herd of alpaca

My insomnia has returned for the past two nights. I’m writing out some pet / animal headcanons that are sloshing around in my head right now, just to tire myself out so I can finally sleep. Not sure if that’s a logical solution, but meh.

Cait: isn’t an animal person. She tolerates Dogmeat because he’s Claire’s (Sole’s) pet, and she’d never harm an animal that isn’t trying to kill her, but that’s about it. 

Codsworth: is programmed to respect and kindly treat all animals unless they prove to be harmful.

Curie: loves animals. She spoils Dogmeat with treats whenever she travels with Claire. She probably has a soft spot for mole rats from the centuries spent inside Vault 81′s secret vault, even though most of them are hostile. I can definitely see her adopting a baby mole rat that lost its mother and domesticating it.

Danse, I: likes animals but prefers dogs. He bought a dog bowl for Dogmeat when Claire joined the Brotherhood. He kept it full with food and water, in his room, to give Dogmeat a quiet place to retreat during the days they had to leave him behind. 

Danse, II: has a dog of his own. When he’s exiled from the Brotherhood, Claire gives him a Rottweiler puppy, so he isn’t completely alone while staying at the bunker. He names the puppy Athena, after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war.

Deacon: loves animals but prefers cats. They’re agile, stealthy creatures, but can also be incredibly clumsy. He probably had a cat when he was a child but hasn’t had another pet since. Loves Dogmeat. He also sneaks the mutt treats when traveling with Claire.

Hancock: probably likes animals more than they like him. I imagine some dogs and cats are wary of ghouls. He’s always enjoyed looking at pictures of and reading about horses. Wishes they weren’t extinct. Sometimes dreams about riding a horse through Goodneighbor. 

MacCready: sees the benefits of having a well-trained dog, but pets cost money and MacCready is a frugal bastard. He’s not going to have a pet for himself. It’s a different story if Duncan wants one. 

Nick: is also an animal lover. Cats are mesmerized by his glowing eyes and most dogs seem to like him. Pre-war Nick had a cat named Bogart. During the nights Jenny spent over, Bogart would wait until her and Nick were asleep and curl up between them.

Piper: likes animals on a case-by-case basis. She thinks it’s neat to have a pet, but it’s not for her. She’s busy with the paper and raising Nat, and honestly, I think she worries about a pet getting into the ink and ending up with paw prints everywhere.

Preston: is a freakin’ Labrador personified, so of course he loves dogs. He likes all animals, never shoots at an animal unless it’s hostile, and is yet another companion who gives Dogmeat treats. But, out of all the companions, Preston might be Dogmeat’s favorite.

Strong: sees any animal and thinks it should be eaten. (Poor Dogmeat.)

X6-88: only tolerates an animal if it serves some kind of purpose. He doesn’t understand why some humans have animals for companionship, because how can an animal be a reliable ally?

Bonus, Farah (OC): didn’t grow up with a lot of animals inside the Institute. There were lab rats, the synthetic gorillas, and a few dogs and cats. But cats are her favorite. Farah feeds several of the stray cats in Diamond City, and she even built a shelter for them to rest and keep safe from radstorms and thunderstorms.

Bonus, Claire (Sole): grew up in a rural community and was raised to respect all animals. Cows, horses, pigs, goats, chickens, etc. Someone in her hometown even had a herd of alpacas. But while Claire loves all animals, dogs are her favorite. Even with her mom barely making end’s meat, they managed to have a pet in their home. Her childhood dog was a rat terrier / bluetick coonhound mix named Freckles.

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I have no idea what just happened but this does seem very irish.

aphnew-zealand  asked:

hi! for the match thing I'm a 5'4 agender person who's into guys. I'm INTP and I love traveling, I go on a trip every other month. I work in a pharmacy but I'd love to be a botanist or alternately a hermit who lives on an island with a herd of alpacas. I really want a travel buddy who's up for anything and will support me with my mental illnesses. I can get along with everyone except stubborn people, bc I'm stubborn. I like to be the leader but I want someone to protect me

I ship you with Finland!

