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now is when i start unfollowing all of my favorite fallout blogs for their asinine judgements about a game they haven't even played yet. please dont follow the herd, dally.

I’ve literally just said the pipboy is different, because it is. 

I haven’t said anything bad at all. 

There’s a dog in the fucking game.


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people are allowed to get mad at shit and express their angry but I learned a lot of people who claim to be progressive and social justice people a lot last night. people who generally cared said it was wrong of SNL and it was wrong for it come out of his mouth and hope it isn't his views or he doesn't agree with what he said and if it is widens his views on only liking a girl for skin tone colour (which is w/e to me like who you like) but people were literally dragging him for things that were+

Like I said, they can’t wait to “drag” someone (which, please, spare me, half of them just learned that word). You ever hear of mob mentality?

You know : Herd mentality, or mob mentality, describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, and/or purchase items, ect, ect, ect.

Quick story. A few years ago there was this girl who followed me. She was meek, quiet, and polite, but very rational. She stated over and over that she didn’t have any friends and it made her sad. Well eventually she met some friends (on here) and within, I would say, DAYS, she shifted. When her friends began to attack an idol, SHE attacked that idol as well. Whatever keywords, vocabulary they used, she began to adopt. She morphed into this sheep like entity because the people around her were feeding her bullshit. She did that to because she wanted to be accepted. She didn’t even understand half of the words coming out of her mouth. She couldn’t even USE them correctly.

That’s what I feel like happens on here. There are these ring leaders, who have these people who follow them, and to appear closer, to look popular, to MEAN something on here, they fall in line, reblog bullshit, adopt an ideology they don’t actually UNDERSTAND or MEAN or even PRESCRIBE TO. So now you’ve got this mob of people, feeding off of each other’s negative energy and because there is a mass of them, because they are moving as one, it convinces other people that…well if ALL OF THEM think A,B,C then maybe I should think A,B, and C, too? More people added to the mob.

Anyone that speaks against that mob? Hate. Hate. Hate.

These people who wait on the edge of their seat to be the leader of smear campaigns, to be the first tee-hee and taa-haa of negativity for notes, to bash, and humiliate someone, who for the most part, is a good person, is like bloodlust to them. They smell blood or something. It’s weird.

Open Starter; The walking dead.

Andy walked through the woods, a shotgun in hand. His eyes darted in every direction, he needed to make sure he was alone. It was quiet, too quiet for Andy as he was used to the accompaniment of footsteps. However, earlier that day a herd had come and he’d been separated from his friends. Luckily he was able to keep himself safe, but he wasn’t sure of how much longer.

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Bryan hummed as he watched over his herd of longhorns he flipped though on his phone looking for another quarter horse to rescue. Bucky and Trigger grazed with the herd. Partner the armadillo sat on his lap

“Excuse me!” Angerona jogs up to the man, wearing yoga pants and a tank top, her hair up in a high ponytail. “Can you point me in the direction of Bryan Jones’ house?”


Haikyuu!! Hogwarts AU
  • Muggleborn Slytherin!Hinata who wants to be a professional Quidditch Player despite being terrible at all the positions until Kageyama gives him the tip (read: yells at him) to use his admittedly amazing flying skills to trick the other team and Hinata becomes the best Seeker Hogwarts has ever seen
  • Pureblood Ravenclaw!Kageyama being a fucking genius in the practical aspect of Charms, but an absolute disaster in everything else (especially Care of Magical Creatures. Hagrid still hasn’t found the unicorn herd.)
  • Kageyama regretting giving Hinata advice about Quidditch bc now Ravenclaw keeps losing to Slytherin gdi
  • Muggleborn Slytherin!Oikawa being all ~salty~ bc fuck this Tobio kid who bested his record in the practical exams for the Charms O.W.L.
  • Muggleborn Ravenclaw!Kenma managing to make technology work despite magical interference and playing video games.
  • Slytherin!Kuroo and Gryffindor!Daichi keeping the house rivalry alive
  • Kuroo and Gryffindor!Bokuto being BFF’s despite house rivalry and Daichi yelling BOKUTO YOU TRAITOR whenever they team up to prank the Gryffindor Quidditch captain
  • Bokuto and Kuroo being absolutely fascinated with Muggle technology and bothering Kenma and Hinata about it
  • help me I wanna stop I can’t stop

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how do you even feel about the mess that is the sonic for real justice blog?

Okay, long response;

I’m trying to figure out if it’s a troll blog or not; it seems partly scripted, but their actions remind me of my elementary and middle school days. Either way, we need to treat this as if they’re minors.

Obviously they have no clue what they’re talking about, proven by accusing someone for being truscum and a tucute for revealing themselves as Demi, which they don’t even understand what being Demi actually is. 

That, and the blatant ableism and q***rphobia they spout out is enough to make me cringe.

Minors or not, they need to mature themselves up, especially in the public eye. I can’t take them seriously with all the fighting they do and how they treat one another. Mod Sally seems like the only pleasant one at the moment, not to say Mod Knucles isn’t trying her hardest either.

I really don’t like pointing fingers, but Mod Amy is the one who causes the most drama, overreacting and pretending something is happening when it isn’t. It’s worrying to say that I recognize abusive traits in someone so young, but it’s true. 

The main reason I made this blog is because I know some people will actually listen to that blog and start to hate themselves or others. Young kids who like Sonic go to that blog, as their’s a connection between them and the characters, and are taught such hurtful things by kids who don’t really know what they’re talking about and refuse to listen to suggestions. This might catch their eye and just maybe they’ll see less hatred and more understanding.

Overall, I dislike it.

