Daily Ag Fact: 6/1/15

There are three types of herding styles: driving, mustering (fetching), and tending.

Driving is when the dog pushes a group of livestock away from the handler. Australian Shepherds and corgis specialize in this style.

Mustering/Fetching is when the dog brings a group of livestock towards the handler, often from a long distance away. Border Collies specialize in this style.

Tending is when the dog keeps a group of livestock in one spot or in an orderly movement. German Shepherds specialize in this style.


Mayer playing with his friend, Kita. He’s seen her before but never got to officially meet her.
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Happy National Dog Day! I just wanted to make a shout out to all of the working dogs today, and especially our herding dogs. Ranchers everywhere wouldn’t be able to so well if they didn’t have the companionship and the work of a herding dog. They make all of our lives easier, from bringing in sheep to saving our butts when a cow turns on us. They love their job and we love them.

Here’s to the herding dogs! The Border Collies, the Australian Shepherds, the Cattle Dogs, the Kelpies, the McNabs, and of course the Corgis and all the wonderful mixes of the above breeds that work so hard and come to every day with a smile.

Daily Ag Fact: 5/12/15

There are 5 main types of herding dog breeds. They are…

The Border Collie (Credit Catlyn Gilman):


The Australian Shepherd (my favorite) (Credit Stephani Yanazzo):


The McNab (Credit Cathy Fell):


The Australian Kelpie:


And the Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Queensland Heeler:


And though they are not as popular today, they still hold a special place in our hearts. Meet the corgi:


Ness likes to work. If only she was actually helping me sweep…

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Anyone have small animals (mainly guinea pigs) and high energy dogs? I currently have two guinea pigs and am stressing that I've just killed my opportunity to have a dog now because I have these two and I live in an apartment. I don't mean to sound like an ass like they killed the opportunity, but I let my bleeding heart make decisions to 'adopt' my two ladies. Any advice on keeping the animals happy and not stressed and healthy is appreciated.