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It’s that time! Ostara Masterpost Time.

Handy reference guide of resources and recipes to help you out this Ostara! Hope everyone’s festivities go beautifully, and if you don’t celebrate, happy Spring! 

Tarot Spells/Spreads

Tarot Spell for Self-Empowerment

New Life Tarot Spread

Ostara Serpent Magic Tarot Spread


Ostara Incense


Pan Oil

Ostara Oil

Ostara Oil II

Ostara Oil III

Ostara Oil IV

Spring Time Oil

Sabbat Oil


Sabbat Soap

Lushcraft: Cleansing and Restoring Ostara Bath

Happiness Powder

Purification Bath

Egg Coloring Spell**

Ostara Buns**

Setting Up Your Ostara Altar**

Ideas for Celebrating Ostara**

Ostara Tea**

**Not from my own blog

Collective LUSH hauls from the last two or three weeks. I see no problem here (except that my R&B is hiding behind Guardian of the Forest). 

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!! I don’t know about you all, but for me (and many others) New Year’s Eve is a great time to focus on cleansing, new beginnings, and a fresh start for the New Year. Here’s just a couple links to some cleansing and New Year’s spells, oils, and incenses (some specific to this time of year and some not so much!)

From my grimoire: 

-New Year’s Eve Lunar Candle

-New Year’s Eve Bath Spell

-Turn Over a New Leaf Oil

-Winter Magical Cleansing Bath

-Ritual Purification Bath

-Easy Life Oil II

From around the web:

-New Year’s Eve Tarot Spread

-New Year New Love Spell from Fumbletongue