Daily Ag Fact: 6/1/15

There are three types of herding styles: driving, mustering (fetching), and tending.

Driving is when the dog pushes a group of livestock away from the handler. Australian Shepherds and corgis specialize in this style.

Mustering/Fetching is when the dog brings a group of livestock towards the handler, often from a long distance away. Border Collies specialize in this style.

Tending is when the dog keeps a group of livestock in one spot or in an orderly movement. German Shepherds specialize in this style.

Daily Ag Fact: 5/12/15

There are 5 main types of herding dog breeds. They are…

The Border Collie (Credit Catlyn Gilman):


The Australian Shepherd (my favorite) (Credit Stephani Yanazzo):


The McNab (Credit Cathy Fell):


The Australian Kelpie:


And the Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Queensland Heeler:


And though they are not as popular today, they still hold a special place in our hearts. Meet the corgi: