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Forgive the shit quality: I’m exhausted but excited.

I met Jeffrey Dean Morgan this weekend at the grossly mismanaged Rhode Island Comic-Con. While I was dressed like Negan, of course.

JDM was probably the nicest, funniest, and most personable cast member I’ve met to date. RICC’s incompetence with their scheduling and crowd-control and their eagerness to make extra money resulted in Jeffrey’s photo ops and autograph table being a convoluted mess- with people waiting in line for 6+ hours while getting screamed at by staff and security who had no idea what the Hell they were doing.

Jeffrey stayed, you guys- and he stated LATE (we’re talking hours after the covention closed) to accommodate every single person in line. Every one of them. I was one of the last people herded in at the end of the night. We were all tired, hungry, and borderline delirious- but Jeffrey was in a great mood, laughed with us, joked at the absurdity of the day with us- hugged us- and made the best possible impression. It made the grueling day worth it. He’s a wonderful guy.

Also, at one point- when a security guard was barking orders, I called back “HE WILL SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN!”

JDM heard this, burst out laughing, pointed at me, and yelled “you heard the lady. NO EXCEPTIONS.” and that’s my dressed-as-Negan-approved-by-Negan moment.

I’m gonna go and vote just like I always do, but the way I’ve always felt about the whole thing is summed up pretty succinctly here by this guy:
“I see the one-person nation, you know? I mean, the whole idea of government is like a ruse… It’s only scaring people and herding them around. It’s not governing, by any means. People are limitless. Each individual person has way too much to them. The only thing that seems realistic is to respect each person as an individual universe. Governments that exist, such as they do, are really just silly structures. If they enter your mind or your consciousness at all, they tend to enter as some alien bullshit that you have to deal with, you know, in an irritating sort of a way. That’s not the way things should be. All this evolution makes us better than that.”
-Jerry Garcia

Saying it once again, for the people in the back, GET VACCINATED. IT IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE. If you do not get vaccinated, you are risking the health of everyone around you. THAT IS AT BEST, A DICK MOVE, AND AT WORST, WILLFUL NEGLIGENCE. It is not a matter of opinion. It is you deciding you would rather endanger people around you, and you being utterly fine with that fact. VACCINES PREVENT DISEASE. I do not understand what is so hard to understand about that!

Because my immune system would rather freak out over gluten than do its own job, I have poor immune response and have to get vaccinated more often. I also am at higher risk for serious issues if I do get sick. SO ARE CANCER PATIENTS. INFANTS. OLD PEOPLE. PEOPLE WITH AUTOIMMUNE ISSUES. THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE.


I just don’t get why people can get vaccinated and don’t. It seems to me to be actual wishing harm on others. There are so many people who benefit from this and they decide to be selfish. It just….it makes no sense. 

Surprise Girlfriends

Peter x Fem!reader

Imagine request: Hi, could I please have a Peter Parker x reader where he has a girlfriend but the rest of the avengers don’t know, and they run into her when on a mission or something and basically tonnes of confusion and fluff. That would be great thanks, love your writing.

Warningas: None.

Note: Made this story longer to make up for the last one, so yay! By the way guys, requests are closed, I have 20 requests to do, so thank you for your understanding. 😘

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You sat in the little cafe, logged into tumblr, doing your usual dashboard check. Sipping on your drink, you viewed crazy New York in front of you. You couldn’t hear the honking or screeching from cars because of your earbuds, but you could easily imagine it.

Cars swung past by and you watched as people were herded like cows across the street.

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The Terminal, Ch. II

So I will not ask you where you came from
I would not ask and neither would you.

The flight was bumpy and short. The call came at 6:01. Clarke waited for her luggage and her friend to appear, hugging her and welcoming her back, asking for gifts and complaining about traffic and the weather and tourists and her boyfriend. The ringing of her phone shook her hands and she felt the pressure of choosing, suddenly at hand. She debated picking up, stuck and frozen as the carousel beeped and bags began a slow, arduous journey down the chute and towards the weary passengers.

