Die 4 Jahreszeiten der Beziehung

erinnert mich
Immer an das verliebt sein
der Duft
das Blühen
zeigt auf Neuanfang

Der Sommer
sagt uns
Wie schön alles ist
die wärme der Zweisamkeit nickt zu

Der Herbst
erinnert mich
ans Loslassen
von schönen
wie die Blätter
die denn Baum verlassen
Gewohnheit kommt immer wieder

ist so düster
es flüstert nach Trennung

On September 22nd is the first official day of autumn, so I decided to make a wonderful bucket list ! It’s my favorite season although I never really have enough time to enjoy it right! So here are some things I definitely want to do this fall:

- make pumpkin pie & bread 🍞🍰
I wanted to do this for years.. so this year I have to!
- fall picnic 🍴
I love picnics & fall - so why not combine it?
- find & read an autumnal book📚
- make homemade bagels
I love bagels.. let’s try this!
- do a chili night with w. friends & family 🍴
autumn and chili fits perfectly 😍
- clean out my closet
and buy much new stuff!
- cave pumpkins 🎃
for that halloween vibes
- do a movie marathon 📺
- bonfire night & s'mores 🔥
- drink hot apple cider @drinking-starbucks 🍷
- hike on a unknown mountain
- make a weekend trip with my friends 💑👫
- bake delicious apple crumble
- write letters 📬✉
- make more pictures with my camera
- go for a run
whether it’s raining or just colder 😍
- fall decoration & room cleaning 🍁
- drink some Irish coffee 😍☕
- make caramel apples
- strolls in the rain ☔💧
- go to the fall fair🍁
- go for early morning walks
- make an autumn playlist 🎶
- drink my first pumpkin spice Latte ☕
- watch horror movies
- do some door decoration
- celebrate Thanksgiving 🍖
usually we don’t celebrate it here - but I want to!
- do sleepovers 💤
- buy fancy autumn candles 🔥
I’d love to have a Yankee Candle & a cool Harry Potter related one!

Touga gets some Revolutionary armor treatment too! His is based on Napoleon’s cavalry. He’s all about riding those wild horses huehuehe.  

 …I think Saionji or Mikage will be next because I can visualize those a lot faster than some of the other Utena characters.  

These are seriously fun to come up with and are doing wonders to momentarily take my mind off the rest of what’s going on in the world…

Meet Girl in STEM Hannah Herbst ,award-winning inventor

I created several iterations of an ocean energy probe, designed to bring energy to impoverished communities in sub-Saharan Africa. There, over 70% of people live in energy poverty.

What is energy poverty?

People are either too poor to afford electricity, or they can afford it but don’t have access to energy- either because of their situation or social status.

How long did it take to invent this?

It took me two years to create the three iterations. I tested them all with permission from the Coast Guard in the Boca Raton inlet.

Now that it’s tested, what are the next steps to getting it in use to help people? 

Right now, I’m making a website to open source my invention, so anyone can build them. I’m also making kits of the prototypes so people can actually make them in classrooms.

- See more at: http://missheardmagazine.com/meet-hannah-herbst-young-scientist-and-inventor/