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Collective LUSH hauls from the last two or three weeks. I see no problem here (except that my R&B is hiding behind Guardian of the Forest). 

[One of the biggest adjustments Harlow has made since coming topside is a radically different diet.  While the Institute does cycle through differently flavored food supplements (gel, powder, paste, or foam form used to flavor the otherwise bland Institute meals) enough that flavor doesn’t become too repetitive, there isn’t nearly as much variety in terms of texture and presentation.  Meals in the Institute include:

  • Powder mixed into water to make a sort of shake suitable for all meals.
  • Thick, chewy dinner food bars that are a little sticky.
  • Thin, crunchy breakfast bars in the shape of rounded rectangles.
  • Thinner, crumbly snack bars in the shape of rectangles.
  • A round steamed bun that’s either filled with a protein or a savory, vegetable, or salty flavored paste.
  • Smaller steamed buns that come to a peak that are filled with fruit, sugar, floral, or herbal flavored gel.
  • Long, sticky, clear noodles.
  • Short, thick noodles.
  • Pancakes.
  • Sticky, spongy cake with gel or foam on top.
  • Soft bread for breakfast or dessert.
  • Bread with a crunchy exterior for dinner.
  • Basically cracker nuts except with hard protein inside instead of actual nuts.
  • Crackers with the texture of prawn chips, usually coated with a powder that tastes salty or cheesy.
  • Brittle.  Can be savory, nutty, or sweet flavored.
  • It’s like a pop tart but not good.
  • Clear beverage.
  • The black beverage with caffeine in it.
  • Vegetables, fruit, and protein in the form of:
    • Balls that size of peas.
    • Balls the size of meatballs.
    • Discs.
    • A soft loaf that can be sliced.
    • Kind of like polenta triangles.
    • Freeze-dried.
    • Crumbles.
    • Spreadable paste.
    • Cubes.
    • Like a shitty, spongy omelet.
    • Almost like mashed potatoes but not.
    • Like fruit leather.
    • Fun science shapes for kids and the weekend!

Everything is carefully measured and prepared to guarantee consistency in nutrition and texture.  Protein is derived from insects, eggs, fish, and soybeans/lentils; any livestock bigger than a chicken isn’t feasible due to space limitations.  Fruit and vegetables that haven’t been processed (or more commonly, canned) are eaten, but generally speaking, most things are processed and made into something less immediately perishable to insure it meets nutrition guidelines and so it can be stored longer .

In contrast, food in the upper Commonwealth is wild and incredibly varied, lacking regulation.  Sometimes noodles can be firm and sometimes they can be mushy!  Vegetables and fruits almost never come in omelet form, and they have pulp, skin, and seeds.  Meat has all sorts of interesting textures, including the softness of fat and the chewiness or hardness of gristle and crispy skin.  She can drink alcohol anytime she wants.  Breakfast can come in many forms. Butter exists.]


JD (Heathers)

Karma Bubble Bar: A deep purple, patchouli, sweet orange and pine scented bubble bar. Perfect for people who believe that what goes around, comes around.

Hellstone Perfume: A warm, primal perfume of vetivert, cumin and beeswax. Reminiscent of the chaos of prehistoric times.

Boom! Toothy Tabs: Chili, charcoal and gunpowder solid toothpaste. You’ve always had a twitchy trigger finger and a killer smile.

Dirty Springwash Shower Gel: Freeze your brain with this minty herbal shower gel, especially if you’re prone to playing dirty.

Herb of the Week-Aloe


Aloe Vera
Barbados Aloe
Curacao Aloe
Lu Hui
The herbaceous plant called the aloe finds wide usage in many herbal applications and remedies - it is often prescribed by herbalist for different conditions. The herb is also the main source for two commonly used herbal products that differ in their chemical composition as well as in therapeutic abilities - these two products however have very similar names which are inadvertently interchanged in the herbal literature. The gel or mucilage sourced from the aloe vera herb is a very thin and clear, jellylike material that is made from by the parenchymal tissues in the leaves of the herb - these water rich tissues make up the majority of the underlying inner portion of aloe leaves and stems. A variety of different procedures are utilized for the extraction of this gel that is prepared mainly from the leaves of the plant, on the basic level all of the these procedures consist of initial separation of the mucilage of the aloe not only from the internal cellular debris but specifically from specialized cells called the pericyclic tubules, these cells lie just underneath the epidermis or the rind of the leaves. Another useful herbal product from the aloe is derived from the dried remains of such cells. These pericyclic tubule cells posses a bitter yellow latex or juice, an active cathartic pharmaceutical herbal product known simply as the aloe, is prepared from these dried cells.

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