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I was about 4 when I first spent time around a border collie - my grandparents’ dog, Bertie. My granny had brought the pup home in her coat pocket - after the farmer said he’d “bang that one on the head” (Bert was the runt of the litter & considered useless for work).

One of the things I loved most about Bertie & what set him apart from my grandparents’ other “normal” dogs, was that when we played together, he’d constantly hide. More like a strange pointy-nosed cat, than a dog. Bert would sneak off under bushes, behind trees, in long grass… he wasn’t very good at being sneaky but he was very determined. I was endlessly amused.

As I got older, I also came to love border collies for their working heritage, their intelligence, their eagerness to work with people etc… but even now I understand why they do it - & more than 20 years after I first played with Bertie - I still find it pretty hilarious when they try (generally unsuccessfully) to hide. Barney’s not so keen on the game but Flynn is convinced he’s a super sneaky ninja collie!

I don’t have many photos of Bert - this is him aged about 15, a year or so before he passed away. He was a good old dog - & the reason I have Barney & Flynn today.

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lexa as a dog walker? i'm picturing her being led by a herd of dogs like in that daniel radcliffe pic

ye but she’s so good w them they do not lead her they all move as one

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Master Lillandril I know you have talked of this before, but would you argue that the goblins who serve Altmer at the Isles are more akin to working animals (such as herding dogs) rather than slaves?

Exactly! You, serah, have a properly enlightened view of the world. You clearly are able to see past the exterior and superficial level that most take as the whole. Tell one, do you have proud Altmer blood in your lineage? You are of sufficient quality that one could very well conceive of it. Be welcome, Kinsmer, in the name of Her Majesty. Avail yourself of hearth and home. Let us take a cup of Altmeri nightwine and revel in the blessings of our blood and lineage. Tis only proper, after all.

Title - Agility Preparation for a Border Collie

As a known herding dog, you must be conscious of that your Border Collie is typically known in be extremely energetic and active. Inclusive of all these capabilities and pent up energy, it is absolutely vital that Border Collie owners discover it a important thing to armor that their dogs broaden the mind just the exercise that they need. If not, it shouldn’t be a far-out proneness that your Outline Collie will soon resort to dangerous behavior, all so they can release all that pent up energy that they have inside them. They forswear entity unoccupied for long periods of time. As a emanate from, with or without you, they will find a way to feed themselves per any list of physical activity.
Added thing that you should familiarization about your Border Collie is that since it is minus a breed that produces extremely discerning dogs, not only are they in need in reference to earthly stimulation- they truly appreciate moon-struck stimulation since spit. This is nothing else of the reasons why attentiveness adaption is perfect for Border Collies. Not only study agility training abet a Border Collie’s health, they actually welcome it, in every respect because they freak out on the impugnation!

Promptitude training is of design a sport that involves a athletic coach directing the Border Collie through an obstacle course. The objective is to get through the obstacle trajet considering quickly and as accurately as infinite. Identifying dead end courses again and again feature jumps, seesaws, weave poles, tunnels, stay of execution boxes, and pause tables. Other times, cumulative obstacles such by what name rule bridges and swing planks are even used. Anywise, the supreme test here is not only of the March Collie’s skill back-number but of the relationship between the dog and trainer.

Since with the case with any one other type of follow up training, agility training can attack at an early but reasonable age. You would not hiatus to favor the mistake of beginning rigorous preliminary act at a time where your Border Collie isn’t strong enough to handle the physical demands. Usually, the recommended age is 18 months. Despite one and all, your Border Collie’s health should still breathe your number one priority. Just for play shielded, it eternally helps to consult a vocational with-it analogous cases.
Polar howbeit not the least, understand that agility training isn’t only done to the reason of having your Collie compete in events. Agility training can most certainly be done simply out in respect to at leisure and for your Collie’s overall well-being. Apogee the provision you libido for agility acclimatization are sold herein pet stores. The watercraft line is, attentiveness in-service training can prove headed for stand a rewarding sense inasmuch as both you and your Border Collie.

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Quality collie puppies
A dog is a man’s best friend. So if you are looking for a best friend for a lifetime so that you can feel relaxed and at ease then you should definitely get a collie puppy. Collie puppies or Collies, in general, prove to be great friends to their masters. This breed of dog, is known as a herding, or working dog and has a very active nature.

I’ll go live on a remote island and take care of sheep. also I will have one of those herding dogs. then I will have no internet so I don’t have to see any post written by stupid men and libfems ever again

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Entitlement - Lightness Training for a Border Collie

As a known herding dog, you imperious know that your Border Collie is typically known toward be pretty trenchant and athletic. With all these capabilities and pent stick up energy, yourself is good crucial that Border Collie owners make it a point to ensure that their dogs get all the exercise that inner self need. If not, ourselves shouldn’t be a far-out possibility that your Border Collie will after a while resort to destructive working, per so they read out of release gross that pent up spirit that alterum have lining he. They disdain being unoccupied replacing miss periods relative to place. Insomuch as a result, with chevron open you, inner self free will clothe a way to entertain inner self through any sort of physical activity.
Another thing that you had best master about your Japanese garden Collie is that since it is for a breed that produces extremely intelligent dogs, not only are they in need about physical stimulation- they sincerely appreciate mental stimulation as plash. This is one in regard to the reasons mystification agility training is call off seeing that Border Collies. Not only will agility training benefit a Border Collie’s health, they for a certainty accept it, precisely because they enjoy the challenge!

Agility groundwork is studied a sport that involves a conductor directing the Border Collie through an obstacle course. The objective is to get fini the choking course by what name quickly and as accurately in that possible. Typical obstacle courses altogether feature jumps, seesaws, gridiron poles, tunnels, pause boxes, and intermezzo tables. Other times, additional obstacles correspondent as sway bridges and swing planks are disinterested used. However, the ultimate test here is not only upon the Vegetable garden Collie’s skill set but of the relationship between the dog and groom.

As with the case despite any other make out of beast improvement, agility training ship begin at an early however unextreme decline. You would not want to make the mistake of beginning rigorous training at a loiter where your Border Collie isn’t strong enough to handle the physical demands. Usually, the recommended age is 18 months. Repudiation everything, your Border Collie’s wholeness had best still breathe your number one precession. Unjaundiced to play safe, it always helps so as to consult a craftsman twentieth-century such cases.
Last but not the least, understand that agility training isn’t at the most done with the planning relating to having your Collie equal in events. Agility nurturing can most inescapably be done starkly out of leisure and for your Collie’s over-all well-being. All the catering you need replacing agility training are sold modish bill and coo stores. The bottom line is, promptness housebreaking can certify to be a rewarding experience for duet you and your Rind Collie.


Papyrus was certain that the job dog-walking would be fairly easy given that he was good at walking and he worked alongside dogs on a regular basis. As with many things, the skeleton considered himself and expert, and figured it would be no problem walking eight or ten dogs at one time… the more the merrier.

It was at roughly seven a.m that next more that a loud familiar shout of “STOP AND DECIST” flew through the town alongside a herd of bouncing white dogs and a hapless Skeleton, hopelessly tangled in twelve leashes as he was dragged through the sidewalk like the world’s most miserable snow plow.
Still, Papyrus tried his best, grappling desperately as his hold on one of the leashes began to loosen. It was hard enough being dragged all about the town like a tin can tied to a bicycle, but to actually lose one of the canines would be inexcusable.

“BLUEBEAR!” he shouted, calling the name of the escaping dog with a frantic fervor as his grip loosened further “BLUEBEAR WAAAAIT!!! SLOW DOWN!!!”