herb crusted salmon



Name: Wednesday Specter
Age: 24
Traits: Bro, Loves Outdoors, Music Lover
Life Aspiration: Nerdy Brain
Relationship Status: Engaged
Work Status: Unemployed
Fav colour: Brick red
Fav food: Herb-Crusted Salmon
Fact: Was introduced to her fiancé via her father who worked with him for two years at their paracetamol company. Her fiancé is 7 years older than her. Had horse riding lessons as a kid.

Get to Know My Characters

Oliver Kim

01. Full name: Oliver Kim
02. Best friend: His sister Alice
03. Sexuality: Heterosexual
04. Favorite color: Loves all the shades of blue
05. Relationship status: Single
06. Ideal mate: Someone who is trustworthy and good, and who enjoys gourmet food
07. Turn-ons: Creativity
08. Favorite food: Herb-Crusted Salmon
09. Crushes: Oliver would say that crushes are for kids, but he is quite interested in the Madison, who he has been flirting with quite a bit lately.
10. Favorite music: Classical music
11. Biggest fear: Being single the rest of his life
12. Biggest fantasy: To have his own art gallery
13. Bad habits: Loses track of time easily
14. Biggest regret: Majoring in business in college
15. Best kept secrets: He caught his mom having an affair.
16. Last thought: I’m going to paint all day everyday from now on!
17. Worst romantic experience: He went in for his first kiss and she sneezed in his face.
18. Biggest insecurity: That he will not be successful as an artist.
19. Weapon of choice: paintbrush
20. Role Model: His sister Alice

Creamy Garlic and Herb Crusted Salmon Fillets

I recently discovered this totally delicious and pretty healthy way to jazz up some salmon fillets! I understand that salmon can be pricey, however I managed to find a great offer in my local supermarket - four fillets for £7 (around $11) which to me is a bargain! So of course I decided to take advantage and purchase them. The rest of the ingredients were all items that I already had in stock so overall it worked out relatively cheap and super tasty! The recipe is really simple and only requires a few steps; the longest part is waiting for the salmon to bake in the oven. I hope you all enjoy!


Food Processor


 Toaster (optional)

Equipment and Utensils


Dessert Spoon

Baking Tray

Fish Slice/Spatula


Refrigerated Light Cream Cheese with Garlic and Herbs

4 Salmon Fillets

2 Slices of a Bread of Your Choice (I used slices from a wholemeal bread that I found in the reduced aisle for 39p)

Garlic Granules



Mixed Herbs

Low Calorie Cooking Spray Oil


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celcius/350 degrees Farenheit/Gas Mark 4

Spray the baking tray with a nice, visible coating of low calorie cooking oil (around 10 sprays)

Lightly toast the slices of bread and then let them cool down. This is optional but I like how it makes the crumbs more crispy

Break the slices of bread into small crouton sized chunks and then put them into the food processor

Blend until the bread pieces have transformed into crumbs – this usually takes between 30 seconds and 1 minute

Tip the bread crumbs into a bowl and add the seasonings. I generally like to use quite a lot of garlic granules and mixed herbs and then a smaller amount of salt and pepper, but everybody has their own preferences! I personally looovveee garlic so I went all out

Place the salmon fillets on the baking tray

Scoop out two dessert spoons of cold cream cheese and sort of mould the cheese onto the top of the salmon fillet with your fingers. This is quite easy as because the cheese has been chilled it is pliable but not too smooshy or sticky! Repeat this step with all of the fillets. Overall it is around eight dessert spoons of cream cheese

Grab handfuls of the seasoned bread crumb mix out of the bowl and apply a relatively thick coating to each fillet. Press the crumbs in gently with your hands to help them stick to the cream cheese. You can repeat this step again if you want your salmon fillets to be extra crispy coated and have a nice crunch!

Bake the fillets for 30 minutes. When you remove them from the oven they should be an opaque light pink colour and the crumb will have darkened slightly

Use a fish slice or spatula to slide the salmon fillets off of the baking tray and onto serving dishes

There you go, all done! These salmon fillets work really well with chunky potato fries and a vegetable of your choice. I had mine with broccoli. Yum!