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Sadly I was still dressed like this, lol!!  & was sweaty from part 2 of my workout *headdesk*

I was talking to him about his height (b/c by the time I get my heels on I am taller than most boys around here so height is like MASSIVELY DROOL WORTHY to me) & he was telling me funny stories about old ladies asking him to get stuff for them on high shelves in the grocery stores & other such things.  

I luv nice guys, he even changed a light bulb in the house b/c he realized it was out! *flails*

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Omg, wherever you live is gorgeous! ♥

Ontario, Canada! :D These photos were all taken on the little hunting trails they have winding around on my mother-in-law’s property, about 10-20min away from the house.

As much as I want back in my house, having all this right outside our doorstep is pretty freaking amazing.

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I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE HER A MAN. That is, if you would like a man from me. Let me know, I know you had a crap load of offers but still. Just thought I’d wedge my foot in the door.

i’d love a man from you! i mean, i know i had a few. and someone said they would last night, but i feel a little impatient because it’s kind of lonely just controlling one sim… and i kind of wanted to do a little story telling, i think. XD