Ken Shamrock Vs. Owen Hart [July 26th, 1998]

The Attitude Era had a lot of really bizarre happenings. Some were WAY over the top, others were just a little strange and made less sense than others. This was one. In the Summer of 1998, The Nation Of Domination had their hands full with D-Generation X and Ken Shamrock (who weren’t working together, but simply had common enemies). After Shamrock defeated The Rock to become the 1998 King Of The Ring, The Rock’s focus shifted to Triple H, who was hunting for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Shamrock began feuding with The Rock’s stablemate, Owen Hart, who had previously been feuding with Triple H earlier in the year (the two faced off at WrestleMania 14).

During the Summertime, Shamrock and Hart would face each other on both of their respective terms. The first match they had was in the famous Hart Family Dungeon, were several wrestlers have gone to learn their craft from Bret and Owen Hart to Lance Storm and Chris Jericho to Jack Evans and Tye Dillinger. With former UFC fighter and former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dan Severn as the referee, Owen Hart battled Shamrock in the basement of his childhood home and scored the victory after Severn was knocked out on accident, then came to to find Shamrock knocked out and in a hold by Hart. The two would face each other again the following month, only this time, it was in the octagon!