-The two of you share a passion for traveling. You say you would like to go somewhere? He already has the tickets, be prepared with him

-Like you, he also enjoys taking charge of things sometimes to get them done his way but is much more relaxed with you

-Date nights would include going out to a cafe or taking a drive when it’s raining to some really pretty place. It will have a nice aesthetic vibe to it

-A harmony of helping each other. Will guide, help, encourage, and support you through it all as long as you do the same from him

-Finland is more of an ambivert so you two would also share energy

Supernatural JIBCON7 Misha Collins

AMisha answering a fan’s question regarding Castiel’s emotional health:  Cas needs some time away from dealing with things like the darkness and the apocalypse and stuff like that because its extremely stressful, yeah the apocalypse causes a lot of anxiety. i think Cas needs for his emotional healing to take place what he isn’t going to get a vacation. They don’t do a lot of vacations on supernatural have you noticed that. why is that (sic) we should do a whole vacation season. what if season 12 is like its all shot in Hawaii and the Bahamas (sic) that would be great while giving him a massage maybe…

*imitating Sam* you are important, we love you, you are important Cas…more oil…is that too much pressure is it okay…*imitating Castiel* it’s fine, Sam just.. And then everybody would be like You are queer baiting the fans. No no, it’s just a simple massage scene for his emotional health, i can’t believe you are going to read that into it. I am gonna get shit for that, yeah. Damn it!


 Do you feel the influence of Cas on your life or do you feel like you lead two lives like castiel is an angel and you are a human obviously…unfortunately (sic)

Misha: If i am at home and the kids are making a mess or something i will snap my fingers or go like this to try to whatever i don’t know try to stop or explode one of them and it doesn’t work. oh that’s right i am not i am not Castiel or you know, if one of the kids is sick or something i will just touch them on the forehead like that and nothing happens its just frustrating i try to teleport you know and that doesn’t work. (sic)

No is the answer if i am honest with you i don’t forget that i am not an angel very often but its is interesting for me to observe that i meet people who kind of confuse me with Castiel like they start to think that i am an angel or that i can heal people or things like that which i mean i do have powers of healing…

Fan: Which version of Cas has been your favorite and which one the most challenging

Misha: my favorite was playing Misha in the french mistake (sic) everyone was doing a parody of themselves there was a tiny bit of truth in each of the character like Jared has a whole herd of alpacas, its interesting if i am in a foreign country a small portion of people think i am serious all the time and people right now are going oh Misha said Jared and Gen really have a herd of alpacas which is true he does (sic)

I did my best to portray myself as the quintessential doucebag actor and my manager saw the episode and he’s like it was so great to finally see you play yourself so i fired him

Misha in response to a fan: Is that not the answer you were looking for She looks super disappointed I am not going to another Misha panel. fucking asshole!

Fan: How do you feel having Rob on set

Misha: I love having Rob back because Jared and Jensen harass him when we are on set instead of me and its so nice we were shooting a scene we were all there and then it was time for Rob’s closeup camera was on his face he had a big important scene for him and Jared just put his hand on Rob’s thigh (sic) and I was laughing I was just enjoying it happening to somebody else but I knew what he was going through so I put my hand on his thigh too as sign of support just to show solidarity with him because I knew he was going through a lot.

Fan: If your kids ever watched you play an angel

Misha: The kids have seen little dolls of me they have seen drawings of me they have seen tiny tiny clips caught on screen but I don’t let them watch supernatural because I think they are already pre-disposed to be serial killers but west came to a convention recently…and it was fun for me to have him there by the got to see something that is not good for a kid which is…

*imitating fans* Oh my god oh my god its Misha oh my god I love you so much fake sobbing I love you,  so and for him he’s like what the fuck is going on looking around surprised who are all these other women who my dad is having a relationship with so yeah every once in a while around the house Castiel’s shirts (sic) we would get gifts stuff like that which I typically don’t wear outside the house which would make me look a little egoistical so I just wear them in the home but he would pick up a shirt and wear it on… Castiel shirt *imitates West* I am Castiel everybody loves me* …no they don’t but although they do like yesterday when I was away…they were in Castiel’s clothes which is kind of sad because they are using a fictitious character I play as a surrogate for their real father who has clearly abandoned them I do think that’s probably something that will be  talked about with a therapist at some future

You can lead an alpaca to water, but you can’t make him play in it. DX

It’s been a bit warm here and while we have a fan running in the barn, Smudge has developed a frustrating habit of using his water bucket as a foot bath to cool down. So we bought the boys a kiddie pool to play in.

Of course, contrary thing that he is, Smudge has been hesitant to dip his toes in. Hopefully he’ll figure it out tomorrow.