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The Forever Growing Herb Correspondences List

last updated 1/10/18

Basil- Happiness, love, peace, money, protection

Orange Peel- Happiness, direction, clarity

Thyme- Happiness, Cat magick, love, beauty, anxiety remedy

Rosemary- memory, happiness, deflect negativity, dispel jealousy, cleansing, dispel nightmares

Lavender-  air purification, sharpen mind, encourage love, fertility, aromatherapy for depression, relaxation (HARMFUL TO PREGNANT OR NURSING WOMEN)

St Johns Wort- Celebrations, exorcism, death, rebirth, bees, depression, healing, soothing anxiety (CAN RENDER CONTRACEPTIVES)

Ginger- Increase energy/personal power, luck, sex magick, healing, retribution, love, scent magick 

Companion Planting 101

I’m starting a new series of post that will be under the ‘green gardening’ tag here on my blog! I want to share all the stuff I have learned from my grandma, a master gardener, and in my herbalism certification course!

Companion Gardening is a really useful skill to learn, as planting certain plants together can enhance their growth, their taste, the soil quality, and save on space. I will just list the basics. Certain plants do very well together, and some definitely do not. So if there is something not listed, remember to do your research or else you could accidentally kill your precious plant babies!

• Basil: Does well with most vegetables. It especially likes tomato and lettuce.
• Beans: Catnip, corn, marigolds, potato, radish, cucumbers and strawberries.
• Beets: Cabbage, cauliflower, onions, broccoli
• Borage: Rosemary, sage, thyme, beets, carrots, chamomile, mint, onions
• Cabbage and Cauliflower: Broccoli, celery, spinach, tomatoes
• Carrots: Cabbage, lettuce, onions, peas, rosemary, sage, radishes, basil, tomato
• Chives: Apples, berries, carrots, grapes, peas, roses, tomatoes
• Corn: Beans, cucumbers, peas, pumpkins, squash, soybeans
• Cucumbers: Beans, cabbage, corn, radishes, sunflowers
• Dill: Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, onion
• Eggplant: Green beans, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes
• Garlic: Cabbage, fruit trees, roses, tomatoes
• Kale: Buckwheat, cabbage, marigolds
• Lettuce: Beets, carrots, parsnips, radish, strawberries
• Marigolds: Any veggies really
• Mustard: Alfalfa, fruit trees, grapes, legumes
• Onions: Beets, cabbage, carrots, chamomile, lettuce, parsnips
• Oregano: Any veggies
• Parsley: corn, roses, tomatoes, peppers
• Parsnips: Onions, radishes
• Peas: Beans, carrots, eggplant, onions, parsley, tomatoes
• Potato: Basil, beans, cabbage, corn, eggplant, marigolds
• Radish: Cucumber, lettuce, peas
• Rose: Strawberries, lavender, thyme, garlic
• Rosemary: beans, cabbage, carrots, sage
• Sage: Cabbage, carrots, tomato, rosemary
• Soybeans: Corn, potatoes
• Spinach: Celery, cauliflower, eggplant, strawberries
• Strawberry: Roses, borage, beans, lettuce, spinach, lavender, thyme
• Sunflower: Cucumbers
• Tarragon: Any veggies
• Thyme: Any veggies
• Tomato: Asparagus, basil, cabbage, carrots, parsley, rosemary, onions, sage, mustard
• Turnips: Peas

Monster Manual Challenge - D - Dinosaur (Ankylosaurus)


Herb is the companion of an old forest druid who revived an old dead part of the forest. She built an irrigation system Herb assists with, carrying water and moving larger components to keep their part of the world alive.

Herb is patient, slow, but persistent. Quite persistent when his druid companion offers him rare fruit to motivate him to help. He is wary and territorial as well, never chasing intruders but standing his ground when they approach.

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