-Mod Scourge 


Project Pan 2015| Intro [CC]

I’m trying Project Pan again, but a small one. Instead of using bright colours that I know I’d prefer to switch around every once in a while, I’m sticking with the herd of neutral transitioning shades that I have.

I’m also doing an unofficial finish-by-summer Project Pan with the lip products, but that’ll be in a future post.

As always, reblogs are appreciated!

A canon, accurate depiction of what happened on my dash last night

“Oh well, this is nice.” Haruka smiled up at the crudely-drawn banner in the room, colored in with thick Crayola markers and declaring in all caps: WELCOME NEW MYU HARUMICHI.

Hotaru rolled her eyes and sighed. Attached to the bottom of the banner was a piece of notebook paper with, quickly scrawled in purple, ‘+ Hotaru’.

“I suppose.” Michiru looked around for champagne service, but saw only a wayward bottle in the corner. “I hope they don’t imagine I’ll be serving myself.”

Suddenly, there was a rumble that might well have been mistaken for thunder, and the three turned to face it. A mob coming at them, smiles on their faces and hands outstretched, a cloud rising around them like a herd of wildebeest.

Haruka grinned and waved. “See, babe, look at that reception!” Michiru’s eyes were wide with horror.

In a moment they were upon them, as a pack of wolves upon a bison, Haruka being drawn to a thousand chests and declared “TOO CUTE TO LIVE” which Haruka thought was not a compliment so much as a mild threat. She tried to fight back, but they only overpowered her, weighing her down until she flopped onto the floor amidst the incoherent screaming.

“Michiru!” She tried to drag herself away from the group, but they yanked her back by the scruff of her blazer, her too-short nails trying desperately to dig into the tile as she cried out.

Michiru was backed into a corner, swinging her Birkin bag at the crowd. “Back, peasants! This dress is silk, and I won’t tolerate your grubby little hands all over it! I could buy and sell you!”

Haruka’s wails and Michiru’s threats against life and limb echoed across the room to where Hotaru sat, arms crossed and a pout on her lips, a glass of the abandoned champagne in her hand.

A voice came from the mob. “Oh hey, Hotaru! I forgot you were there.”

Hotaru finished the glass.

Closed Rp


In the middle of a field, herd of wild horses grazed peacefully. One horse, however, stood out from the rest. He had a flaming coat as red as fire itself, and wild eyes that would scare anyone to death. He kicked up his heels and raced the wind across the field, striking out with his front hooves and tossing his elegant head.

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hey bro i herd u been talkin shit on the wu-tang style, an i just wanna let u kno that shit ain't a game in shaolin, we got cyphers comin at you from the Nth Dimension thatll infect ya brain wit steel no what i mean pumpin liquid swords thru ya vains an on topa that we come thru with the God U, pointed perpendicular to ya momz n shit cause only disciplined minds can enter the path of the 36 Chambers n survive, this poisonousparagraph wuz delivered by tha impenatrable Fiendish Imp

This is exactly why no one takes any of you seriously

Digest Don’ts

“Take me to the 

crucible”, he said

too prude to pre-lord

his unprayered thought


this thing with doors, see

you’ll want to enter more

when you note that it’s got lots

fifteen thousand zebra herd


I mot mine by mobbing

the prescient cousin

of another word 

whose true presence, I

just cannot, it’s got my heart

but it’s not me it’s got.

It’d be far too easy to say:

“I’ve got problems with

women, drugs, the 

prepared carnivale 

of preposed thug, the 

presence of poetry as a costume

to unbare bare cynoid neck-

craned tots, but mostly it’d 

be far easier to say:

‘a poem can play but

judge, it does not’

so the convicts of your heart

can smoke the whole pack of 

razor rip rude back semaphore

nephilim smokes 

till they rot.”

like it’s blowing my mind how incredibly easy it is to completely isolate someone now

all you fuckin need is one popular person to say “person x is bad and you should block them”

and that’s so fucking easy to say! this site gets hardcore into the herd mentality, all you need to do is phrase it right. “this person is a misogynist/transphobe/racist and you need to block them to make me and your other friends feel safe” is all you need

if you can convince someone’s friend to block them, they are completely cut off through tumblr. you can totally rip someone’s support network out from under them with a few well-placed posts

you…you really think this is a good idea?


CAIT: Singing! Oh, and thank you for the compliment!

TJ: Just farming and herding…(thank ya)

MARIE: Stealing hearts <3 …Thank you for the compliment, sugar.

DOLLY: I love to bake! F-For Goldie especially <3!


Mod Cait: Thank you so much equnep! Our first ask!

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It got notes because your subscribe to the most mainstream opinion on tumblr. Sheeps follow each other in herds.

i dont care if loving dogs is a mainstream opinion, i am no animal hipster, but thanks for the cool sheep facts. i like sheep, which is good, because there are a lot of them in wales

Like. that post talking about how communism is actually evil!!!1! bugs me a lot because

all of the stuff they listed that was bad happens to poor people already. the police watch homeless people like hawks. we have curfews. we’re herded into shelters. we’re killed and no one ever cares to find out why. kids are forced to fight one another. most of us cant get an education because we’re too worried about how we’re going to get food and where we’re going to sleep. there are places in canada where native woman are just dropped off in the middle of nowhere in the prairies and they freeze to death overnight. 

fuck the only reason so many people hate the idea of communism is because if it goes wrong it will affect more than just the dregs of society. since everyone will be equal and there will be no classes, the rich will no longer be invincible. and it fucking terrifies them

im sure the person who posted that had good cause but i bet 90% of the people reblogging it have no idea what they’re talking about anyway