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thought i’d join everyone else for a very short follow forever to say thanks to those i admire most!
my last ff took me 3 days so this is gonna be quite short&sweet!

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so sorry if i forgot anyone amazing

xx, Blayne

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You look down and see that a text and a voicemail came in from your long distance boyfriend Calum, the text reading:

hey baby happy anniversary, i really wish i could be there but i have a ton of band stuff.. i hope you like the song, not my best but i tried :-) i love you princess <3 

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You listen to the voice mail, your eyes slowly filling with tears. Right as the song he is singing ends, you get a knock at your door causing you to wipe your tears and try to be presentable for who ever this strange person knocking on your door at 1 am is. 

You slowly open the door, just peeking your head out. In front of you standing, is a boy looking down at his black and white vans. His head is adorned with a snap back that happens to make him look even more recognizable. You put together the pieces and instantly swing open the door and you crush him in a hug, his arms holding you tight. 

“Cal.. I thought you had band stuff..” you weakly breath into his shoulder, your heart beating quickly against his.

“Princess, you think i would leave you alone on the night of our anniversary? You are far more important to me than that, and the boys fully understand.” He said as he continues to lift you up and kiss you as your legs wrap around his stomach.

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let’s just say that your anniversary night ended better than you ever thought it would. 

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HELLO EVERYONE!! i just wanted to thank all of you guys for making 2014 so amazing, whether we talked or not, all of you really made this year great for me :-) i love you all so much!!!

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thank you all again for being so wonderful!! happy holidays and a happy new year, hope you have a wonderful time off!!! :-)