herb medicine

wild calendula :: macerating in Olive oil.

p.s. a lil reminder that herbs & flowers should be mixed with oil when they are dry & not when they are fresh (as the ones above hehe…). & so if you have mixed them when they are fresh like i did, just make sure to shake the jar often & keep it by a window where it can get sunlight so it helps the water in the flowers to evaporate & open the lid everyday so the water can come out, otherwise it’s very likely that mold & such will start growing… always learning :)


This milk bath is truly magical! It helps to soothe dry, winter skin while helping to lighten dark spots and control skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis!


~ 3/4th cup ground oatmeal

~ 2-3 cups milk

~ 2 water-soluble Vitamin D pills

~ 2 tbs. Olive Oil

~ 3-4 tbs ground rosemary

~ 2 tbs Green Tea

~ zest of 1 lemon

~ Juice of 1 lemon

Ingredient - Honey

Magical Properties

- Honey can be symbolically used to stick things together. It can be used in binding spells, adding stability to relationships, and put on poppets. It’s good for binding spells because it can be undone fairly easily too.
- It’s used similarly to sugar; to sweeten a person or situation to work in your favour.
- Honey is an excellent offering to gods and spirits.
- A dab of it can be used in attraction, love, lust, and sex magic.

Medicinal Properties

- Honey is great for cold and flu treatment. Raw and organic honey is preferable as it is an antibacterial and is high in antioxidants.
- It can be used in an ointment for treating wounds, burns and cold sores.
- Honey will help in muscle building; a teaspoon of raw organic honey after a workout can induce an insulin spike, allowing your muscles to get the most out of the workout.
- It can be used as a weight loss aid. Honey can cause changes to the metabolism that will help curb sugar cravings.
- Honey is also an excellent hangover remedy.