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Icarus’ heart beats to the irregular pattern of the tides (he dreams of the ocean long before he sees it, sleeps tucked between a shell and the sand).

There is no moon.

Once upon a time there had been before metallic monstrosities tore it down piece by piece: nothing but debris of a crumbling civilisation. People herded in, and out as they cling to the last sanctuaries left (only the Gods decide who leave — no mortal. They sit, amassed in their tower with their interconnecting circuits— an infinite binary of zeros and ones.

He’s seen Ariadne dance on the wet cement leading her brother deeper into the circular labyrinth carved by his father. He’s seen the silhouette of the Minotaur after a culling (too many mouths to feed, his father says). He’s seen A.P.O.L.L.O in a mortal shell once: golden and dangerous.

                                                                    (He’s beautiful).

— lost in a maze || Eliot C. || happy birthday @shakepaere

You are an intern for the grim reaper. A massive battle has just occurred, leaving many dead. Describe the logistics (and difficulties) involved in herding thousands of people into their respective afterlives.

Coffee Shop (Nate Maloley Imagine)

Requested: You’re a waitress at a coffee shop in LA and the boys walk in. You serve them and Nate takes an interest in you. 

Word Count: 1300 words | Masterlist

The arms on the clock seemed to take a century to move. The room was filled with the chatter of two people who talked about their children and how one failed science and the other won class president. They laughed obnoxiously and left a tip on their table before leaving.

“Thank you! Have a nice day!” I shouted as they left and they gave me a small smile.

“Nothing like Canadian hospitality, eh?” My co-worker mocked, bumping his shoulder into mine, causing me to let out a small giggle.

“I guess you can say that.” I playfully shot back as he gathered the money from the table.

“I’m going to take a smoke break. You gonna be okay handling this herd of people all by your lonesome?” He says sarcastically, pointing around the room at the empty seats.

“I think I’ll manage. Go ahead.” I smiled and he made his way out back.

A few minutes later, a group of five guys walk into the coffee shop. They take their seats and I made my way over to them with a notepad and a pen.

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Teen Wolf Preferences #2 - How He Asks You Out


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You walked, nearly breaking into a sprint, as you raced to your car. It was finally Friday and you were ready for the weekend. You had plans to hang out with Scott and his friends for a movie night today and you were about to break into your happy dance. Scott’s friends were great and you loved hanging out with them, even if you did wish it was just Scott and you. 

You shook your head. It clearly wasn’t going to happen. He was obviously crushing on Kira, and it made sense. She was pretty, he was the most handsome thing you’ve ever seen and good-looking people herded together.

After reaching your car, you tugged open the door and threw your things onto the passenger seat. You slid into the car and fished around in your bag for your keys.

“(Y/N)! Hey, (Y/N)!” A familiar voice called out.

You rolled the window down. “Scott?” You laughed at his out of breath figure. “What’s going on?”

He took a few seconds until he could breathe regularly again. He looked paler than normal and kind of shaky. Was he nervous? “Are you busy tonight?” Scott asked.

“Um, yea, we’re doing movie night tonight with your friends. We’re still doing that aren’t we?” Your head tilted to the side in confusion.

“Oh, right,” He laughed nervously. “Yea we’re still doing that. Well actually they might not be coming. Unless you’d feel nervous about them not coming, although it’s not like I’d try anything. But if you wanted to just watch the movie alone we could and our friends wouldn’t have to go and-” Scott rambled on.

A giggle slipped past your lips. “Whoa, Scott, slow down. What are you trying to say?”

The brown eyed boy took a deep breath. “Do you want to have a movie night tonight? Without my friends. Just us. As a date. I’m asking you on a date.”

A bright smile over came your face. “That sounds great!”

Scott smiled, white teeth shining. “I’ll see you tonight.” His voice was cheerful and it made you grow more excited. Scott turned around and walked back into the school to get changed for lacrosse practice.

