So this is a THC au where Evangeline has the ability to turn into a raven at will.
In the original story, the thieves’ guild master (cant remember his name) was after the throne of Unrad and Evangeline worked for him.
But now, the same guy will have her as his own weapon.
In this au, Eric and the other beasts were never banished, instead, /they/ are the royal family of Unrad. The upper world.
They hold parties every now and then to thank the gods for their blessings (Hercine for their beast blood, Halos for the peace etc etc)
Now when the thieves guild’s master hears of this, he uses sends off his raven, Evangeline to spy on the royal family every now and then. Later on deciding that she should go to the party in her human form (a masquerade party) in order to personally meet the royal family and distract them while the guild breaks into the castle and gather valuables.
At the party she meets the prince, Eric who picks a strange scent and catches the thieves in the middle of their work. Panic spreads in the party, but Thuri was successful at calming everyone down.

Oh god, I’m really hyped for this idea! Gotta draw more of it!