herbal bath oil


Made a new batch of essential oils herbal bath salts.

This is the recipe I always use (my bath bomb recipe is also based off of this) and I adjust it to my personal preference depending on what I am making (I will change the salts, herbs and essential oils used and sometimes will use more salt and sometimes more herbs in the mixture).

  • Baking Soda ½ Cup
  • Citric Acid ¼ Cup
  • Cornstarch ¼ Cup
  • Sea Salt ¼ Cup
  • Epsom Salt ¼ Cup
  • Himalayan Salt ¼ Cup (Coarse grain used for this one)
  • Jojoba Oil 3 Tsp
  • Essential Oil 1 Tsp (Lavender used for this one)
  • Rose Petals 1 Tsp - Tbsp
  • Rose Buds 1 Tsp - Tbsp
  • Jasmine Buds 1 Tsp - Tbsp
  • Lavender 1 Tsp - Tbsp
  • Lemongrass 1 Tsp - Tbsp
  • Chamomile 1 Tsp - Tbsp

Using a large bowl, add in all dry ingredients and whisk them together. Add in jojoba and essential oils, little bit at a time, whisking each time in between adding in the oils. Spoon into a jar with lid to store and add in as little or as much as you want into your baths. If you don’t want the herbs floating all over your bath, spoon the mixture into a cloth sachet first and draw it shut and toss into the bath or hang over faucet and let the hot water run through it.

Bay Leaves (Bay Laurel)

Element: Fire

Magical Properties

- Bay Leaves are extremely useful in divination, clairvoyance, and inducing visions. They are useful in other metaphysical skills too; protection from psychic attacks, boosting general magic, and aiding psychic development. Bay leaves are used in clairvoyance and wisdom brews. Leaves placed under the pillow or used in dream work will bring prophetic dreams.

- Bay Laurel is associated with Apollo.  When the nymph Daphne tried to avoid him she turned into the first laurel tree, which Apollo adopted as his sacred tree. The leaves were also chewed and burned by Apollo’s prophetic priestesses at Delphi, which ties in to its uses in divination.

- Bay is used for its properties of purification and protection. It is used in consecrating things, dispelling negative entities and energies, spell breaking, and protection against negative magic. When placed in the corners of a home it will protect all who dwell there, and it can be burned to achieve the same effect.

- Bay is excellent when put to use in wish magic or other things regarding bringing about ambitions and goals. Write a wish on a bay leaf and burn it to achieve your goal, use them in spells and charms to bring prosperity, luck, success, and abundance, and use bay to bring about healing and transformation.

- Bay can also be used for: love, passion, harmony, inspiration, wisdom, justice, memory, release, strength, fertility, victory, and employment.

Medicinal Properties

- Bay oil can be used to treat arthritic pains, lower back pain, earaches, sore muscles, and sprains.

- The leaves can be used in cooking, taken in tea, used in herbal baths, and infused in oil.

- WARNING: the oil should never be used by women who are pregnant, should never be taken internally, and you must dilute the oil and use it in small amounts when applied to the skin.

Collective LUSH hauls from the last two or three weeks. I see no problem here (except that my R&B is hiding behind Guardian of the Forest). 

Roe’s All-Round Cleansing Bath

Sometimes, a bath on it’s own is enough to cleanse you but sometimes, it isn’t. I’m suffering with some negativity and general discomfort, and wish to cleanse not only my body, but my general being.


  • A small cup of powdered milk.
  • 5 drops of a negativity banishing essential oil, e.g. rose, peppermint, cypress or lavender would work. 
  • Juice or rind of 1 lemon (whichever you prefer).
  • 3 drops of an oil such as almond or coconut.
  • Half a cup of sea salt
  • 4 candles of your choice; whichever colours bring you comfort, or happiness.

Okay, so start by drawing a hot bath. Fill your tub as much as you need or want but make sure it’s a safe temperature. I know that’s common knowledge but sometimes I forget that I will in fact be bathing in this water, so I’m sure some others do too!

Once the bath has been drawn, put the powdered milk into the water and swirl gently until it’s all dissolved. As the concentration of milk in the water is very small, it won’t take very long. It will leave your bath cloudy looking. This is normal.

Drop the oils, lemon juice/rind and salt into the bath and again, stir until all is dissolved (if you choose lemon rind over juice, they will not dissolve) and you’re satisfied with it.

Place your candles on each corner of the bath, if you can. If you cannot place them on the bath itself, i.e., if you have a free standing bath, they can be placed on the floor, so long as they’re positioned in each of the ‘corners’.

You should now step into the bath and feel the warmth envelope your body. Let it soothe you; seep into you. Relax and let your mind be at ease as the negative energies are taken from your body.
As you relax, you may speak/murmur/think/chant/sing the following: 

Let this bath cleanse me of all that drags me down,
Let the water take my fears and take my doubts,
Let the elements soothe and bless my skin, my spirit and my mind


Friend: you know I’m feeling kinda sick, do you have any thing to help?

Me: would you like an herbal bath, essential oil, crystal, spell, or all of the above to help you?

Friend: what about Tylenol?

Me: *blank stare* you know I don’t keep any of that around me.

animated-corpse  asked:

What's a good use of lavendar Basil and mint?


  • Dream pillow
  • Tea for relaxing
  • Herbal bath also for relaxing
  • Oil; to attract love, to relax


  • Incense to cleanse negative energy
  • Wash the floor to clean physically and spiritually
  • Protection amulet or spell
  • herbal bath for cleaning from negative energy


  • amulet or spell to attract money
  • Herbal bath to attract abundance
  • Tea: to make you feel abundant or to help with stomach issues
  • mouth wash
  • hand wash, if you work on signing papers that involve money