You waited until he was out of sight and let out a happy squeal. This was going to be the best first date you’d had in a while.


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You were sitting on the bleacher at lacrosse practice with Malia and Lydia, your open Geography textbook lying abandoned next to you. You and your friends were completely focused on the scrimmage currently taking place on the field.

“Hey, not that I’m not happy about it, but why is Stiles doing so well?” You wondered, after Stiles slipped by a defender. Tearing your eyes away, you looked at the girls for an answer.

Lydia shrugged. “He’s been practicing, I guess.” The genius looked back down at her homework, quickly writing an answer, bubbly handwriting filling the page.

The sharp blast of Coach’s whistle tore through the air. “Alright, get dressed you smelly runts!”

The team walked off the field, talking and slapping each others backs. Scott and Kira were at the head of the group, with Liam and Stiles lagging behind. You were pretty sure you could hear Stiles lecturing Liam, but you couldn’t be positive.

You and your friends stood up, gathering up all of your things and shoving them into your bags. Well, Malia was shoving her stuff in her bag, Lydia was methodically organizing her items and carefully placing them in her bag, and you were just trying not to rip the homework that you had just spent 30 minutes working on.

“We’re going out to get food, right?” Lydia asked the two you, slipping her purse onto her shoulder.

Malia nodded. “Oh, can we get deer this time?” The pretty brunette turned to you, a hopeful, if oblivious, smile on her face.

“Um, you know we could do that, or, and this is just an idea, we could get pizza!” You smiled back and she nodded.

“Can we get deer next time?” Malia asked as your trio walked down the bleachers and to the field.

Lydia pursed her lips. “Maybe,” she replied awkwardly, sharing a little smile with you.

The three of you reached the field and talked until Kira, Scott, Liam and Stiles came out of the locker rooms. Your eyes immediately landed on Stiles, noticing his gorgeous brown eyes that always held a mischievous sparkle.

“Are you guys ready to go grab some food?” Scott said once they got close enough to you.

There’s a chorus of “yea”’s but before you could answer, Stiles started talking.

“I actually need to talk to (Y/N) before we go.” He looked to you to see if that was okay. When he saw your nod he quickly pulled you away from the group and out of hearing distance.

“I really need to talk to you.” Stiles started off with.

“You’ve already said that,” You helpfully pointed out. Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Right. So, do you maybe, possibly, wanttogooutonadatewithme?” He rushed the last part and then looked at you, cringing, waiting for the inevitable ‘no’.

Your eyes widened out of shock. You didn’t know he liked you. You figured your feelings were probably one-sided, what with both Lydia and Malia being around him basically 24/7.

Stiles started shaking his head, taking your reaction the wrong way. “I knew I shouldn’t have asked. I’m gonna kill Scott and Liam for convincing me this was the right thing to do. I’m really sorry. I’ll just go now, you can go with the rest for food.” He turned to go but you took a few quick steps forward and rested a hand on his upper arm.

Leaning closer to him, your pressed your lips to his cheek and said,”I didn’t get to answer. I’d love to go on a date with you.” You smiled at his awed expression.

“Really? That’s awesome! Scott!” He turned back to your friends. “She said yes! Scott, she said yes!!” Stiles had the biggest smile you had ever seen on his face.

Scott made an excited noise back, quickly jogging over and engulfing Stiles in a hug. Stiles was still too shocked to do anything back.

You laughed and tugged Stiles towards you. “Do you want to go get some food?”

He nodded, a dazed expression now twisting his features. This was gonna be fun.


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“Hey, best friend!” You exclaimed when you saw Liam walking in the hall after the last bell.

He looked at you warily. “What do you want?” He asked cautiously.

“Oh, who said I have to want something when I call you my best friend?” You waved your hand, as if dismissing the very idea.

He looked at you, blue eyes shining.

