Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass  Whipped Cream & Other Delights   1965   A&M

While employing the Tijuana Brass Band, Herb’s musical ventures would occasionally stray from the Baja penninsula (see “Zorba the Greek”, “Last Tango In Paris”, etc.).  Whipped Cream would be one of the earliest such examples of the TJB lifting anchor off the Sonoran Desert floor to explore new sonic territory.  Herb & co. would pitch their tent atop the pop heartland, covering a handful of hit records using their distinctive instrumental brass template.   

Speaking of pitching tents, how ‘bout that sleeve art?   Dolores Erickson was featured on more than a dozen album covers in the 60’s, including one by Nat King Cole.  None of those, however, had her frolicking in a barrel load of faux whipped cream.  3 months pregnant at the time, she titillated the masses, and helped Herb & co. move upwards of 6 million units.  Check this article for a fuller back-story, and for some scintillating outtakes.from the original photo session… http://stuffnobodycaresabout.com/2012/01/27/outtake-photos-from-the-sexiest-album-cover-of-the-1960s/