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Words to Know! -  Bioregionalism, Eco-communalism, and Decolonization!

Excerpt- Revolutionary Herbalism!

Excerpt - The Great Plains - From Dust to Dust!

Excerpt - Against the Environment: A decolonial bioregionalism!

Plant Profiles! - Desert Senna & Indian Root!

Non-Chemical Household Products!

30 Ways to be a Better Ally in 2014!

Red Flags for Herbalists!

From the House of Yemanja by Audre Lorde!

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Elderberry Plus Elixer: Wildcrafted and High Potency:
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Toi Scott

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From the author: “Queer. Brown. Herbalism

Compiled from queerherbalism.blogspot.com which contains commentary and resources about holistic healing with an anti-oppressive (namely anti-racist and pro-queer)framework and a lens toward a more historically accurate, complete and inclusive (decolonial) history of healing.

162 glorious pages.

I. Reclamation and Reflections
• The Inaccessibility of Modern Western Herbalism
• No Herbal Revolution without an Anti-Oppression Framework
• We are the Sum of our Ancestors, Decolonizing Herbalism and other healing modalities
II. Traditional Indigenous Healing
•Two-Spirit healers and tradition
III. Medicine Making Basics
IV. Flower Essences
V.More Flower Essences
VI. Radical Brown Health and Healing
VII. Brown Resources
VIII. Brown Reads
XI. POC-Led Classes and Seminars
X. POC Healers
XI. Queer Reads
XII. Free Classes and Info”

Hello everyone! 💟 Today’s tea is Honeybush Caramel Herbal Tea by Revolution. This was a request by @max.iii.ne, thanks again for the request! 😄 The main ingredients in this tea are Rooibos, honeybush, marigold flowers and the caramel flavoring.
To make this tea is very simple. These come in sachets, so simply place one in water heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit for about 4-5 minutes. The only tricky thing about these were that they did not come with strings 😬 so if you want to get the sachet it out your going to have to fish it out with a fork. 🐠

So I was really excited to try this tea because it sounded like it was going to be a sweet treat! 🍭 And as some of you may know I do have quiet a sweet tooth. 🙋🏼However that is not what this tea turned out to be unfortunately.
I was definitely not a huge fan of this tea to be honest. 😔 It really does not taste at all like the title would lead one to believe and honestly tastes like a plain Rooibos tea. Even when I tried sweetening this tea with sugar it still was just a really strong bad taste to it. Usually even if I don’t like a tea there is still something I could do to make it a little better but this tea really wasn’t budging for me. It might taste a bit better if its cold?
I give this tea a ⭐️ 😖

You can find it @revolution_tea or at www.revolutiontea.com it’s about $6.99 for a box of 16 sachets.