With a sigh, you explained. “I need someone to help me with my English homework.”

“And how am I supposed to do that?” He asked, slinging an arm around your shoulders.

“You understand what Mrs. Bulstrom means when she tells us to find a way to connect the metaphors in a book to its theme.” You glanced up at him, ignoring the way your heart beat faster when his arms settled.

He laughed. “You’d understand it too if you stopped insulting her!”

You stopped in the middle of the hallway. “When an author writes that the curtains are blue he’s not using it as a metaphor for sadness and depression! He just means the curtains are freaking blue!” You threw your hands up in frustration.

Liam laughed again. You liked his laugh. And his smile. And every single thing about him. But that was normal. I mean, he was basically perfection. “(Y/N), just calm down. We can have a study date tonight and figure it out together.” He starts walking again, leaving you to have to run to catch up.

“Did you just say study date? As in, a date, date?” You wondered.

Liam’s previously confident features turned into ones of worry and then quickly morphed into the smile that he usually wore. “Yea, yea I did. Do you want to have a study date with me tonight?” He turned to face you.

You raised your eyebrows and smiled. “Well, it wouldn’t kill me.” A laugh flew past your lips. “Yea, I’ll go on a date with you.”

He smiled, white teeth showing, and winked at you. “I knew you would say yes,” he boasted, placing his arm back on your shoulders and walking out of the school, funny banter being traded between the two of you.


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After the whole “Are you selling me drugs?!” incident, you had gotten a bit closer to Derek. You saw him at school talking to Scott and Stiles a few days after you met in the woods and after you confronted him, you started to become friends. The whole situation with how you met was a little messy, so you had pushed it out of your mind and instead tried to focus on the Derek you now knew.

This Derek was nice, although that didn’t show through very often, and pretty funny. And devastatingly handsome, of course, but you didn’t like to talk about the well-known facts.

You were currently in your room, blasting music and procrastinating doing your homework. A creak came from near your window, but you ignored it, choosing to focus on your Instagram instead. Lydia had just posted the cutest pictures of her dog, Prada, on her page. You turned your head to the window when you head it open.

“AAH!” You screamed, scrambling to find something that you could use as a weapon.

“Calm down, (Y/N). You don’t have to be so dramatic.” You paused for a second and focused on the figure that was now in your room. Derek. Of course.

“Calm down? Calm down?! You just broke into my house and now you’re telling me to calm down? I - Oh, whatever, I’m over this.” You flopped onto your bed, listening to Derek’s chuckle.

Derek sat down on the chair next to your desk. “Huh, procrastinating,” he noted, spying your unfinished homework lying on the table. “Why am I not surprised?”

You sat up and shot a glare at him. “Did you break into my house just to insult me?”

A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “Interestingly enough, no. I actually have to talk to you.”

“Well, talk, I clearly don’t have anything better to be doing.” You gesture to the homework. “Did you know there are letters in math now?”

Derek feigned shock. “Really? I had no idea.” He turned serious again. “Do you want to go on a date sometime?” He asked, not beating around the bush.

“That was straightforward.” You replied without thinking. “Not that I don’t like straightforward!” You quickly tried to fix your mistake. “I do like straightforward! And I like you, so yes, I would like to go on a date.” Smoothing down your hair, you tried to act casually.

A rare smile spread onto Derek’s full lips. “Great. I’ll call you.” He quickly slipped back out of the window, not giving you any time to say anything else.

You did like straightforward.

Okay, seriously I was not expecting so many people to like my first preference and follow me, but I really appreciate it. When I saw how many people liked the preference and then decided to follow me I almost screamed, so really, thank you! Also, please request any imagines and/or preferences that you think of because I would love to write them for you.

Also none of these gifs are mine because I’m not nearly smart enough to figure out how to do that.

