth to their own style and be leaders of their own Herd. We will preach to our customers the importance of fashion consistency and the importance of staying away from fads and trends. We aim to create an everlasting brand that remains a stable for years to come. Right now at Herds of the Fathers we offer Leather backpacks, duffle bags and Mini backpacks. Eventually, Herds of the Fathers will expand and offer today’s man with all the necessary accessories in order to stand out. We will introduce new collections and products that will merge functionality and style to the market but also  have the continuity of our classic pieces. We would like to welcome you aboard to be part of our journey.

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