Personal ideas to put in a Grimoire

•pressed local leaves
•pressed local flowers
•good food recipes
•potion recipes
•short haiku-esque chants
•correspondence charts
•star charts
•herb identification guide
•useful crystals and herbs and what they mean and do
•creature info
•pop culture spells (aka ALL THE SON LYRICS)
•deity research
•offering ideas
•personal experiences
•personal ritual ideas
•personal encounters with creatures
•uses for different types of objects like dirt, water, feathers, mud, etc
•dream interpretations
•tarot, rune and pendulum info

Herbs: Parsley

Ok yesterday I found some parsley my mom usef for kitchen. I didn’t know how to use it, so I asked a friend and made research.
Actually it is air drying outdoor, it will mantain his flavour better and for me was the best option so far.

From my BOS:
Parsley increases lust, good luck, protection, purification, fertility, reincarnation, health, strenght, vitality, divination, passion, meditation, rituals for the dead, happiness and communication.

It can be used in bath for purification, incense for phisically-well feeling and happiness, in the rituals for the dead it helps communication.

You can use it in tea, wearing it as a charm or in a sachet to increase strenght, health, protection, vitality or just to evoke lust and passion.

In the dishes, it is supposed to protect the food from contamination and eat it increase fertility and lust.


Hope this will be helpful, for any mistake write me asap :)


I now have 3 books up for sale on kindle through amazon. Check them out the is darkness within poems., easy cooking , and your handy guide to herbs both magical and medicinal. I worked very hard on them.

Barnes Haul

I got myself 5 books as my 10 day quit reward. One philosophy, one herb guide, one survival, and two life empowerment kinds of books.
Honestly, get me in a Barnes after two pints of pumpkin beer and I apparently will be real honest about what Skills/parts of my life I want to improve haha.
I’m hoping 52 ways to live a kickass life opens my mind to maybe some of the things that are possible, but didn’t know were out there… Or is just full of hacks I can use?
Survival guide’s for hiking/adventure sports and disasters… Which I like, because I didn’t want so much a fallout guide - just a hey, if you’re on a deserted island…. Or get lost in the woods… Etc.
All in all I had a marvelous weekend away and man. It was just nice. Glad I went rather than being stir crazy and smoke focused and batshit haha.
Physically, my body is adjusting well. I legit can sing along to the car radio without my voice sounding like it’s going through a cheese grater.
The claw demon that scratches in my chest has vacated (that’s what my cravings feel like, it’s weird). And I feel overall like a nonsmoker again.
I think a lot of the emotions I’m feeling right now are valid. I am frustrated with certain aspects of my life, but I’m going to use this frustration to power through obstacles rather than be weighed down by it in a pity party.
I can feel my focus coming back. Now all I need to do is focus on channeling frustrations into workable energy rather than emotionally draining baggage.
Positive thinking ahoy!

Reading List

This list is all books that anyone interested in Herbalism, Happiness and Women’s Health should look at. You can find most at bookstores and online book sellers. Herbalism – Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs Herbal Renaissance By Steven Foster The Yoga Of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine Herbal Goddess by Amy Jirsa Herbal Healing for Women by Rosemary Gladstar Healing…

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