ferbieface  asked:

Hello! I'm looking to find a reputable breeder and trainer for service Pokemon. Specifically, something to help my anxiety and depression in public spaces. Any specific breeds you can recommend for this? If so, any breeders you know of with good reputations?

I don’t really like to recommend breeders (it’s a bit of a conflict of interest). That said, Growlithe, Herdier/Lilipup, Clefairy, and Bayleef are pretty popular service animals for people with anxiety/depression.

Spring Break can’t get any better than being on the best beach in Costa Rica...

Regina: Serves you right. You deserved that, asshole.

Boomer: If you’re going to be a puta at least be one in Spanish. We’re both stuck translating for the rest of this medical mission trip so you’d better practice before we get to the clinic tomorrow morning!

Regina: Well this is the Spanish version of “Fifty Shades Darker”

Boomer: Tu gusto en libros me da asco…

Have a safe Spring Break everyone! 

So I spent most of my day fishing for a stupid corsola in Sun and moon. I didn’t even catch one after like 4 hours of fishing. So I sketched part of my team and then the stupid fish I kept catching. I wanted to eviscerate that magikarp every time it showed up.