Friends Are The Best At Helping You Cope With Grief And Here's Why:
  • Roommate: Ta-da! Your cheer up adventure begins here!
  • Me: *unenthused* This is the bus station.
  • Roommate: Yes, I thought showing you such miserable poverty would make you feel better about your own situation. Everyday these people willingly herd themselves into these giant limos. They're not even cool giant limos like my dad's hummer limos. I think if you combined the amount of money spread amongst all of these people, they could barely afford a single flight on my private jet. What a truly miserable existence.
  • Me: I ride the bus to work everyday.
  • Roommate: Oh! *flicks hair* Well, you should find comfort in being in familiar area surrounded by people you can relate with.
  • Me: I just want to go home, lie down, and not be conscious for a while.
  • Roommate: No! Not until you're happy. Think about things that make you happy, like your boyfriend.
  • Me: My ex? Heh, thinking of him just makes me want to die.
  • Roommate: No, your new boyfriend! The clammy hands one.
  • Me: Oh, him. We haven't talked in a long time. He made things awkward.
  • Roommate: Didn't you say he was perfect?
  • Me: Yeah, but-
  • Roommate: But nothing! You need to be happy. I'm tired of seeing you sad. I didn't move into your apartment so I could be around a negative Nancy who brings down the mood all the time! We're going to go find your boyfriend and you're going to be happy. *grabs my arm*
  • Me: *shakes her off* Listen, I appreciate the sentiment, but I think I need time to grieve before I can be happy again.
  • Roommate: Grieve over what?
  • Me: *frowns* Uhm, my mom. She died.
  • Roommate: Your mom died? When did that happen?
  • Me: Just last week. I told you right after it happened. I couldn't stop crying about it all week.
  • Roommate: Well, get over it!
  • Me: *gasps* I can't just get over it! I loved my mom! We were very close! She was always so good to me!
  • Roommate: That's a weird relationship to have with your mom. I hated my mom so much that I had her assassinated.
  • Me: Not everyone's lives are like yours- wait, what!? You assassinated your mom!?
  • Roommate: I mean, yeah. She was kind of a bitch. Kept complaining to my dad about me lacking "empathy" or whatever that means. He was gonna send me to some boring all girl's school in the Finnish countryside. I couldn't have that, so I paid someone to get rid of her.
  • Me: You're a monster!
  • Roommate: Whatever. My mom had her mom assassinated, and hopefully I'll get assassinated by my daughter's orders too. It's a family tradition.

Photo by @dguttenfelder

Yellowstone bison are held at a ranch near Bozeman, Montana before being transferred to a place of refuge at Ft. Peck Native American reservation in Montana. Each year there are more bison than Yellowstone National Park can accommodate. Some are transferred to become part of native peoples’ ceremonial herds instead of being culled by the park or hunted along the park boundaries.
The National Bison Legacy Act, which designates the bison as the USA’s official mammal, has passed the U.S. House and is expected to pass the Senate this week.

For more photographs of the majestic bison please check out @dguttenfelder and the May issue of National Geographic Magazine which is devoted to Yellowstone and the centennial of the U.S. Park Service. by natgeo


A/N- Well this came out a lot longer than I thought it would be. It’s all mushy and I like it. Haven’t written Cas for a while so this was refreshing to write. Tell me what you think! x)

Cas x Reader

Word Count-2668

‘Ugh’ you complained internally, ‘I never want to work again.’ You walk passed a herd of people that were either going to work or are also done for the day.

The sun was still up in the sky. Luckily it wasn’t as hot as it was yesterday. You had the habit of looking down as you walked, not wanting to trip or make eye contact with people. Through the corner of your eye you saw something strange that caught your attention. So naturally or rather out of sheer curiosity you looked up towards it.

“Angel” you whispered to yourself. You saw three men walking towards the police station near. No lie that the three of them were handsome, but one in particular set the other two apart. He wore a stoic expression but his blue eye glimmered as the sun hit them. His long trench coat flapping behind him as he walked. His wings… his wings were so enormous that you wondered how they fit on just the sidewalk. Not to mention the street was packed with people. There were several feathers missing but that didn’t stop them from being enchanting.

