herb silverman

Just got back from the AHA Pre party.  I shook hands with Herb Silverman (pictured), president of the Secular Coalition for America.  Lots of great people.  Now I’m going to register for the American Atheist convention, hang out in the bar, and talk to drunken atheists.  Ahh..‘tis a tough life, but someone has to do it.  Just to keep my Tumblr followers completely up to date on stuff, you understand.  :)

~ Steve

Local reporters were eager to interview Dr. Dawkins by phone and to write about him before he arrived. However, I was once again struck by how frequently articles about atheists include comments from ministers … I hasten to say I’m pleased that positive voices on atheism are finally getting coverage, even if they are invariably countered by opposing voices. I wonder how long it will be until articles about religious leaders include any comments by atheists.
—  A great point from Herb Silverman, AHA board member and Secular Coalition for America Founder, in this Washington Post On Faith Piece.