typenullandvoid  Theres a sudden ding on the bosses ride pager as a…

The dog yelped and skittered across the floor for a moment before analyzing the question- “Where is he?” it paused for a moment, cursing the fact that it couldn’t speak before moving over to his chest of buginium Z and starting to arrange the crystals in a familiar shape. it was smart enough to do this, at least, forming a ramshackle version of the Aether paradise logo… he tried, the poor pup tried so hard

    “The HELL’RE you doin’ with the stupid crystals – ?”
    Why couldn’t he just LEAD him there, like that old TV show about the Herdier and the kid who fell down the well – Lady? Lasso? Whatever. He paced in impatient circles behind him, his frantic energy spurring his feet in circles. He knew BETTER than to try and physically move the beast, having born the brunt of it’s bad attitude at least once before. Still, though, his hand hovered over the pokeball, considering an attempt to recall it as a last resort. If it wasn’t going to be useful…

    But it was SMART. More so than Guzma often gave it credit for. Aether had made it, Gladion  had trained it, and so, frustrated and unimpressed, he waited for it to finish, HOPING there was a point to it.

     And thank god, there was.

     It wasn’t exactly PERFECT, but he’d seen the logo enough times to recognize even the haphazard design the pokemon scratched out. On letterheads, from Lusamine, and in the compound itself…

    “– If that skinny BITCH – “

    His feelings about Lusamine were complicated at best, mixed between LOATHING and that same sick desire for approval that he held for his FATHER. She’d used him, and discarded him, just as he had… but there was still that strange ray of HOPE, somewhere in there.
     Worry for Gladion, though, was more than able to dim it. 

     He didn’t finish his threat, whirling to SLAM the door open with one wide palm. It bounced against the wall behind it, shuddering from the force of his strike – but he didn’t pause to see what damage he had caused. Storming through the halls of the near abandoned mansion he called home, he kicked his way through the fallen chandelier, thrusting it ruthlessly aside and running his palm over his ride pager. 

     He would tear Aether apart brick by brick if that was what was needed to get Gladion back. After everything he’d done, how far they’d grown… he owed him at least THAT MUCH.