You stood there staring at him from across the street, amazed by his magnificence. Then he looked up, either by sensing your gaze or by mere reflect, his eyes found yours, and he stopped walking. The angel had seen many of souls before but none like yours, which for him stood out and was much more brilliant than the others. It had a certain glow that pulled Castiel towards it. He had to resist the urge to fly to you. His wings as if they had a mind of their own wanted to be there, next to you. They wanted to be touched, held, and caressed by you. It took all of his strength to prevent it.

“Cas!” the angel heard his friend call to him. He turned away from you and towards his companion for just a few seconds, but when he looked back to where you were, you were gone. Taken by the crowd. His wings slumped in disappointment. After a few seconds he continued to walk towards the brothers.

Once you regained your bearings you look back toward the man, toward the angel, but he was no longer there. You pushed your way over to where he stood and looked around in all directions but he was nowhere to be found. For some reason it made you sad. You slumped your head, and were surprised to see a feather on the floor. Of course this could have been any ol’ feather, but you knew it was his. It was longer than a regular bird feather would be. You held the plume in your hand and slid your fingers up towards the tip. It was so soft and warm. You weren’t sure why but you kept it in your hand, unable to let go of it, even when you were home. It was a weird sensation really.

You had set it down to wash the dishes you used to eat dinner. You had never washed dishes so fast in your life. What was it about this feather that you had to keep in constant contact? It felt like a fear of it disappearing without you knowing. You knew it couldn’t just up and leave on its own but weren’t taking any chances either.

Cas was feeling strange too. Not like you were, it was a different strange. Odd all the same. For him it was more like he felt he had to be somewhere but didn’t know where that was. He would fidget around and it was starting to annoy Dean.

Dean was about to say something but Cas stopped so Dean dropped it. It didn’t last long and Cas fidgeted again. “The hell Cas! Stop moving around! Some of us are trying to figure out who this thing is!” he yelled.

“Forgive me. I don’t know what is wrong with me.” he responded, looking down at his shaking hands. He tried to hold them as still as he could.

“You going to be okay?” Sam asked sympathetically.

“I-” he used one hand to hold down the other shaking one, “I’ll be fine.” he answered.

Dean gave him a stern look while Sam gave him a worried one. The rest of the night went on like this.

-The Next Morning-

“Alright well let’s go interview these people. Get this over and done with.” Dean said, opening the door to the impala. Sam and Cas followed.

Dean drove off to the office building where people were dying. Sam sat in silence. Cas was trying to keep his hands from shaking.
“Oh god. I’m late!” you whisper to yourself. You had over slept… well you had finally settled in. That feather wasn’t letting you sleep. If washing the dishes without it was bad then sleeping was a lot worse. You held onto it as you fell into your slumber, tired from work. It was a good sleep until you tossed and turned. At some point the feather fell to the floor, and you woke up in a panic. The rest of the night was the same. Naturally you were so sleep deprived that in your attempt to sleep the slightest bit, you didn’t hear your alarm, or the snooze alarm fifteen minutes later.

You made your way through the hordes of people around the office in attempt to somehow make it in time. You bumped into someone. You turned to say your ‘sorries’.

“Are you okay?” the man asked.

“Y-yeah I just… I’m going to be late! I have to go.” you say turning back around to leave.

“Wait!” he called and you turned to face him, “I’m actually here to ask some questions” he said showing you his badge. “How about I ask you some questions that way you have an excuse for being late?”

“Oh my god! Yes please! Thank you! So uh- what’s the FBI doing here?” you ask.

“Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a couple of your co-workers have died in the past week.” he answered.

“Wh-what!” you shouted, but quickly covered your mouth. “S-sorry. D-died? H-how? Oh right that’s why you’re here.”

“How did you not know?” he asked.

“Uh- I don’t really pay attention to stuff while I work.” you respond, hand against your forehead in disbelief. “How can I help?”

