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Rosemary cold infused oil

I’ve noticed, thanks to a good friend, that I rarely share original posts nowadays (well other than little posts about my state of mind).

So I thought I’d share something I’ve done recently. I’m really excited about it. I finally made my own rosemary oil using our own rosemary. Last year, we had loads of rosemary growing in our garden (as well as other medicinal herbs). I dried most of it because I like drinking some when I’m having a headache, when I’m doing a detox, or need something to energize me or for late periods.

I’ve also recently discovered that rosemary oil is very helpful for blood circulation and pain relief. I had received a sample from a natural cosmetic store and using it after my runs has done miracle. And I love the clean smell. So I decided to make my own cold infused oil.

It’s actually very easy to do but you have to be patient. I don’t remember the exact proportion (but I can check in my books if you want) but it’s basically vegetable oil (something light that doesn’t smell too much) and fresh rosemary in a clear jar, placed on the windowsill. You have to gently shake it every week and keep it for a month. However, as you probably already know, I’m a big procrastinator so I ended up leaving it like this for six months. Thankfully, it didn’t rot or spoil. It would have been a pity.

I filtered it into another dark jar (to protect it from UV although at this point…). And it’s perfect! The smell is very refreshing and reminds me of the outdoors. I can’t wait to use it.

I already have a smaller jar that I made as a test. It’s important to always test ideas in smaller proportion to make sure that you’re doing it right.

Along with the virtues I’ve listed previously, rosemary oil is also very good for the scalp. I thankful don’t have any problem with my hair but many people around me are losing too much hair. Massaging your scalp with coconut oil is already very good but rosemary oil is supposed to invigorate your blood circulation and prevent hair loss. Often hair loss is connected to bad circulation (but there are many many other reasons) so rosemary can help. Massaging your scalp with it can also relieve headaches, mental fatigue or dry scalp. It can also be used in a tonic for convalescence or a mood reliever.

However, don’t use rosemary in any form if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant. It’s a mild emmenagogue  (that promotes menstrual flow)  and also an uterine contracting herb. Definitely avoid drinking infusion of Rosemary. I’m not sure about the oil but better be safe than sorry. Herbs should always be used with caution and one mustn’t over do it. And always check what you read on the internet.