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Recipe: Josh’s “Feel Good” Tea

We’ve all had those days when we’re so sick we don’t want to do much. Between fits of rather painful coughing, sniffling, achiness, and difficulty breathing, I knew that I needed a good strong tea to help kick this flu in the rear. And that’s how I came to create my “Feel Good” blend - a nice, strong tea that makes you feel calm and relaxed before promptly knocking you out for a good nap.

-1 tbsp peppermint tea
-1 tsp chamomile
-1.5 tsp rosemary
-1 tsp lavender
-Honey (raw recommended)
-pinch ground cinnamon
-Boiling Water

Combine all of your herbs in a sachet and steep in the water for anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes for a strong tea. Add honey to taste and sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. Enjoy!

Witchy Notes: Peppermint is great for pain relief from coughing due to the menthol, chamomile helps to relax and encourages sleep. Rosemary is a great cough suppressant and also helps to ease aches and pain. Lavender helps to induce calm, allowing you to breathe easier. Honey and cinnamon both have antibacterial properties and are excellent health ingredients. Enchant your ingredients ahead of time as you see fit, so that your tea will have a bit of magic all to its own!

Spell to Strengthen a Romantic Relationship


  • Lavender
  • Cinnamon
  • Chili Pepper
  • Fire-safe jar or cup
  • Red Taper Candle
  • Lighter
  • Representation of your lover


  • Mix the herbs together (in the glass) with your finger in a clockwise motion. Visualize their powers of love and strength.
  • Light the red candle.
  • Chant:

“Our love is ever strong

By distance short or long

We made homes in each other’s hearts

Souls tied together from the start” x

  • Burn the symbol of your lover (over the glass) and visualize all the good times you have together: the kisses, the sex, the laughter, etc.
  • Add the ashes and herbs to the sachet, and place it near your bed, or wherever you interact most with your lover.
  • Thank any spirits or Gods that may have helped you in the spell.
  • Let the candle burn down. When it is finished, the spell is activated.


Bed magick (for my spoonie witches):

The setup:
🌟-Sigils placed under your mattress for pain-free rest and anything else you need!
🌟-Place crystals under your pillow (or in the case) for restful sleep or a specific use. I often place amethyst and Quartz under my pillow for headaches!
🌟-Hang herb sachets above your bed.
🌟-Keep any supplies you want nearby in case you become bedridden.

Bedridden witchy things:
🌸-Play with spare bits of energy in the room.
🌸-Listen to music that makes you feel witchy/powerful.
🌸-Wash your face with a pre-prepared cleansing spray (add herbs and such).
🌸-If possible, open a window for at least five minutes and soak in the sensations of the outside world.
🌸-Read a witchy book/write in your grimoire.
🌸-Hold your crystals or keep them near you.
🌸-Washing your sheets/blankets/pillow case = the ultimate cleanse.
🌸-Meditate and work on breathing.
🌸-Spend some time with your tarot cards or pendulum (you don’t have to use them though!).
🌸-Do some dream magick.
🌸-Drink some herbal tea.

Remember, your witchiness isn’t based on your ability to practice all the time. It’s perfectly acceptable to take as long as you need when you aren’t feeling great.

(This is okay for everyone to reblog and use btw.)

this little wonder has kept me calm, focused, and in the library for longer than i’ve been all semester !

to make it, you need the following or alternatives w/ similar properties…

  • a little bag, blue preferably
  • dill, for mental strength and concentration,
  • rosemary, to aid memory + intellect
  • cloves, for mental clarity
  • a bloodstone, for courage and strength *
  • a means to charge your ingredients - i used an orange candle, to add a little energy to the mix!

hope this helps some of you right now, it’s deadline season for me and i’m sure others are in the same situation!

*necessary for me to combat anxiety and fatigue !

Refresh & Renew Shower Sachet 🚿

A sachet meant to cleanse one’s self and invite positive energy into their life.


  • Lemongrass
  • Dried Orange Peels
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Lime essential oil (20 - 30 drops)
  • Orange essential oil (20 - 30 drops)
  • Mesh organza bag


  1. Combine the dry ingredients first (herbs and salt) and add to bag
  2. Add essential oils to the bag
  3. Set sachet in the corner of your shower where water can wash over it
  4. Let the aroma of lemongrass, orange, and lime cleanse the negative energy around you and bring forth positive energy in its place

Astral/Dream Sachets

  • Jasmine : Prophetic Dreaming
  • Motherwort: Astral Projection, Protection (Safe Astral Travels)
  • Mugwort : Dreams, Astral Projection, Psychic Powers
  • Lemongrass : Psychic Powers
  • Bourage : Psychic Powers
  • Peppermint : Clarity, Focus
  • Lavender : Peace, Sleep
  • 1 Bay leaf (optional)

Enchant herbs as necessary and place in sachet. Then, embedding your final intent, repeat the following incantation 3 times: 

“Great Powers unknown,

Reveal to me what must be shown.