He gave you a sympathetic look, “I’m sorry for springing this on you-”

“No- It’s fine. I-It’s your job Agent.” you say waving him off.

“Just call me Sam” you nod, “So… Have you noticed anything weird? Something smell weird? Cold?”

“Uh-” you tried to think in your dismay. “I don’t think it has anything with the case. I mean it has to be faulty air conditioners but it does get colder in some places than others. Like freezing cold. Does that help?”

“Yes. Thank you.” he said.

You smile at him, and for the first time you had a good look at him. “Hey! Wait a minute! I’ve seen you before!” you exclaimed. He scrunched his face in confusion. “Yeah! It was uh- yesterday! You were with the other guy and- and the angel.”

Pure and utter shock was written all over his face, “How? How did you know he’s an angel?”

“What like the wings weren’t a dead giveaway” you chuckled.

“Y/N!” someone yelled from behind you. You turned towards the voice, “M-Mr. Richards is looking for you.” she said, her voice packed with worry.

Your eyes widened, “Shit,” he said under your breathe. You turn once again to Sam, “I’m sorry I have to go.” you tell him before you leave. Not giving him the chance to question you any further.

“Excuse me.” Sam said trying to grab the attention of the woman who had called you. “Who was that?”

“That? That was Y/N Y/L/N.” she answered.

Sam looked back up in the direction you had left. He couldn’t help but be excited for Cas’ future. He turned back to the woman and took the chance to ask her questions.

-Later that day-

“Cas. I’m telling you. You need to meet her.” Sam said smile creeping on his face as he lead his angel friend toward the office you work in.

“Come on Sammy. We should be out at a bar celebrating. Another case solved and over with.” Dean exclaimed, waving his arms around. “Plus why are you out finding Cas here a girl? You’ve never done that for me?”

“This is different Dean. Now shut up.” he went up to your boss Mr. Richards, “Excuse me, I’d like to talk to Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. We need to ask her some questions.”

He rolled his eyes, “She’s gone for the day.”

Sam sighed, “Is there a chance you can give us her address?” Your boss thought about it for a moment but then went to get your file.

Soon all three boys where headed towards your house. Then they were outside your house.

“Okay. Cas stand towards the back so you she doesn’t see… you.” Sam was obviously too excited as he knocked on your door.

You opened the door, only to find the agent from earlier. “Oh, um- Sam right?” he nods yes. From behind you could see the enormous pair of wings you so admired. You pushed passed the two brothers to be in front of the angel. “This is yours I presume?” you ask showing him the feather you’ve kept on your person since finding it.

He studied you curiously, “You can see… my wings?” he asked.

You stared at him, “Is that weird?”

He nodded, still observing your every move, “For a human. Yes. I didn’t think I’d ever run into the one who could see them.”

“Only one person can see them? How come? They’re beautiful.” you respond, your eyes looking them over.

“They are broken” he said sternly.

“As they say. Sometimes the most beautiful things are broken.” you smile, “I-I know it’s probably rude… C-Can I?” you bring your shaking hands towards his wings, but don’t touch them, until he nods yes. You stroke his feathers and they shiver under your touch.

Cas tried to not shiver himself, “We are told that there is only one person in the entire world that can see our wings. The chances are slim. Too slim.”

“How is it that I can see them then?” you ask.

“You. Y/N. Are-” unable to resist any long, caresses your cheek and you lean into his touch, “You are my soulmate.” he whispered loud enough for you to hear.

It was then that you turned away from his wings and onto the man himself. “Soulmate?” you gasp, looking into his blue eyes. He didn’t say anything more and as you both stared into each other’s eyes, it was like everything in the world made sense.

“Forgive me. I know it is sudden and you don’t have to-” Cas rambled.

“No! Well… Well yeah it’s sudden. I don’t- didn’t think I had one. A-A soulmate. Can an angel have a soulmate, a-a soulmate who is just a simple human?” you asked worriedly.

