Ashton on the big screen in Madrid tonight

“Wait, don’t I know you?”

“God I hope so,” he mumbled under his breath, already fascinated by the beautiful creature in front of him.

“Have we met before somewhere?” Her head tilted in confusion, trying to recall why his face seemed so familiar to her. It wasn’t even his face, but the hook, and the smell of leather and spices floating in the air…and god his eyes. She’s definitely seen those eyes before, but where?

“Not the most original line, love, but I think I’d remember you,” his brow arched with intrigue as they studied each other from an arm’s length away, cautiously circling each other, trying to pinpoint this feeling of deja vu without any luck. 


this is all too much at one time.

I want to cuddle him
I want to prod him whilst he’s on his phone
I want to wear his clothes
I want to steal his hats
I want to have his children
I want to marry him
I want to share a grave with him
I want a grave stone that says “sorry bitch, but death will not do us part”

Baby Fi in her human form. She basically looks the same except she’s fleshy and has messy hair. :0

The babies AU is different from the normal dumb fanfic-y headcanon I have for Fi. Baby Fi was born without arms while my headcanon Fi was just born as an adult and had her arms cut off in battle. Both of them infuse their cape with magic in order to use it as pseudo-arms (for both sword and human form).

Michael kissing up your arm because he’s trying to tease you but ends up murmuring against it saying, “Your skin is so fucking soft.” Then he rubs his face up and down your arm because he likes the softness soo much.