herbert rice


I have a question to ask the vampire loving world? Why is it the trope to have all Long haired blonde male vampires gay?

I have noticed this in three beloved examples. First we have Lord Akeldama from @gailcarriger’s Parasol protectorate series (depicted here are images from the manga). He is wonderfully flamboyant and easily my favorite character. Speaking solely in italics is a great way to a fangirl’s heart or favorites basket. But he is blonde, and is fashionable to boot.

Next is Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne rice’s interview with a vampire. I have only seen the 90s movie but correct me if I am wrong, but canonically I do not know if Lestat is at all gay or supposed to have any other alternate interest in Louis. But in my eyes he tried to trap Louis to stay with him by turning Claudia. It could be the selfish want of companionship, but in my fangirl eyes I think of it as Lestat being a possessive lover. Lestat is (possibly) gay for Louis, fashionable, angry and most importantly blonde.

Lastly, we have Herbert from Tanz der Vampire. In the musical he is shown to have a flair for the dramatic and plainly states being in love with the male protagonist Alfred. He too is fashionable and blonde!

Is this a trope I have missed out on and I am just now connecting the dots or sheer coincidence!

In any case I love all these characters and they truly make me enjoy each fiction even more.