He smiled, “Simple isn’t a word I would use to describe you.” he said, you smiled back.

“God they’re gonna get all mushy.” Dean said.

That’s when you remembered that there were two other men with you. “I’m sorry. I totally forgot you guys were here!” you shout, not noticing the glare Cas sent Dean for interrupting the moment. “Oh! I have uh- food. You guys wanna come in and have some. Also baking some cookies and some cake. I’ve got some beers, whiskey, and some whine if you’re into that. Oh um sorry do angels eat?”

“How any people do you live with?” asked Sam.

“Huh? Just me. I uh stress bake. There was the whole next time you come in late you’re fired talk I had with my boss. I didn’t sleep well cause I couldn’t let go of this feather or else I feel like I can’t breathe. I didn’t want to burn it while I cooked so I tried being super careful uh- Sorry I ramble a lot too.”

Cas intertwined his hand with yours, “its okay. You won’t be needing the feather any long. You’ll have me. My name is Castiel by the way.” he said reassuringly.

You nod happily “Y/N” you say before showing them inside. Sam and Dean asked a lot of question. Cas watched as you told your story and how you were only working until you had enough money to travel somewhere. Anywhere. How you always felt like you were supposed to do something more with life but nothing you tried seemed to fit.

“You could come with us.” Sam said.

“I don’t think I’m qualified to be FBI.” you answer.

Dean laughed, “We aren’t FBI.”

“What?” you ask, utterly shocked.

“We’re hunters. We save people from weird monsters, demons, you name it.” Sam explained.

“Whoa wait. Those things are real? Is that why you guys came to the office?” you question.

“Ghost” Cas answered. “It’s dangerous. Very dangerous. I wouldn’t want you to come to this life if I could stand being away from you, but I can’t.” he paused, “Forgive my selfishness.”

“N-no I mean I can’t really stay away from you either and uh well I wanna try this whole soulmate thing out if that’s okay.” you say in a softer tone.

“You sure. The hunter life is not the best.” Dean commented.

You smile, squeezing Cas’ hand, “If you won’t mind me tagging along and showing me the ropes, and- and if uh- if Castiel is there than I’m more than happy to.” you say with a smile but quickly change to a serious look. “I get you guys fight monster and it’s dangerous. I get that it wouldn’t be all gum drops and lollie pops. I’ll try my best to help you guys out.”

“As long as you understand that then we’re happy to have you.” Sam said. “Well Dean let’s head back to the motel room.”

“What? I haven’t even tried the cookies.” he whined.

You chuckle and stand to give Dean the bowl where you put the cookies to cool. “Here take em.” He happily took them and with that Sam dragged him out of your house. Not with goodbyes, but with see you later.

Cas and you sat alone together. Not really knowing what to say, but it wasn’t an awkward silence.

As he fiddled with your hand, “I know it might be a lot to handle. Being soulmates with an angel. I’ll give you all the time you need for it to adjust.”

“Is it… Is it different for angels?” you question.

“Yes. From the instant we meet our soulmates, we are completely immersed with love for them. It feels as if I’ve known you the entirety of my life. Like I have never known what it felt like to not be in your presence.” he tried to explain.

You nod in understanding, “Well good thing I’m gonna be with you from now on. I can tell. It might take some time but I can tell that you are a man I will soon come to love. I just wish I can do it sooner.”

He shakes his head, leaning towards you, and placed his temple on yours. “Do not worry. I have gone centuries never knowing, never thinking an angel like myself had a soulmate. Knowing I have one now makes me very happy. I cannot however put my happiness over yours.”

You smile, “Thank you, and hey, I might know a thing about this whole soulmate business but I’m pretty sure it’s a partnership. We share the happiness, got that? None of this, your happiness over mine. Promise me that.”

He looked into your eyes and smiled at your genuine words that made him happier than he had ever been, “I promise.”

Hope you like it! x)