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I have no idea what just happened but this does seem very irish.

Daily Phlint: Passepartout Chapter 6 - You’re My Only Hope

Posting note: Here is the next installment in the Daily Phlint Round Robin by @lauramkaye, @kat-har, and @faeleverte. 

Previously on Passepartout, Clint digitized Phil’s IOUs and found one that Phil owed to him - a pair of wedding rings with their initials. By waiting to be happy “someday,” Clint and Phil lost their chance; Clint is determined to stop waiting for the future and start taking advantage of the things he has, including Phil’s legacy. He started out by harassing the CIA with a herd of alpacas. (It’s what Phil would have wanted.) 

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Clint was stretched out on his couch in his boxers eating Cheetos and watching Deadliest Catch when the phone rang. Not his house phone, either, and not his Avengers phone or his SHIELD phone or his personal cell; this was the burner phone he kept for emergencies, the one that only Natasha and Phil had the number to. This was the Oh Shit Phone.

He fumbled the Cheetos, scrambling to get to it; Nat was supposed to be on a training rotation right now, what even was happening? He finally reached the phone, leaving greasy orange fingerprints on the buttons as he answered.

“Yeah,” he said, jamming the phone between his shoulder and his ear, already hustling to the bedroom to get some pants. “Nat, where are you?”

“M–Mr. Coulson?” It was definitely not Nat. It was definitely not anyone Clint knew. The voice was high, and soft, and scared; it sounded like a… like a little girl.

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