Unova police made a major announcement today. For the past several weeks, archeologists were baffled by the sudden appearance of graffiti on Relic Castle. After many failed attempts to capture the criminals, the archeologists called in the police, who discovered the culprit behind the desecration was…a wild Drillbur marking its territory. An officer caught it and took it home where it will remain in “police custody” with her working Herdier and pet Chatot.

geothermal-fury  asked:

Are Pokemon used in police operations? I imagine psychic types would be real handy to have around a bomb squad crew, or a Bastiodon in a shoot-out

Most police Pokémon, due to ethical and legal concerns, are limited to the “find the thing” job. Well-trained Pokémon (traditionally Growlithe, Herdier, and Houndour) find missing persons, evidence, contraband, and persons of interest.

There are some “side jobs” police Pokémon fill as well. Mudsdale help with crowd control situations. Pokémon with the Damp ability are starting to get popular with bomb disposal units. Some police are also experimenting with SWAT Pokémon that can clear an area of interest, but these Pokémon need extensive training and written permission to use. No one wants the PR nightmare of a Pokémon smashing through a wall without a warrant.