Bring me dreams of a different kind,

So that I may open up my mind.”

Want to make this Sachet More Powerful?

  • Write a dream sigil on a bay leaf. Charge and then burn, adding the ashes/left overs with herbs in the sachet! 
  • Tie with blue string/ribbon for help with healing sleep. Dark blue especially helps with dreams!
Sachet for energy + motivation for doing stuff~

I’ll leave the bag for the sachet up to you. I like to sew them myself, with a fabric in a colour appropriate for the sachet’s purpose. Now, this sachet isn’t just for energy and motivation, but for energy and motivation geared towards DOING STUFF. While you put the sachet together, you should set the intention of what is the ‘stuff’ you want the sachet to help you with. Studying, writing, drawing, that kind of thing. As for the ingredients:

-Mint: for clarity of mind.

-Rosemary or basil: for focus and concentration (they say rosemary and basil’s scents help with this).

-Black coffee or black tea: for grounded energy (grounded as in, I want to be able to use this energy for doing stuff, and not just get hyperactive).

-Bay leaf: for success, and putting nice solar energy into the sachet.

-Cinnamon: for a nice extra kick, and more fire and sun put into the sachet.

Remember you can ask your deities or spirits to help with this. In my case, Mr.Dragon was nice enough to provide some fire.

Simple Sleep Sachet

- Amethyst (to help treat insomnia and induce a restful sleep; to help relieve nightmares)
- Cloves (to bring warmth to dreams)
- Peppermint (to enhance clarity and vividness in dreams)
- Rosemary (to bring deep sleep and keep away bad dreams)
- Rose Petals (to bring warmth and love; to provoke romantic dreams)
- Lavender Candle
- Small bag
- Something to write with (optional)

- Combine the amethyst and herbs into the small bag and seal it (I used 3 pinches of each)
- (Optional) Draw a sigil related to your intent on the bag
- Light the candle and hold the bag over it
- Say or think your intent (ex. ”I will sleep well tonight”); Repeat until satisfied or until the bag is slightly warm
- Place the bag under your pillow


Sachets to enhance and strengthen positive aspects of your sign

Aquarius sachet :

3 parts lavender 

2 parts patchouly

1 part benzoin

1 part mace 

1 part mint 

Mix, tie up in gray or some other dark colored cloth that appeals to you. Wear or carry. 

Aries sachet :

3 parts carnation 

2 parts jupiter 

1 part frankincense 

1 part fennel 

1 part cumin 

Blend, tie up in a red cloth, wear or carry.

Cancer sachet :

3 parts sandalwood 

2 parts myrrh 

1 part gardenia 

1 part lemon balm 

1 part gardenia petals 

Tie up in a white cloth, wear or carry. 

Capricorn sachet :

3 parts vetivert 

2 parts cypress 

1 part vervain 

1 part mimosa blossoms 

1 part comfrey 

Mix, tie up in indigo, gray or any other dark cloth you prefer. Wear or carry. 

Gemini sachet :

3 parts lavender 

2 parts mint 

2 parts gum mastic 

2 parts clover 

1 part dill seed 

1 part anise 

Tie up in a yellow cloth, wear or carry. 

Leo Sachet :

2 parts orange peel 

2 parts cinnamon 

1 part frankincense 

1 part nutmeg 

1 part juniper 

1 pinch gum arabic 

Tie up on orange, red or gold cloth. Wear or carry. 

Libra Sachet :  

2 parts spearmint 

2 parts catnip 

2 parts rose petals 

1 part marjoram 

1 part thyme 

1 part mugwort 

Tie up in a yellow cloth, wear or carry. 

Pisces Sachet :

3 parts sandalwood

2 parts sage 

1 part eucalyptus 

1 part anise 

1 part lemon 

Tie up in a purple cloth, wear or carry.

Sagittarius Sachet :

3 parts sassafras 

2 parts cedar 

2 parts clove 

1 part star anise 

1 part dragon’s blood 

1 part juniper 

Tie up in a purple cloth, wear or carry.

Scorpio Sachet :

3 parts pine 

3 parts myrrh 

2 parts galangal 

1 part allspice 

1 part violet flowers 

1 part basil

Tie up in a bright red or blue cloth, wear or carry. 

