My newest client Mr. Wazowski is LOVING all the energy his peach tea has given him. He nearly did a backflip when I mentioned how every serving of it burns calories. I think after a few fit camps he’ll be able to achieve a full flip 😏. 

60 days till summer,more than enough time to sculpt your way to the best version of yourself!! FREE 4 week fitness challenge starts tomorrow @ noon. If you’re truly serious about change contact me; let’s take this journey together!! 



In just a short time herbalife has honestly changed my life. I normally get headaches daily & have struggled with fatigue.. Since starting this I have had more energy and not a single headache, I feel better overall and am so thankful! I have seen results with my health and have already lost a few pounds.. And I’ve been able to help others start to reach their goals as well. I am so thankful for this opportunity - positive outlook, encouragement and support, and a healthy, holistic way to get fit again. Anyone who wants to know more let me know, this is seriously some amazing stuff, and the best part - it’s all natural. #herbalife #herbaliving #herbahero #healthyactivelifestyle #positivevibes #lovinglife

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||welcome home lunch🍱🍜||

Sushi on brownrice and salad and my herbalife tea that helps me burn 80-100 cals, fasten my metabolism, and gives me energy to unpack and keep a long day going.
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(at www.goherbalife.com/robelsie24/en-US)

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Saw this on a fellow Herbalife coaches Instagram and couldn’t help but repost it! I know a lot of people who may think its a quick fix to weight loss and its not. It’s a great way to help jump start your lifestyle change! Regardless of your what you do to lose weight, you must always put in effort! =) Perfect gif. #herbalife #herbaliving #herbalifestyle #health #fitness #weightloss #lifestylechange

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