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So Does Anyone Want Some Fucking Tansy

Because I planted some a couple years back and it’s doing well.

Really well.

Really really well.

Like “Hey this spot is swell let’s seed ourselves all over the yard and conquer it, a'la Genghis Khan” well.

I have tansy that’s coming up in my flower beds. In my driveway cracks. In my lawn. In the vegetable garden, which, I want it noted, is on the other side of the damn house.

I blame my bees. They like the flowers, and pollinate the hell out of them. The seeds apparently have a 200% germination rate and can walk through walls.

So I have tansy plants out the ass. I’ve been pulling it like a weed. On the plus side, it does repel pests and ants. I haven’t seen a single ant in my yard this year. I think the tansy ate them.

So if anyone wants some organically raised tansy to take over their property grow in their herb or flower patch, hit me up. Lovely yellow flowers, very cold hardy, smells nice, repels ants and pests. Flowers dry well for wreaths or winter arrangements and retain their nice smell. Doesn’t mind drought. Doesn’t mind heat. Doesn’t mind growing in a microscopic crack in the pavement. Probably wouldn’t mind a direct nuclear strike.

Tansy looks like this, BTW.

External image