Taurus Sachet :

3 parts patchouly 

2 parts oakmoss 

1 part cardamom 

1 part rose petals 

1 vanilla bean, crushed 

Tie up in yellow or blue cloth, wear or carry. 

Virgo Sachet : 

3 parts lavender

2 parts patchouly 

2 parts cypress 

1 part caraway 

1 part fern 

1 part mint 

Tie up in a clear yellow cloth, wear or carry.     

You may also take these herbs and burn them as incense in a censer while you meditate, add crystals and personal amulets that appeal. Love and light!                      

Dream Pillow

A dream pillow is a good way to bring about magickal dreams. This one is designed to provoke messages and visions about your true love. Be open to receiving visions and symbols to aid you in your quest for a mate.

¼ cup dried mugwort

¼ cup dried lavender

¼ cup dried vervain

2 squares of purple fabric, 4″ x 4″

1 azurite stone

needle and thread

natural cotton filling

1.   Combine equal parts herbs in a medium-sized bowl. Charge the herbs. Visualize the energy from your hands entering the herbs, charging them with the intent to activate the third eye and allow for clear seeing. Set herbs aside. Recite the following incantation:

     "Unlock and release so I can have vision,
      A love that seems to be hidden.
      Open in me a sight for true love,  
      Shine this upon me from above.“

2.   Take both pieces of purple fabric and sew three sides of the square.

3.   Turn fabric inside out, forming an empty pillow. Fill pillow with herbs and natural cotton stuffing. 

4.   Sew the pillow closed. For added potency, Chang the following incantation while sewing the pillow:

     "In visions across a dream-filled sky,
     Show me my love that stays beside,
     Beside my heart, beside my soul,
     To share in love that’s pure and whole.”

5.   Place the dream pillow under your regular pillow at night.

(via Love Craft by Anna Haywood)

Here goes another felt pouch I made lately. This is the first that wasn’t meant for my own use, but for my loved one. He’s been having trouble with his colleagues at work. Everyone’s stressed out and angry, shouting at everything and his bosses choleric personality doesn’t help either. I assume that the talisman would work just as well to bring calm tor any other relationship though.


a SIGIL saying “no one fights”

a few RUNES

  • Ehwaz - cooperation and equality, for good relationships
  • Nauthiz reversed - to prevent frustration
  • Ansuz - communication and justice


  • Rosemary - to prevent jealousy and angry thoughts
  • Lavender - peace, harmony, friendship, reconciliation
  • Lemon Balm - mood enhancing, stress preventing

COLOUR MAGIC - Blue for harmony and friendliness, trust, friendship and optimism. White for pureness, harmony and goodness. 

Charge it in the sunlight (this enhances the amazing scent of the herbs).

Oh, and in case you would like to make one yourself - don’t Forget to talk about your problems. Make the others listen and listen in return! Magic doesn’t solve everything.

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New Moon in Taurus Masterpost

It’s a New Moon in Taurus tomorrow!! This is a great time to get in touch with any kind of Earth correspondences, Venus, and of course a great time for love magic!! Here’s a handy list of bits and bobs of magic to get up to!

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I’ve been seeing this lovely embroidery going around and I wanted to figure out where it was from. 

I found scans from the craft book it came from with instructions:

I’ve labeled (in red) the stitch instruction pages with the letters from the key on the project page, so if you don’t read Japanese you can match them up more easily. 

Have fun making your herb sachets! 

Hello, friends!

I’m a pro at protective sachets. I’m also very broke. Are you in need of protection? Do you have a friend who could use a protective boost or a gift? Help a poor witch out and buy some of my herbal amulets. I can also take commissions for sachets for other purposes, just message me your needs and I’ll see if I can meet them.

Satchets can be kept in your nightstands, hung from doorframes, placed under mattresses, and kept in purses or pockets. They make great gifts and all that jazz too. 

I’m selling them for $8.00 USD and I can ship anywhere in the United States (shipping is expensive). If you buy more than one, the second (third, fourth, etc) will be $6. Custom sachets may be a bit more expensive, depending on the materials needed.

Extreme healing sachet!

For this sachet you need golden fabric or a golden bag and white thread.

These are the herbs you need. The more you add the more powerful the sachet will be! Don’t stress if you can’t find a herb, it’s ok.

African violet
Arrow root
Dandelion leaf
Fennel seed
Flax seed
Magnolia flower
Pumpkin seed
Raspberry leaf

Put as many of these herbs as you can find in the golden bag. While you put the herbs in the bag focus on your intention of healing and the person you want to heal. Sew the bag close with the white thread and carry it with you or keep it close to you as much as possible!!