All in my head

I find myself
at the scene of a crime
from the sky I see the body
inside a chalk outline
I look closely
she looks familiar
like a ghost from
another place and time
pale skin
brown eyes
a red coat
and a scar
that matches mine
the suspect stands
across the street
fumbling for an alibi
she looks cunning and sly
like a snake full of venom
thirsty for her next bite
I recognize her
blonde hair
brown eyes
like the ghost of someone
I knew in another life
she wears a red coat
that looks like mine
suddenly I find myself 
lying on the pavement 
in a chalk outline
wearing a red coat
with a gun concealed inside
covered in fingerprints
I think they might be mine
I look up at the detective 
standing over me
I ask him what happened
He says
“You were the victim of a crime.”
I say
“Did you catch the guy?”
He says
“No – 
we’re chasing the most
elusive criminal
we’ve ever seen
she’s nearly impossible to find.”
I ask him where I am
he winks at me
smiles and says
“We’re inside your mind.”

RE: Five Random Things

laughterkey tagged me last week, so I guess I better get to it! (some of these might have been posted before, but let’s all say we don’t remember that)

Tag game: give five random things about yourself then pass it on to 10 of your followers. Repost, don’t reblog.

1. My tailbone sticks out, probably because I fell right on my rump when I was skating as a child and possibly broke it and it never set right. Or I was actually born a blonde chimpanzee and you can never really get rid of the tail. Either way, sit-ups were awful in school and I never understood why other people could do them without grimacing like I had to (besides the sit-ups themselves).

2. My dad tried not to spend too much money, so I didn’t have a Walkman until I was 12, and by that time I had started to amass a good collection of cassette tapes (I mean, I did have a leftover stereo), so it was a cassette Walkman. Similarly, I had played on friends’ computers but didn’t have my own until I was 17, and I never had my own gaming console until I was 27.

3. I was a beekeeper for a week. I worked at college during the semesters, but there was no work during the summers, so I found a couple of odd jobs, and one of them one summer was going with this beekeeper and his associate to Winnemucca, Nevada, waking up in the morning, riding in the semi with them to an alfalfa farm, putting beekeeping clothing over my regular clothing, watching the sun rise (and the temperature immediately spike), using the smoker to smoke bees out and move crates around all day. We would go back into town, shower, and then the beekeeper would buy us dinner. In this fashion I had my first taste of Basque food, some of the best Chinese food of my live, and developed a sincere loathing for the desert. When we got back to Napa valley I was never so relieved to see my home area in my life. And I got a whopping $400.00 tax-free out of it too. Wait, IRS, don’t read this!

4. I don’t like any melons at all, and you can add cucumbers to that distaste as well. Just…yuck. More for you.

5. I have two tattoos. I got a turtle on my left shoulder when I was 18 and a gecko on my right shoulder blade the last time I was in Maui, which was with psiamnotdrunk when she got her tattoo as well. I proposed to her that same night. Thank goodness she said yes.

I’m just tagging people I’d like to see do this, it doesn’t commit you and you don’t have to do it again if you’ve done it already. If you have done it already, please let me know so I can read them!