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Creepy Art in Abandoned Psychiatric Hospitals

For a project entitled “1,000 Shadows,” Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione invaded abandoned hospital wards in Madrid, Paris and other undisclosed locales to add ghostly shadows to the already eerie buildings.

Spindly, stretched ghosts emerge under doors, float through windows and emerge out of objects’ shadows.




So eerie…wheelchairs drifting off into nowhere, painted shadows creeping from underneath doors.

In 2013 street artist, Herbert Baglione’s shadowed souls rose from the aura of patients long gone from this abandoned psychiatric hospital, in Parma Italy. It’s all part of his ongoing ‘1000 Shadow’ series.  The series explores the residuals left in abandoned spaces; Baglione explains why he chooses these environments “ The path that the soul takes.  It is as if the soul is leaving an invisible trail on these places.“ The souls have drifted and appeared in other hauntingly inspired spaces - here’s a small sampling of new shadows…

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via [Lost in E Minor, Juxtapoz]


Hanging out in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, the renowned Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione took advantage of the location to continue his 1000 Shadows project, a series of works where he paints floating silhouettes on floors and walls. In this setting, one can imagine the poor souls that used to live in this place.