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Can you please do a Morgana/Reader fic involving pregnancy please! I love yalls stuff by the way!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

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Warning: This may contain Merthur (again). Also, IT’S LOVELY PREGNANCY FLUFF! -Admin Lily

I may have added a Dracula reference… it’s real subtle though. - Admin Cam

You wake up, feeling drowsy. Morgana is already sitting up on her side of the bed. She’s reading, but she quickly puts it down once she notices you.

“Good morning,” she says, smiling at you.

“Morning, my love. Big day, huh?” you give her a good morning kiss after speaking.

“Yeah, I’m so excited. We get to know the gender of our little angel!” Morgana says excitedly.

You smile at her enthusiasm. You start to kiss her once again as a servant comes in with breakfast.

After breakfast, you and Morgana head to the physician’s quarters where Gaius awaits you.

“Hello, my lady. Hello, (Y/N). Merlin will be here soon. He and Arthur had some… business to attend to,” the man says as you enter the chamber.

“My brother won’t let him go? Poor Merlin, being stuck with a prat like him,” Morgana says, shaking her head.

“Now, babe, don’t be so harsh,” you say, tugging her into your arms and placing kisses all over her face.

“Hmm, yes. I suppose I shouldn’t,” the brunette says as she snuggles into your arms.

“And Morgana calls us gross,” comes a voice from the entrance.

Arthur is standing there with Merlin, whose smacking the king for his comment.

“Ow,” Arthur mutters, following the court sorcerer into the room.

“Sorry Morgana, (Y/N). Our king is a prat. Now, is the lovely lady ready for her check up?” Merlin asks with a smile.

Morgana’s face lights up and she smiles wide.

“I am!”

You help her onto the table in the middle of the chamber and watch as Gaius start all his normal check up practices.

“Why are you here? Don’t you have some royal duties to attend to?” your lover says a few minutes into the check up.

Arthur is leaning agaisnt the wall by Merlin. He rolls his eyes and says, “I do care about my future niece or nephew. I am as curious about the child as you are, sister.”

Morgana nods, excepting the answer, and relaxes through the rest of Gaius’ routine.

Gaius holds up a herbal gel in his hand and says, “Now I will put this on Morgana’s stomach to help Merlin see what the baby is.”

The medic rubs the substance on the brunette’s belly. Merlin steps forward afterwards and mummurs a spell. Everyone watches as his eyes glow golden. The color fades, and everyone seems to be holding their breathes.

“So, what is it?” you ask, breaking the silence and Morgana squeezes your hand.

“It’s a boy,” Merlin announces.


Praises are passed to you and Morgana by everybody in the room, and you two can’t stop smiling. When everyone is done, you and Morgana head back to your shared chambers.

“Hey,” you say, pulling Morgana into bed and hugging her.

“We’re having a boy.”

“I noticed. I was there,” Morgana chuckles, shaking her head at you.

“What should we name him?” you question.

“It has to be something strong.”

Morgana blushes.

“I was actually thinking we could name him after Gorlois. Would that be okay?”

You smile at her shyness.

“Well, you are carrying the child, and Gorlois is a good name.”

“Oh thank you! I love you, (Y/N). I’m so happy to be a parent with you!”

Morgana pulls you in for a kiss. The two of you part from the kiss and you kneel down by Morgana’s bump.

“We can’t wait for you to get here, little Gorlois. We love you,” you say and kiss the bump.

You stand back up and kiss Morgana once more.

“And I love you, my dearest Morgana.”

“And I love you too, my darling (Y/N).”

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Do you have an updated skin or hair routine?

yes, this is simplified though!  

skin: i double cleanse with oil & african black soap or a gentle cream. i tone with witch hazel & cucumber / aloe, use vitamin c serum & moisturize with oil, aloe vera, and then use mineral sunscreen. a couple times a week i’ll use aztec healing clay & i will massage my face with a smooth crystal for a little ayurvedic treatment 

hair: i’ve been wearing my natural hair & i’m focused on transitioning from heat / color damaged hair to healthy hair! so i’m using no heat, sulfates, silicones, or anything harsh on my hair. lately i’ve been using light natural creams, gel, & herbal spray and applying them while my hair is still wet before letting my curls dry 


JD (Heathers)

Karma Bubble Bar: A deep purple, patchouli, sweet orange and pine scented bubble bar. Perfect for people who believe that what goes around, comes around.

Hellstone Perfume: A warm, primal perfume of vetivert, cumin and beeswax. Reminiscent of the chaos of prehistoric times.

Boom! Toothy Tabs: Chili, charcoal and gunpowder solid toothpaste. You’ve always had a twitchy trigger finger and a killer smile.

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel: Freeze your brain with this minty herbal shower gel, especially if you’re prone to playing dirty.

Herb of the Week-Aloe


Aloe Vera
Barbados Aloe
Curacao Aloe
Lu Hui
The herbaceous plant called the aloe finds wide usage in many herbal applications and remedies - it is often prescribed by herbalist for different conditions. The herb is also the main source for two commonly used herbal products that differ in their chemical composition as well as in therapeutic abilities - these two products however have very similar names which are inadvertently interchanged in the herbal literature. The gel or mucilage sourced from the aloe vera herb is a very thin and clear, jellylike material that is made from by the parenchymal tissues in the leaves of the herb - these water rich tissues make up the majority of the underlying inner portion of aloe leaves and stems. A variety of different procedures are utilized for the extraction of this gel that is prepared mainly from the leaves of the plant, on the basic level all of the these procedures consist of initial separation of the mucilage of the aloe not only from the internal cellular debris but specifically from specialized cells called the pericyclic tubules, these cells lie just underneath the epidermis or the rind of the leaves. Another useful herbal product from the aloe is derived from the dried remains of such cells. These pericyclic tubule cells posses a bitter yellow latex or juice, an active cathartic pharmaceutical herbal product known simply as the aloe, is prepared from these dried cells.

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