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That awkward moment when….two serial killers are using the same dumping ground!  It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened!

At the time of Kemper’s murder spree in Santa Cruz, another serial killer, Herbert Mullin was also active, earning the small California town the title of “Murder Capital Of The World.” Kemper and Mullin were briefly held in adjoining cells, with the former angrily accusing the latter of stealing his body-dumping sites.

Over in Florida were another two serial killers operating at the same time and even same place.  Gerald Stano (now executed) started killing women because “he didn’t like their attitudes”. 

For six years, police had believed that 17 year old Cathy Sharf was a victim of Bernard Giles.  While Giles confessed to having killed five women, he denied he was guilty of murdering Sharf, even though her body was found right where his five victims were found.  The one clue that led to Stano being charged with the murder instead of Giles is that palm fronds were covering her body, one of Stano’s trademarks.  In 1981, Sharf’s death was attributed to Stano, making her his seventh victim. 

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By October of 1972, the voices inside Herbert Mullin’s head were telling him that he had to kill. He believed that he was personally chosen by Albert Einstein to murder people in an attempt to prevent an earthquake. He described this mission as “singing the die song.” He later explained to a psychiatrist:

You see, the thing is, people get together, say, in the White House. People like to sing the die song, you know, people like to sing the die song. If I am president of my class when I graduate from high school, I can tell two, possibly three young male homo sapiens to die. I can sing that song to them and they’ll have to kill themselves or be killed - an automobile accident, a knifing, a gunshot wound. You ask me why this is? And I say, well they have to do that in order to protect the ground from an earthquake, because all of the other people in the community had been dying all year long, and my class, we have to chip in so to speak to the darkness, we have to die also. And people would rather sing the die song that murder.”

On 13 October, 1972, the voice in his head shouted “Why won’t you give me anything? Go kill someone! Move!” - Mullin responded by bludgeoning a 55-year-old drifter to death alongside the Santa Cruz mountains. Two weeks later, he picked up a 24-year-old hitchhiker and stabbed her to death with a hunting knife. He then dragged her body into the bushes and disembowelled her. The next week, he entered a confessional at St. Mary’s Church in Los Gatos and stabbed the priest inside to death. During his murderous rampage, Mullin attempted to enlist in the Marines. The recruiting officer said he was very impressed and described Mullin as “highly intelligent and motivated young man who most likely will be a credit to the corps.” The following week Mullin killed five more people, including two brothers that were 4-years-old and 9-years-old, in a secluded area of the Santa Cruz mountains. He then came across four teenage boys camping in the woods and shot them all. His final victim was a 72-year-old who was shot while working in his garden. He committed this murder in broad daylight and was quickly apprehended.

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Hybristophilia (n.) - an attraction to a person who commits crimes.

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Psychopath vs. Psychotic


Technically, psychopaths aren’t legally insane. They know the difference between right and wrong. They are rational, often highly intelligent people. Some are capable of great charm. Indeed, the scariest thing about them is that they seem so normal. The most striking feature of the psychopathic personality is his utter lack of empathy. He is incapable of love, caring, and feeling sorry for anyone but himself. Other people are simply objects to be exploited and manipulated for his own profit and pleasure. At their worst, they have monstrous dreams of torture, rape, and murder that they pursue without the slightest compunction. Such extreme criminal psychopaths are devious, cold-blooded predators who hide their evil hearts behind bland, plausible facades. Because they feel no guilt or remorse, psychopaths are able to maintain an uncanny cool in situations that would cause a normal person to break into a cold sweat. For example, when one ofJeffrey Dahmer’s handcuffed and bleeding victims managed to escape and run out into the street, Dahmer calmly talked the police into returning the young man to his custody. He then led him back to his hellish lair and slaughtered him.


Psychosis is defined as a severe mental disorder characterized by some degree of personality disintegration. Psychotics live in a nightmarish world of their own. They suffer from hallucinations and delusions-hear voices, see visions, are possessed by bizarre beliefs. They have lost touch with reality. Unlike psychopaths-who appear to be normal, rational people even while leading grotesque secret lives-psychotics match the common conception of insanity. The main forms of psychosis are schizophrenia and paranoia. For the most part, serial killers aren’t psychotic. There have been some notable exceptions, however-like the paranoid schizophrenic Herbert Mullin.


Collage of news articles made by John Linley Frazier

Along with big Ed Kemper and Herbert Mullin, Frazier was the third cog in the legendary Triumvirate of Evil of Santa Cruz in the early seventies. As a young man Johnny Boy dropped out of society because he didn’t want to participate in the killing of the planet.

On October 19, 1970, this acid-dropping environmentalist set out to settle a score with an eye doctor who hated hippies. After entering the home of the doctor, he found the wife and shot her with her own gun. He then proceeded to bound and kill everyone as they arrived. By the time he was done, he had killed the doctor, his wife, his secretary and his two children. Frazier wrote a rambling letter on the doctors typewriter about how World War III had started and that anyone who misuses the environment would be executed. He then tossed the bodies into the swimming pool and torched the place.

His hippie friends thought he had gone a bit to far and turned him in to the police. During his trial Johnny showed up with half of his head, half of his beard and one eyebrow shaved. He got the death sentence before his hair could grow back in.